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Tornado Tag: Dogs of War v Willard & File v Jack n' Hoff (c) v Cruise & Hart (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Tornado Tag: Dogs of War v Willard & File v Jack n' Hoff (c) v Cruise & Hart (c)

All RP for the Tornado Tag Team match between THE DOGS OF WAR, ADRIAN WILLARD & PETER FILE, JACK n HOFF (c), and CAMERON CRUISE & SHAWN HART (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

- This is a team elimination match.
- This match will be written out in full form and will not be shortformed.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, April 25, 2010. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..

Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
Re: Tornado Tag: Dogs of War v Willard & File v Jack n' Hoff (c) v Cruise & Hart (c)

FADE IN on an overhead shot somewhere in the American southwest. The aerial flyover shows what appears to be an endless desert. Nothing but endless sand, scattered cacti and brush. From the top of the screen, moving downwards, the shot flies over an old road. From the air, the tar lines in the road are visible. Breaking the silence of this scene, a red and black 1969 Chevelle roars from left to right along the road, kicking up the dust behind it. CUT TO a shot coming over the hood of the Chevelle. The camera focuses in on JASON PAYNE behind a red steering wheel. The windows down, his hair whipping around his face, black sunglasses over his eyes. Payne purses his lips into a sneer and reaches down with a sneer and throws the gear shift lever down. The car slams into the next gear and roars past the camera with a thundering roar, 396 cubic inches of motor letting loose with a throaty scream of power. CUT TO another overhead shot, the road running right down the middle. The view starts out as 90 degrees straight down to the road, and slowly pans up, the distant road coming into the shot. The red Chevelle comes into the shot racing towards the camera and blasts past it. The camera quickly swings around, catching the tail end of the car, and all the dust kicking up from behind it.

Payne V/O - "Been a long time man."

CUT TO a shot from the drivers side of the car. In the foreground, Payne has his eyes on the road. His face a blank slate of barely contained fury, obviously enjoying unleashing the power under the hood. In the background, seated next to him is 'THE WOLF', CHRIS MCMILLAN. McMillan looks only slightly better than we last saw him. A cigarette hanging from his mouth, he takes a long drag, letting the smoke trail out the corners of his mouth as he flicks his ashes out the open window.

McMillan - "Too long really. Could have used the call long before things got this bad."

Payne glances over his partner and then back to the road.

Payne - "Don't be such a ***** dude. Timing is everything. This ain't 2003 anymore. Had to be just right to pull this off, and the job ain't over yet."

McMillan casts a sideways glance at Payne, pulling another drag off his cigarette before turning to look out the window. CUT TO a shot opposite the prior one, with McMillan in the foreground and Payne in the back.

McMillan - "Yeah."

A few seconds of silence passes between them, until Payne looks over at McMillan with a mild look of disgust.

Payne - "You look like **** though. I mean seriously, did you have to let yourself go? And please tell me you shaved your head for dramatic effect."

McMillan chuckles as a grin spreads across his face. The chuckle comes out something like, 'Uh heh Uh heh Uh heh eh eh' before trailing off into a coughing fit. CUT TO the previous shot with Payne in the foreground.

Payne - "Okay for real bro, we gotta get you cleaned up. No more bull****ting around. We got to have our stuff together if we're going to get a shot at those titles. And I know just where to start."

CUT TO a shot from the front of the car. Both Payne and McMillan can be seen through the glass.

McMillan - "Where the hell you taking me man?"

Payne grimaces and reaches down to scratch himself obviously. He casts Chris a look and then turns back to the road.

Payne - "To see it."

CUT TO a close-up on McMillan as his head snaps to look at Payne, and he looks down where Payne scratched himself just a moment ago.

McMillan - "Dude. No. I don't want to see it."

CUT TO the shot from the hood of the car as Payne looks over at McMillan in disbelief.

Payne - "What the **** you talking about? Of course you want to see it! I figure after the last time I showed it to you, you'd want to see it again. Ya know, just to reassure yourself."

CUT TO McMillan, whose face is growing deeply mortified by the second.

McMillan - "Dude, really. It's okay. I really don't need to see it that badly. I'm fine without it."

McMillan turns back to the window, putting the cigarette back in his mouth as he gives a visible shudder. CUT TO a shot from between McMillan and Payne, showing Payne looking towards McMillan with a puzzled expression on his face.

Payne - "Dude.."

CUT TO a shot from the door again, showing Payne turning his eyes back towards the road.

Payne - "I get it. You're nervous right? Been a long time and your all pent up and anxious. I get it! Don't worry man. Once you lay your eyes on it, all that tension is just gonna...drift away..."

Payne brings his hand up and makes a drifting motion with his flat hand. CUT TO a close up of McMillan turning slowly to face Payne. Smoke trailing from the corners of his mouth.

