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'Total Elimination' Eli Flair

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Jan 6, 1995
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Name: 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair
Real Name: Elijah Flurstein
Nicknames: The King of Extreme, The Original Nobody, The Hardcore Legend

Height: 6’9”
Weight: 294 lbs.
DOB: 11/27/1971
Handedness: Right
Alignment: Wildly popular

Hailing From: Bronx, NY
Theme Music: "People of the Moon" by PUi
Entrance: Varies.

The commonalities to all of his entrances are as follows:

- He never acknowledges the crowd other than to glare at them.
- He takes his time coming to the ring.
- He climbs one of the corners from the floor to the top and either puts up a fist or holds up a title belt, depending on what is applicable.

Other than that, every entrance can vary from arena to arena.

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, slightly wavy, with the slightest bit of gray in it. Usually looking wet/greasy when he comes to the ring. Arms and chest are scarred up over two full tattoo sleeves. Pagan crucifix on his chest.

Ring attire: Long tights, usually a dark solid color with no writing on them. Black kneepads, no elbow pads. Hands and wrists taped up with black athletic tape. To the ring, he also wears either a T-shirt or short sleeved button down shirt of some kind and a black leather trench coat that he has worn for practically every match for practically twenty years: it shows its age. Mid - calf length combat boots as opposed to wrestling boots, complete with steel toes.

Gimmick: Eli Flair is the King of Extreme. He started wrestling in a series of reigonal promotions in the summer of 1994, but did not truly carve out his niche until he entered the national CSWA promotion in early 1995. Since then he has been best known as a no - limits style brawler, though he has proven to be a competent and skilled mat wrestler when need be.

At this point in his career he is forty one years old and has not wrestled full time in nearly six years, so at this point the brawling has become more of a way to avoid serious injury however he can. While he is known as the 'King of Extreme' and became famous wrestling hardcore matches (most infamously, the Rage in the Cage against Troy Windham at CSWA Anniversary 2001), he rarely uses any type of foreign object in a traditional wrestling match, preferring to go by the 'no limits' definition of extreme, rather than the 'blood and guts' one.

1 - Resilience. He has a large frame and has both been conditioned to absorb punishment and remain in ring shape despite his recent time off. Surprisingly able to keep up with younger athletes for long matches.
2 - Strength. With size comes strength and he will likely not ever be overpowered by muscle alone.
3 - Stubbornness. He has never submitted in a match and never will.
4 - Experience. Nineteen years since his debut, he has seen everything and remembers everything.

1 - Knees. He has historically, chronically damaged knees. They have gotten progressively better in the past six years of part time work but they will never be 100%.
2 - Stubbornness. He will/has taken serious injury to avoid submitting. This has taken its toll on his career several times.
3 - Temper. If he gets angry he gets tunnel vision and someone with a master plan could take advantage.

Signature Moves:

One handed chokeslam
Baseball Swing (Clothesline from Hell)
Sleeper - lift - slam (literally grabbing someone in a sleeper hold, picking them up by the head and neck, and drilling them ass first into the mat.)


Pinfall - Fallen One - Reverse DDT with one arm hooked for extra impact.
Submission - The Total Elimination - STF/Full Nelson combo.

Title History:

Fifteen time World Champion, 35+ secondary/hardcore type titles. Notable World Titles listed:

CSWA World Title
FWO World Title x2
Asylum Fighting Heavyweight Title
EWI World Title

The only athlete in professional wrestling or professional fighting history who has (or will) been CSWA World Champion, FWO World Champion, and Asylum Heavyweight Champion (different from both the Black Title and the Immortals Title).


Elijah Flurstein grew up poor in the Bronx, dropped out of school when he was fifteen, and would probably have been quick on the path to a life of petty crime like his father if he hadn't come across Coop's Gym. Terence Cooper was a legendary shooter and hooker who was blackballed early in his career for talking insurance and unions. Undeterred, Coop returned to his home town and opened a gym, training anyone who would ask, the finer points of wrestling. He took a special interest in a 17 year old Eli, seeing that he was a good kid underneath his tough exterior, just one without much in the way of a positive influence in his life. For four years Eli's life was work, working out at Coop's, and seeing his childhood sweetheart Alicia. Finally, he asked the question: "Do you think I could be a wrestler?" and the answer was an overwhelming 'Yes.'

He struck out on his own after landing a job with the Midwest-based PYBA promotion, and found his calling. From there he would work for two other regionals before making it to the big time - the CSWA.

Also, he married his childhood sweetheart only for her to be killed in a car accident two months later.

He had no family of his own, nothing to tie him to one spot, and no confidants besides his dead wife's family, including her youngest sister, twenty year old Ivy McGinnis. At Ivy's urging/with her guidance, he pushed on in the wrestling business, able to remain on the road almost constantly with nobody to go home to and a nightly distraction with a hard - fought and often painful match to wrestle.

Slowly, the haze lifted from his eyes and he was able to balance out his mental state. At around the same time, he temporarily relocated from New York to Los Angeles to give himself some breathing room after a long, lucrative run as a top CSWA heel.

Enter: Angel.

