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Time Is On Our Side


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Jun 1, 2007


[As the camera starts to feed picture, we see a small television meet its final demise via flying through the air and crashing first into a wall and then into the floor, the liquid crystal from the tube oozing onto the ground out of a crack in the middle bottom of the set. Panning to the left, we see two men with two much different demenaors in this locker room.]

[First, we have the Ice Dragon himself, Omega Zero. Standing still in his ring gear, his upper-body seems sweat-free, and his barrel-chest does not show elevated breathing. He has placed his sunglasses back over his eyes, but aside from that he’s as he was during the match. Omega Zero is calm, cool, collected, and showing no emotion outwardly, which is his norm.]

[His colleague, however...]

[“Black” Zack Dragon is agitated, pacing back and forth and growling to himself. He has re-donned his black trench coat and sunglasses, and he has changed out of his ring gear into a black Iced Earth Horror Show album-cover T-Shirt and black jeans.].

[And for a couple more seconds, he continues to growl and pace. Until, after a couple of more passes by the camera, he turns and...


[Dragon kicks a bench, sending it skittering to the left-side lockers and landing with a thud. He turns and looks at the camera, and after a couple seconds of heavy breathing and a scowl across his face, he points at the camera and speaks.]

It’d be one thing if I could stand here and say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Graverobbers bested us in honorable combat. I’d be the first one to stand out here and say that they were special...well, for mortals anyway. But no, that did not happen.

Let us be perfectly clear, Black Market. You did not “dominate” us. You didn’t even defeat us, because the word “defeat” implies that both parties are done with one another.

No, my enemies, we are not even close to done with you.

You chose to take the cheap way out. You chose to attack our manager, attack us with weapons, and attack us from behind. You chose the shortcuts.

Good for you.

I know Ancalagon, who’s taken the rest of the night off thanks to the beating you gave him during our Tag Title match, would frown upon those techniques, but I've got a certain...shall we say, appreciation for their finer points.

And with the way things have fallen, Ancalagon, Zero and I have come to an agreement.

We’re done playing things Ancalagon’s way when it comes to the Black Market and the Army of Darkness.

Now we do them my way.

You want to get dirty? You want to engage us at the basest level?

You’ll find that Zero and I am quite happy to oblige.

One by one we’re going to even the playing field. One by one we will take away the advantages you’ve begged, borrowed, and stolen for yourselves until you have no choice but to meet us two on two. No distractions, no sneak attacks.

Then, Bandit. Then, Devastator. What will you two do without your guiding hand?

You will be lost.

And it will become clear to you that you fight against the inevitable. For all your strength, all you do is push the boulder up the hill in order for it to roll down.

For you are mortal, and liable to fall. But we...we are immortal.

And time...time is on our side.

[Zack walks out of shot. The camera focuses on Zero and zooms up to a head-and-shoulders-level shot of the Ice Dragon.]

We will regroup. We will gather what’s left of The Fellowship and strike once more at the Army of Darkness. And we will execute the Army of Darkness one...by...one.

Sleep with one eye open. The Dragons are coming.

[Zero walks off-shot. Cut the scene.]

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