Payne - "Jay. I'm going to be more anxious when I see it. Please, no need for that..."

CUT TO Payne waving him off, interrupting.

Payne - "Bro! Just trust me. I've done this once or twice in the past. And you're worth it man. You're my tag partner and **** man. Trust me. This is going to bring us closer."

CUT TO the shot from the hood. McMillan looks at Payne, who is paying attention to the road. McMillan turns back to the window, then back to Payne. He is looking just terribly mortified. Payne glances at him.

Payne - "What's wrong with you?"

McMillan looks back to Payne. CUT TO Payne's door, facing McMillan.

McMillan - "I think I made a mistake man. I don't need to see it."

Payne looks at McMillan incredulously.

Payne - "What you mean you don't wanna see it? Dude, I'm telling ya. It's gonna feel good to see it. To touch it. Hell you can kiss it if you want!"

McMillan starts reaching for the door handle.

McMillan - "I gotta get out of he--"

Payne cuts him off as he shifts up a couple of gears.

Payne - "Here we go..."

CUT TO a shot from in front of the car as Payne hangs a hard right down a dirt road. The tires scream and the engine roars as Payne hits the gas. CUT TO the hood shot to show McMillan getting tossed around in his seat. He looks over at Payne with a glare.

McMillan - "Dude seriously, WHAT THE ****!? Where the hell are you taking me?! I don't want to see it! I don't want to touch it, and I sure as hell don't want to kiss it! So stop this son of a ***** and let me out!!"

Payne lets the air linger for a minute. The car bumping and bouncing down the dirt road. Payne spares McMillan a couple of glances, obvious disappointment on his face. He turns back to the road for a moment, working the steering wheel. He reaches down and angrily throws the shifter into fourth gear and looks back at McMillan.

Payne - "I tell you what. I am going to stop this car. Once we get to where we're going. And by god, I'm gonna let you see it. What you do then is completely up to you. But you really should be more considerate. I don't do this for just anyone. I'm telling you, when you lay eyes on it, you're mind is going to be blown. It won't be like anything you remember."

CUT TO a shot of McMillan turning towards Payne as if to protest, but he closes his open mouth and just shakes his head. In his head, he starts formulating a plan to get the keys from Jason and get the hell out of Dodge once this car stops.

CUT TO another aerial shot of the car roaring down a lonely dirt road. It's a rough ride and the Chevelle can be seen bouncing along the road. It leaves a cloud trail of desert sand and dust in it's wake as it roars over a small hill. CUT TO a stationary shot facing the dirt road. The Chevelle comes into the shot and roars towards the camera. Payne slams on the brakes, the heavy car sliding to a stop just in front of the camera. The wind blows the dust and dirt kicked up from the car towards camera, obscuring the car from view. CUT TO a shot from the driver's side of the car. The dust begins to settle and the driver's side door opens and Payne steps out. Closing the door he walks around to the front of the car, leaning against the hood, he nods towards something off camera.

Payne - "Get out dude. Check it out."

CUT TO a shot of McMillan staring out the front of the car. The mortified look on his face has turned to one of disbelief. Without looking, he reaches down and pulls the latch on the door, opening it slowly Stepping out, he never takes his eyes from what he is looking at off camera. His mouth slightly agape, as he steps around the car door, closing it. He walks up to stand next to Payne, who he looks at for a moment.

McMillan - "Is this for real?"

CUT TO a closer shot of Payne glancing over at McMillan, and then back off camera.

Payne - "Yup. Had it done. Figured seeing it again would help you regain your focus. Get ya back to basics, ya know? That sort of thing."

CUT TO a shot from behind the Chevelle. As the camera rises up over the back of the car, what Payne and McMillan were looking at becomes very visible. The Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy is seen in the background as the camera rises. While the last time it was seen, the building was falling apart, and Jason Payne had blown it to smithereens, this building, while recognizable as the same building, is newly constructed. Fresh paint and trim. No broken glass. And a working, shining, brightly lit marquee that reads,


CUT TO McMillan who is still standing in awe.

McMillan - "Dude, I totally thought you were talking about...never mind. But wait a minute. Isn't this supposed to be somewhere in Kentucky? What's it doing out here in the middle of the desert?"

Payne reaches over and slaps Chris upside the head.

Payne - "Parts Unknown asshole! Jesus Christ we gotta get you straightened the hell out. Come on. We gotta get started. The sooner the better."

Payne gives McMillan a shove towards the door as we CUT TO an overhead shot of the DOGS OF WAR walking into the building.

McMillan V/O - "You're not going to whip your dick out on me are ya?"