He met and entered into a strange relationship with a woman named Angel, who was fronting a highly talented and poorly represented Goth/Industrial band. They quickly recognized each other as kindred spirits and have been together since December 2001, their only child, daughter Mariella Jade being born in January 2003. Between his support and understanding of her chosen profession (they are both traveling entertainers) and her good luck that her relationship with Eli brought Ivy McGinnis along, Angel's band, Valerian's Garden, managed to make a dent in secondary - and then primary - markets all across the country and the world. With five albums currently under their belt - their out of print and highly valuable debut, Scarred (original pressings can go for up to $500 on eBay), their followup, Stitches (just as vaulable for original pressings - they have since been reissued as a two-pack), a collection of covers called Holy Songs, and three platinum sellers - 2005's Fire Water, 2008's Artist Inc, and 2011's Grave Consequences - they have redefined what it means to be an 'indie' band in a corporate world.

Eli himself continued to expand and elevate his career, finding success in promotions such as the MWC/EWI, WCWPA, CSWA, FWO, CWL, and countless others, earning a reputation as a wrestler who could have a good match with anyone, who brought out the best in his opponents and always managed to elevate them beyond their abilities. His fifteen World Titles, with the exception of the CSWA, were typically short lived as his reigns were typically transitional in nature. This never bothered him, as he understood that he never had 'the look' of a Champion, though he was alwas considered near the top of anywhere he wrestled.

Officially retiring following his FWO World Title loss to The Deacon at Cyberslam 2005, Eli embarked on what he considered his 'farewell' tour in New Frontier Wrestling, looking to both gain a measure of final revenge on Troy Windham and win the Ultratitle, a goal that remains elusive. He made it farther than he ever had before in wrestling Nova for the NFW West, only to lose after a seventy minute Stairway to Hell match. He would go on to lose to Dan Ryan in what was billed as his final match. And it was, for two long years.

He returned to the ring in January 2009 when the FWO reopened under the watchful eye of founder Travis Beaven's son William, and used his name value to bring fans back to the beleaguered promotion, culminating in a show-stealing match against 'Triple X' Sean Stevens at Cyberslam 2009.

Eli's most recent return was for the 2012 Ultratitle tournament, where he managed to get even farther than before, defeating both Kendall Codine and Jack Harmen on his way to the finals against the ultimate winner, Castor V. Strife. Still, the tournament got the itch back in his system, and he decided - with his family's blessing - to see if he could still go on a full time basis. To do so, he decided that he wanted to try and get into a promotion where he had no history, so he would have no choice but to do it on his own talent and not coast on any reputation. The logical choice was Empire Pro Wrestling, as he knew the owner, he knew several of the wrestlers - including his protege Impulse - and he knew that while they would help him get acclimated, he would have to win the fans over on his own.

Eli's reputation is one of fierce individualism. He has been loved by wrestling fans for his uncompromising, stiff style and hated by them just the same when he's turned off his sense of humor. He has drawn more money than nearly anyone else over the prime of his career (2000 - 2007) due to his ability to make tens of thousands of people pay money to see him either conquor or be conquored while presenting essentially the same 'wrestling character' - depending on what he wants them to do. This had made his title reigns short by necessity, but it has also increased his longevity and staying power. Eli is known for not caring in the slightest if the fans cheer him or boo him because he has always been able to get whatever reaction he's wanted out of them, and will act in his best interest and the best interest of the wrestling business itself.

He will back up anyone who has proven themselves as a loyal friend, but does not truly trust anyone.


Name: Poison Ivy
Real Name: Ivy McGinnis
Nicknames: The Psycho Bitch, The Manager of Champions, Momma Bear, The Conscience of Professional Wrestling
DOB: 8/13/1974
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Flushing, Queens, NY

Entrance Music (when not with someone else): "Why Do You Love Me?" by Garbage

Looks: Blonde hair of varying lengths and styles, typically in one ponytail or matching pigtails. Green eyes hidden behind thick wire - rimmed glasses. Dresses nicely but always wears some kind of boot - never heels. Often comes to the ring wearing a NY Yankees home jersey with #37 on the back (tribute to Casey Stengel). She carries a singapore cane to the ring and isn't afraid to use it (though she will almost never use it unprovoked).

History: Ivy has a unique history for professional wrestling: a stable, loving family. Her mother was her best friend until her death from cancer. Currently, her only living relatives are her husband, 'Triple X' Sean Stevens, their seven year old son Shannon, and her brother Brian, who currently works as an analyst for the Seattle based International Wrestling Federation.

Ivy entered the business so she could keep an eye on her dead sister's husband Eli, but slowly began to realize she had an affinity for the creative side and business side. Besides managing Eli Flair (and on a lesser degree due to his changing role in the company, Triple X), she is highly prized on the business side, having had a hand in running the CSWA, the FWO, and to a much lesser degree, the NFW during Season 1.

She is a foul mouthed, hardassed spitfire with an overwhelming soft spot for young, inexperienced wrestlers trying to find direction in the sport. She is intimidated by nobody, is unflappable on the microphone or on commentary, and never backs down from a fight.
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