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this site is balls dude


Sep 10, 2008
acme michigan
im talking about myspace. that site is balls dude
i f*cking hate this g*ddamn motherf*cking peice of sh*t fairy f*ckin site i could rip my balls off. this site has officially broken up NO ENTRY. as you may know, my band's name was NO ENTRY and we were one of the best rock bands in f*ckin michigan, but yesterday jerry my guitarist posts some stupid sh*t on my profile and i had to delete it and then get him back on his profile. so what do you know the motherf*cker quits my band! but i dont really give two sh*ts about that ass pirate because you know what? if you want to be f*ckin rad and hardcore in the rock music world and eventually be able to handle opening for bruce dickinson in wimbley staidum for the Maiden reunion during the Take No Prisoners 1991 tour, then you can't be some f*cking myspace p*ssy. myspace i'll give you myspace, a space in my f*cking nutsack after you lick jelly off of it you c*cksucking assfags. sometimes i see the people on there and i feel like jerking off all over that site. its true yesterday i was playing anthrax on my f*cking guitar and i'm going wild and sh*t and my hair is flying back and sh*t but then i put it down cause i couldn't stand being off of this site for more than 10 mins im like DUUUUUUDE what the f***ck!!!!!!! its really cuz im trying to bang this little hot peice of ass who keeps posting on my site and she has pictures of herself in a bra and sh*t on her pictures site, even though she's kinda fat and her face looks weird but F*CK THAT SH*T i'm not gonna f*ck her face, poontangs all look the same. she probably thinks her man terry over here wants a relationship but no way you sl*tty assfag i'm just gonna jizz on you and lose your number. don't call me you sl*t, i'm through with you! terry's movin on to bigger and better things after you play with my balls while i listen to my King Diamond records. F*CK THAT SITE ASSFAGS!!!!!
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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
OOC: Can I please have your myspace account address? I'd love to check out your band. I'm not an assfag or a butt pirate or anything. I just love good music, and your band rocks! Thanks!

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