Payne V/O - "The sub-standard wang, is every man's fantasy. Cornhole me now please."

McMillan V/O - "That was a haiku."

Payne V/O - "Yea. I know. But don't get any ideas of cornholing me asshat."



League Member
Jan 11, 2006
Cape Cod
Re: Tornado Tag: Dogs of War v Willard & File v Jack n' Hoff (c) v Cruise & Hart (c)

(The hackeysack flies in front of the camera and pops a sound asleep Hoff in the face.)

“He shoots and he scores!”

(Hoff’s eyes slowly open and lock onto his tag team partner.)

“You are about thirty seconds from being tossed out that window.”

(Hoff motions to the open window behind him. The wind blows in sending the curtains fluttering.)

“Aw, c’mon, man! I’m just getting started!”


(Jack jumps off the floor and walks to the couch. He scoops the hackeysack from the pillow and starts kicking it in the air. He’s talented.)

“Lighten up, man! We almost beat the World Heavyweight champ!”

(Hoff sits up and rubs his temples.)

“But we didn’t. And Jason Payne and Chris McMillan are now coming out here and claiming that they’re going to get our titles.”

(Hoff stops and watches Jack. Jack, not paying any attention to Hoff, keeps his eyes focused on the sack, his tongue sticking out of his mouth unconsciously.)

“You hear me?”

(The hackeysack drops to the ground.)

“Aw dammit. You messed me up.”

(Jack kicks the hackeysack back up and goes to start again, but Hoff swats it off.)

“Payne and McMillan are already christening themselves the Tag champs.”

“So what, man. Those two are crazier than those people who want to see the President’s birth certificate.”

“Well, don’t you think instead of playing some game from the 90s, you should be, I don’t know, maybe watching some tape and doing some research?”

(Jack sits down in the armchair and grabs the remote.)

“So instead of playing a game from the nineties you want me to watch video of two guys who haven’t been relevant since the 90s? That’s sort of counterproductive?”

(Hoff shakes his head in disbelief.)

“Just get the damn videos.”

(Jack smiles, something brewing in the back of his mind.)

“Well I did find some footage I guess we could go over.”


(Jack hops out of the armchair and races to the desk near the door. He opens one of the drawers, grabs something and heads over to the blu-ray player. He stops though when he crouches.)


“Oh what?”

(Hoff leans over trying to see what is wrong.)

“It’s.. a VHS! HA!”

(Jack spins and tosses the VHS tape at Hoff. It smacks Hoff in the chest and falls to the floor.)

“You want us to lose, don’t you?”

(Jack continues on smiling.)

“Nope. I just don’t think it’ll do much. I mean have you seen McMillan? The guy looks like death ten times over.”

“That doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle! Hello!”

(Jack shrugs.)

“Whatever man.”

(Hoff kicks the VHS tape under the couch.)

“What about Hart and Cruise? Did you get anything on them we can watch?”

(Jack turns and smiles. He goes to get up but Hoff puts his hand out to stop him.)

“Do I even want to know?”

“Oh don’t worry.”

(Jack runs back over the desk and opens another drawer. He runs back to the blu-ray.)

“Thank God.”

(Jack turns and foolishly reveals the dvd in his hand: “Brokeback Mountain.”)

“Oh c’mon, Jack! Be serious!”

“I am! This is a great movie! It should have won the Best Picture!”

(Hoff stands up and walks over to Jack. He takes the dvd from his hand.)

“We have to study our opponents in this Tornado Tag! We win this and we show the world that we are meant to be the World Tag Team champs!”

(Jack nods.)

“Ok, ok.”

“What about Adrian Willard and…”

(Before Hoff can finish, Jack begins to make his way to the desk.)

“Peter (he pauses) Fiiiiiillleee… you know what? On second thought we don’t need to see their tape.”

(Jack turns, disappointed.)

“Aw but I had a great one, too.”

(Hoff nods.)

“I’m sure you did.”

“We’ll be fine, man. We’ve beaten Cruise before. Peter File and Adrian Willard will self-destruct. Shawn Hart can’t trust Cruise as far as he can throw him. The Dogs of War? More like Old Yellers if you ask me.”

(Jack walks back to where Hoff is standing.)

“I’m telling you. This will be our night to shine, man. The World Tag Team champions, you and me, Hoff and Jack. Walking right out of that ring with our heads held high!”

(Hoff looks up at Jack suspiciously.)


“Trust me.”

(Hoff shakes his head.)

“The last time you said that we ended up in that Mexican jail cell.”

(Jack slowly slides the Brokeback Mountain DVD behind Hoff and into his grip. Once he has it he opens it up and pulls out the DVD before heading to the blu-ray machine.)

“How was I supposed to know that they were hookers?”

(Jack puts the DVD into the machine as Hoff realizes what has happened.)

“I thought I said no Brokeback Mountain?!”

(Jack turns.)

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”

(The camera fades as Hoff grabs the Hackeysack from the couch and flings it right into the balls of Jack. Direct hit as Jack doubles over and falls to his knees.)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: Tornado Tag: Dogs of War v Willard & File v Jack n' Hoff (c) v Cruise & Hart (c)

"What to do...what to do...what to do."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a NEW ERA RAUCOUS backdrop, dressed in jeans and a blue button-up short sleeved shirt, matching Anarchy-style shades and a backwards 2010 Indianapolis Colts Draft hat. His arms crossed on his chest he slow-paces himself in front of the backdrop, his head down in deep thought.)

CRUISE: After what transpired last week...I've got quite the full plate this week in New Era and "the hits just keep on coming."

Now I get to compete in a Tornado Tag match against people I not only don't like but with a man that I apparently can't trust to keep his head on straight, Shawn Jessica Hart...Phd.

I mean, on one hand....I have a man taking out the one guy who was willing to help him out in a situation that even the "JIGGIEST" of men could do without, and I get knocked unconscious by a "Hart Attack", no pun intended. Granted...what I did wasn't exactly "Warranted"...

Shawn didn't ASK for my help....but it looked to me like he could use a little from a man trying to do the right thing.

Adrien Willard IS NOT a Prophecy or a "Destiny" or a "Messiah" or anything else he claims to be and I proved it last week against him and his "Freak" but the actions he pulled against you Shawn was TOTALLY uncalled for.

But on the other hand...it WAS an "Accident", so I guess things are okay.

Things however...continue on.

This week I'm to pair up with Hart against the Dogs of War, Willard tags with Peter File and then there's Jack 'N' Hoff...

..as if there was any better way to waste my time.

But first things first....Willard and the other two "Freaks".

Ya know...with the smarts that you have Adrien and the your impression of Playskool's "My Buddy and Kid Sister" not too far behind...I'm intrigued...I mean don't get me wrong but I've beaten you Adrien so I'm not exactly losing sleep....but is it fair??

For YOU, I mean, is it fair for YOU.

I hardly think so.

Then there's the Dogs of War or..."Team Puppy Love" as I like to call them.

Congratulations fellas...you're finally relevant again.

You're welcome.

'Course...then there's Jack 'N' Hoff.

Lovely way to see how you guys spend your time after beating ME for those titles instead of myself and PC.

But it's going to be alittle different this time fellas, and that goes for all SIX of you. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this it's pretty much what I think of you all as a whole, courtesy of Cameron Cruise...


And that's a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

VOICE: “So, you put a side project to rest, you believed it was over. You assumed that the price has been paid in full. You gained subtle, meantime victory. Nothing, no one, with a goal, with a vision, is ever truly laid to rest, they may be dormant, but so is the eye of a hurricane, the calm before the true backlash and storm.”


A chilly and rainy day in the streets of Chicago, Illinois, as the drizzle from the rain beats off the asphalt streets of the UIC campus on Racine. Adrian drinking from a bottle of water after he has finished he jog around the area. Freak standing by with his vehicle so they can continue down Racine and to Taylor Street, stop at Al’s Beef after.

WILLARD: Actions, actions, actions, we all pay for our actions, don’t’ we. We all pay for sticking our nose in other peoples business, like the Americans raging war on Iraq to the Jews poking fun at the Germans and being tossed in ovens. Nonetheless, prophecies pay off, ideas, people with greater causes and a more ideological approach to the whole spectrum of divinity.”

FREAK: “Aiight simply put it like this holmes, right, f-ck ya p-ssy ass victory at Raucous Cammy, you can stream line that sh-t as hard as you want like my c-ck when I am f-cking ya wife hommie. We still put one up on Hart boy, yo, still got what we got don, yo.”

WILLARD: “Cameron, you paid the price for a 'putting your hand in the cookie jar' moment. No one asked for Cruise to pop his weasel-like head in my personal business, no one rolled the carpet out and requested Cruise’s assistance. Yet, he did anyways, he walked in and tried to stop me from putting Hart out of commission.”

FREAK: “Tried, b-tch, ya tried to stop this here train, just like I be trying to slide this thick ass sh-t (grabs his crotch) in some tight sweet p-ssy, bust that b-tch open, ya heard?”

WILLARD: “And what did you receive in return Cameron? Oh, that’s right, Hart making you his flat out prision slut.”

FREAK: “Damn, Cammy, he gone out and made you his flat out b-tch, and ya took it, like….a….b-tch, dawg.”

WILLARD: “Pardon the straight forwardness, Cameron. I have bigger fish to fry than you getting a bit lucky with a pin fall, far bigger fish to fry. But don’t reassure yourself all to far Cameron, don’t press the button to early. It will blow up in your face.”

FREAK: “Like when I bust a nut all over some slut, f-cking facial, nigga!”

WILLARD: “Luck is just that, it’s simply, luck. One mans luck is sure to end its tide, and your little stunt, your little play a game of run in and be the hero, it backfired. You should have remained in your domain, safe, secure, instead you attempt to overthrow me, you attempted to stop the unstoppable. It’s a prophecy Cameron, it’s made to happen if you like it or hate it. Nothing you do or say will prevent it.”

FREAK: “Nothing a girl does or says will prevent my ass from slapping that big ‘ol booty, imma walk on up and slap da sh-t out that ba-dunk-a-dunk.”

WILLARD: “But you don’t see this, you don’t witness it, you refuse to accept it. You want to live in this delusion that the world needs Cameron Cruise. No one needs Cameron Cruise, no one wants Cameron Cruise, and they sure as hell wouldn’t miss you either.”

FREAK: “But you can guarantee when I showed Mercedes my wonderful tongue action while you were busy trying to assist Hart that she gonna miss this Puerto Rican love stud every night dawg. Every god damn night, yo.”

WILLARD: “You may mask me as the villain, the rival, I have already in less than a month taken many fronts, from assaulting Peter File, to Shawn Hart, to your little triumph win at Raucous. Little, because at the end of the night I STILLgot what I wanted.”

FREAK: “He still got what the f-ck he wanted, he still put the punch to Hart and did what we said he was gonna do, damn that ace yo, that some damn skill man! What you got on that Cruise, trying ta be Superman save the world and sh-t. Man, get the f-ck outta here dawg, can’t stop this on here sh-t, yo.”

WILLARD: “But that’s the entire point Cameron, you don’t see past your self admiring perception to witness what was the ultimate goal, and I can care less if I pick up a loss to Cammy Boy Cruise, I am more worried about transforming this very company into something more, pleasant.”

FREAK: “Man I can say so much sh-t right now man, but imma save that up.”

WILLARD: “As much as you want to be part of this agenda, you just aren’t high profile enough to get my full undivided attention, some day...possibly, at this point on the much larger scale, far beyond what your internal blinders see, you just don’t cut the cake, Cameron.”

FREAK: “Cameron, you can’t even look at the mother f-cking cake man, you ain’t even invited to the damn party, yo. You on this here thang like you got a steak to claim all up in here. Get your sorry ass back to the tag team division and have a nice damn day.”

WILLARD: “But isn’t this the perfect chance Cameron, for me to fulfill whatever it is I please to do? To take out Payne, a useless military tool, a symbol of government oppression, a man who was nothing more than a pawn on the chess board for elitist? Another man who lacks vision. Think about it long and hard Cameron, look at the people involved…”

Freak pauses and lights up another cigarette.

WILLARD: “Payne, a slave to the government unable to see his own destiny and vision, following a pre-made path. Shawn Hart, a man carried and lifted by corporations to make a greater profit and more capital, a man lacking his own vision of greatness. Jack n’ Hoff, two below par intelligent Mongols who believe they are some new aged tag team that can lead to utter victory, failing to see they are nothing more than laughing stocks, lacking the vision or desire to grasp that concept. So we leave off with you Cameron, a man who is so entranced in his own life, his own self, he fails to see the vision in place, that is in motion”

FREAK: “This b-tch be more in motion that some neighborhood slut riding on ya magic stick, yo. This ain’t never gonna stop, this ain’t never gonna die, this is truth, it be what it be, and there ain’t a damn thang ya gonna do ta stop it. It’s coming, its coming like I just got outta prision after three years and some hoe be slobbing on my pole, it coming!”

WILLARD: “But again, this is all information you lack to admit Cruise, you and all the others. Now, what is in this for me? What can I achieve from being thrown into the mix of this Tag Team Turmoil? Other than the hope I get to lay hands on Hart and victory, I suppose self gratification that the prophecy I am fulfilling reaches its next plateau.”

FREAK: “Moving on up nigga, like Obama!”

WILLARD: “Nothing will stop me, not you or Hart. As for my partner, File, he is a lost cause, and the only hope is that we self destruct as Jack n’ Hoff so elegantly put it. Will that occur? No. Can it occur? Not from me. I am a man for one cause, the one that is been embedded in my dreams, the one that the heavens have given me, the dream of glory and triumph.”

FREAK: “Getting that ultimate prize, fool ass…”

WILLARD: “You embark on your quest to deliver 'reality' to the weak and the few, continue your path to open the eyes of non-believers to your sense of 'reality', a diluted vision with no outcome, no value.”

FREAK: “Ain’t nothing ya be gaining from it yo…”

WILLARD: “For I am on a path leading to an ultimate result…”

FREAK: “Victory, destruction, and b-tches!”

WILLARD: “I am a Shepard attempting to lead a strayed flock…”

FREAK: “Leading dem same b-tches to my love shack!”

WILLARD: “And no one will prevent it from occurring…”






The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
The Last Word

(FADE IN: New Era Champion SHAWN JESSICA HART appears before the camera dressed all in black, with crazy braids and a look that screams, "Yeah.. I run this..". Behind him, a giant, blown-up still shot of the moment the Phenom recaptured his title provides the backdrop of the promotional piece. After spending several long seconds staring at the picture in admiration, Hart grins and then looks into the camera.)

SJH: "Meeeem'riiiiieeees.."

(Dramatic pause.)

SJH: "Like the corners of my mind..."


SJH: "Hello. Pro Wrestling's SJH here... and as we stand at the doorstep of the next big MEGACARD, I can't help but reflect upon what got us here. Where we came from."

(He shakes his head, as if in disbelief.)

SJH: "It's a small miracle that this place got back up n' gunnin', and the fact that I've been able to recapture the gold and add it to my ever-growing rack o' straps, trophies, and other accolades has been icing on the cake. But ya know..... the thing about cake is that EVERYONE wants a piece... and this crazy-brazy Tornado Tag Match at Raucous is the perfect example of all of that. Everyone involved has a dog in the fight when it comes to championship aspirations... the Dogs, Jack n' Hoff, but most of all, my esteeeeeemed partner and occasional colleague Mac Daddy Cam and that HEINOUS sack of Jackholery, the INCREDULOUS Adrien Willard..."

(SJH collects his phlegm, then spits it to the ground in disgust.)

SJH: "Adrien Willard.... WOOOOOW. The very fact that I'm forced to utter your name is a raping of all common decency. I mean... WHY..... WHYYYYYY is it that you feel the need to shadow my every movement through the industry and impose yourself into every match and situation I'm involved in? It started here, it migrated to the Pier Six Brawl of A1, and now we're back at it for round number 3! I mean HONESTLY.... how many times does a guy need to get kicked in the nuts before he realizes he's neutralizing his ability to breed?!"

(Suddenly the video goes fuzzy, then cuts out momentarily. When the feed returns, CAMERON CRUISE appears on a pirated split-screen feed.)

CRUISE: "Do yourself a favor, Adrien. If you're going to continue talking and making no sense then at least make your "Freak" the one that has the "Marcel Marceau" part. He's only making you look THAT much worser than you already are."

(Cruise is standing in front of a New Era Raucous backdrop, dressed in a pair of blue jeans and an Orange "Tim Lincecum" Jersey and black Anarchy-shades. The Bangbino, who apparently hears his partner's voice, is utterly perplexed.)

SJH: "What the... HELLO?"

CRUISE: "See Adrien, what you fail to realize is that while you THINK you have the answer to most everything wrong in this company, whether it's taking out my partner Shawn Hart more than just temporarily or running off at the mouth more frequently than a Marathon runner goes out for a casual jog for the sake of listening to yourself speak....the fact of the matter is that by your defeat last week you were nothing, if not fallible."

SJH: "Cameron?! Is that you?! I hear voices!!"

(Hart looks from side to side before squinting and staring up at the ceiling. Cruise continues on unfazed.)

CRUISE: "That's the wonders of knowing your own strength and ability, Adrien.

Sometimes, you just have to know when to say your peace, and when you have to keep your trap shut....much like your little henchman.

I'd liken him to the token "Black guy who get's killed first in a horror movie" but at least that guy makes sense before he gets bludgeoned to death with a sharp weapon or reputable stick."

SJH: "HA! The voices in my head have a point there."

(Cameron grimaces then swings his hand toward Hart's side of the screen. In doing so, his feed goes full-screen, wiping SJH's feed away. Afterwords, Cruise resumes his speech.)

CRUISE: "That's better. Now....IF what you talk about is defined as a "Prophecy", Adrien, then why is it that I chose to defy what you believed in by showing up?? Why is it that MY hand was the one that was raised, and not yours??

I can assure you it wasn't a fluke, because I can do it again. If you don't believe me then please....ask John Doe. Hell while your add it you can ask Minion, or Mister Entertainment for that matter.

And no...in case your FLUNKIE decides to chime in, it's NOT "because Cameron Cruise is GAY".

On the Contrary....Cameron Cruise LOOOOOOVVVEESSS the Vagina.

Which is more than what I can say for your little buddy...it's interesting....you claim to not hold me of any real importance, Adrien...but yet you spent over half of the promo you filmed, talking about ME.

And NO, I don't mean "Mister Entertainment"...I mean Cameron Cruise.

You may envy me, Adrien, and your "Freak" might even be a little obtuse about it himself, but I'll never know because I could really careless.

You cast yourself as the villain and that's okay by me....hell...you might even wanna put yourself in Tom Sizemore' shoes to clarify it better.

But you're not doing anything to Shawn that I might have done already or maybe he's already done to me...what happened is exactly what happened; Hart THOUGHT that I was someone else and made a mistake; all is forgiven.

But the fact is that if my victory over you isn't that much of an impact on you or your mindset, then you'd just as soon as cast it as a what you THINK it is....

A Fluke.

But you can't, you won't.

So you say what you will about my "meaningless" victory, because anything you say next will be just as hollow and empty as your pal's skull.

Say what you will...you might even be appalled at what I've just said.

Don't be appalled, Adrien.

Just be the man who signed the contract to compete in this company, like everyone else.

Save the REAL work for a Shepard that can actually serve NOTICE to people that he can change.

Unfortunately...that's just not you---and that's OKAY; the sooner you realize that the better we'll all be."

(Suddenly, Hart's screen reappears beside his partner's.)

SJH: "Yeeeeeah, SUCKAH!!"

CRUISE: "Otherwise it's just another REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like."


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Time is up.

VOICE: "And the angel sounded its horn, the earth shook with might as the men trembled in fear, the prophecy reigned supreme yet the men of Earth failed to grasp the voice. They had ignored the visions, believing the legend was mere heresy, the price to be paid! The price all to great, and then silence spread across the land, a silence that would only be too calm, all to calm. This is what is most disturbing, this is the ultimate fear, and it has been prophesized. It is being lived.


The New Era locker room of Adrian Willard, Freak is sitting in a chair in the right hand corner, smoking a cigarette of course. Adrian seems like he has just arrived, setting his bag down on a bench close to him then taking a seat. He opens his bag, taking out a roll of tape to wrap his hands.

WILLARD: "Time is almost up, in a mere few hours we will all be in that ring, having a ball, enjoying a nice time until a man goes in and imposes his will upon others. That man will be me, now we all know the facts as they have been presented; we have seen the account with our own eyes."

FREAK: "Nah, listen up yo, Shawn ya ain't gonna be walking up outta Raucous walking dawg, we can handle dis here sh-t straight up, nigga!"

WILLARD: "There have been no shrouds to conceal the future, I have laid my entire plan for all to see, and you would ASSUME, certain individuals would take refuge in this. You would ASSUME they would head the warning. Yet, they don't, they fail to witness truth and rather portray it as fiction."

FREAK: "Assuming y'alls sh-t man, y'all ain't nothing, y'all ain't what dis here be. Holmes, you be coming up ta here like we cared 'bout ya, get ya big, fool."

WILLARD: "Common sense, need not apply it seems. Something you entirely, epically, LACK, Shawn. It's almost as bad as if a person was to spell my name incorrectly, but then again, if one lacks vision, one lacks to see the blatantly obvious. You asked a question as to why I feel the need to force my hand in your life, Shawn."

FREAK: "Force his hand just like I be forcing my hand up Felicia's dress hommie, and you know dat hoe be loving dat."

WILLARD: "Well, if you paid any attention, any attention at all, you would have heard exactly what was coming, what exactly I have foreseen in my visions, what I have been chosen to do. It is that very goal that drives me to make sure that your life becomes miserable, that your title gets ripped right from your finger tips."

FREAK: "We snatching ya sh-t dawg, coming on up and just ganking it right out ya hand, and ya ain't gonna do sh-t 'bout it."

WILLARD: "Again, being so painfully ignorant to anything that occurs around you, you fail to even see these facts, you fail to notice it, and you even went so low as to have Cameron Cruise be your mouthpiece. Doesn't surprise me, yet when that bell rings, Cameron Cruise will not be so fast to assist you, not while I am putting boots to your skull."

FREAK: "Gonna put the beating down on ya hommie!"

WILLARD: "It's not so much as a threat, Shawn, it's so much as a promise, and if I were you, if I was the rat etching ever so close to the trap, I would high tail and run. Because this is going to be one of the many coming encounters you will have with me, Shawn. Luckily for you, you can hide behind Cameron, but then again, who's to say he will be of much use."

FREAK: "It's a mother f-cking promise Hart-boy, we walking up in dat ring and we putting the hurt all up on you. Put our foot up ya ass and slap da sh-t out of ya. Cruise ain't stopping us nigga, we gonna rock ya sh-t."

WILLARD: "In fact this is round four Shawn, we went from New Era, to Pier Six, to New Era again, and now, NOW you are finally going to get a full front dose of me. No one will spit some poison in my eyes to stop me, this time. You can hide like the coward you are Shawn, but believe me when I say, that not one of the six men in this match will prevent me from getting my hands on you and hurting you. Pain will be the ultimate source for this vision, for this upcoming prophecy, pain, Shawn. As for you Cameron, the answer to this company is painfully obvious, its so obvious it staring you in your face this very moment...."

Freak pauses, brief point to Willard with a nod of approval.

WILLARD: "Did you catch that?"

Adrian smirks a bit as he leans forward on the bench.

WILLARD: "Cruise, everything in your life is simply numbers, wins and losses, this and that. You don't look at the greater image and as long as you sit in this I beat you, you lost to me circle, you will NEVER excel. You will be stuck with a Tag Team Partner and being only half as great as the rest of US. I use us loosely. Rather, you are out with Hart trying to make this all a small little game. YOU are not my focus Cameron, and you again are too caught up in your own little, pathetic, world to even take the time to listen. Yet, somehow you think you are better than me? Is that a joke, Cameron? Perk the ears Cameron, listen, and think, your victory at Raucous has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PROPHECY."

FREAK: "Ain't got nothing to do with it dawg, pay the f-ck attention!"

WILLARD: "You don't listen; you don't pay attention, another sheep lost in the wilderness searching for the rest of the flock. And when I give you a 'Higher Vision', maybe your eyes will awaken from their sleep. Your arm raised, has nothing to do with Shawn Hart, now does it? It has nothing to do with my repeated attacks to Hart, now does it? And when you are in my limelight, when my attention is full vested in you Cameron, if that ever was to happe, I will take that arm and snap off like a twig from the branch."

FREAK: "Hold up, aiight, pay attention Hart, we ain't gonna go around trying to knock some sense all up on ya and ya ain't even paying attention, dawg. All we doing is proving a damn fine point, yo. The more ya ignore it, da worse it all gonna get for ya hommie. Suggestion dawg, drop that title, like a b-tch dropping her panties for me, fast and quick, then f-ck off yo, dat simple!"

WILLARD: "My efforts, my want to beat you Cameron, is slim, my need to beat you, is again, slim. I don't my mind losing to you, my mentality it's not on the wins and losses tally board, my mind is on the take 'Shawn Hart out of business' board. Following Raucous I move my piece that much closer to Check Mate. Shall we continue down this path of your unimportance? Maybe the picture isn't all that clear for you? The only reason your name is tossed into this whole equation and you aren't on the back burner is because of your little act of heroism. That's the ONLY reason, otherwise your name exiting my mouth is, because you wanted to play hero. In fact we can say, without me you would be nothing more than dust in the wind, I just made you somewhat useful to the payroll again."

FREAK: "Damn Cammy, how you feel 'bout dat, yo? Check the f-ck mate man, you ain't amount to nothing up in dis hoe. You just a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong god damn time, except you chose to be there. Get that in ya head, dis ain't about you Cameron, ain't sh-t 'bout you, dawg. But you come running all in our agenda then expect no reper-f-cking-cussions? Ah, hell naw!"

WILLARD: "What is most surprising to me, Cameron, is that you fit EVERYTHING I stated about you, the self absorbed behavior, self worship, the narcoleptic antics. And you did it in one, simple, sentence. Stating I envy you. I envy you? I envy a man that can't see past his own self, his own self glorification? There is NOTHING to envy about you. There is nothing you have that I do not, or moreover there are things I obtained that you simply can not yet achieve. My understanding of the complex universe, my thoughts and knowledge, you are just not at my caliber. Being such the simple minded fool you are Cameron, honestly, you...never...will."

FREAK: "Never will be homie, you gonna be trapped as a fly on the sh-t pile dawg, we the b-tch ass butterfly! Fluttering around and making people see dawg, making them see!"

WILLARD: "And while you sit in your world, thinking the end of times is not near...the doomsday clock strikes closer to midnight..."

FREAK: "Ain't much time left now holmes, imma bout to go f-ck a b-tch, then watch my boy f-ck up you b-thes!"

WILLARD: "For the future, it is set in stone, it can not be changed, no man can fool destiny..."

FREAK: "No one gonna change what 'bout to happen, and when it does happen y'all can't say you weren't warned yo. Like some b-tch can't say I didn't warn her I am hella good in the bed!"

WILLARD: "In a simple few hours destiny will reveal itself to thousands of fans..."

FREAK: "Thousands dawg, count it!"

WILLARD: "And I am just culling the herd..."

FREAK: "Damn dawg, I don't even know what the f-ck dat sh-t means, but it coming!"

WILLARD: "Its been....ENVISIONED..."


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