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El Gringo Loco
Feb 27, 2008

Personal Information
Ring Name: Pat Gordon, Jr.
Real Name: Patrick Gordon Murphy, Jr.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Boston, Mass

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'11½"
Weight: 241
Gender: Male

Entrance Music: "For Boston" by Dropkick Murphys

Ring Work
Wrestling Style: Mat wrestler/Brawler

Top 15 Moves
1. Waistlock suplex
2. Boston crab
3. Rolling reverse cradle into a bridge
4. Hammerlock
5. Abdominal stretch
6. Tree of woe into a baseball slide
7. Step-over toe hold
8. Hip toss
9. Snap mare followed by a flip-over neck whip OR a dropkick to the back of the head
10. Elbow smash
11. Armbar
12. Swinging neck breaker
13. Ring post smash
14. Drop toe hold
15. Full nelson

Trademark/Favorite Moves
1. Sunday Mass (Scorpion arm lock)
2. Irish Kiss (headbutt)
3. Rocky Road to Dublin (PGJR crotches his opponent on the top rope and shakes the rope up and down. Then he finishes it off with a clubbing clothesline to the prone opponent)

Primary: Pat Lock
Description: Bridging crossface chickenwing
Alternate: Sunday Morning Hangover
Description: Back suplex into a piledriver/Omega Driver. PGJ picks his opponent up from behind as if for a back suplex, turns him upside down, and hits him with a piledriver.


Strengths: Very solid wrestling and brawling skills.
Weaknesses: Can be out-paced by faster wrestlers and having only wrestled one match, he is still a rookie.
Other Information:

Personal Information
Ring Name: Shane Rothenstein
Real Name (if different from Ring Name):
Date of Birth: April 28, 1981
Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Vital Statistics
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225 lbs
Gender: Male

Alignment: Tweener with heel tendancies
Gimmick (Please be as concise as possible): Second generation wrestler with chip on shoulder
Does he or she play to the fans? Yes
Entrance Music: "The Little Death" Aesthetic Perfection
Detailed description of entrance: The house lights would dim, flickers of strobes would start following the slow beat of the song. About :30 seconds into the song, Shane Rothenstein would come through the curtain. He'd walk slowly and deliberately, pausing to jaw with the fans on his way to the ring. For him it's all about pyschology and getting the crowd into a frenzy before he even hits the ring. He always makes his way around to the far set of steps, again stopping and bickering and arguing with over-zealous fans before finally climbing the steps and climbing into the ring. He'd then head to the center of the ring to pander to the hard camera.
Other information about personality: This guy is cocky, arrogant, no-nonsense and has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Ring Work
Wrestling Style: Technical with some high spots intermixed in
Does he/she cheat? Yes
Will he/she use weapons? Yes
If so, under what circumstances? Only when it's a last resort and it benefits him. He looks down on "extreme" wrestling.

Top 15 Moves
1. Neckbreaker
2. Delayed Standing Suplex
3. Snap Suplex
4. Short Arm Clothesline
5. Cobra Clutch
6. Running Knee Lift
7. Inverted STF
8. Stiff chops
9. Stiff kicks (a la Low Ki)
10. Snapmare into running neck snap
11. Begging off (a la Ric Flair)
12. Kneebreaker
13. Release German Suplex
14. Snap Scoop Powerslam
15. DDT

Trademark/Favorite Moves (Please limit to five)
1. Turnbuckle Bulldog
2. Running Swinging Neckbreaker
3. Superkick
4. Triple Snap Suplexes followed up with pin
5. Running Knee Facebuster

Primary: Southern Death Drop
Description: Full Nelson Facebuster (aka "Skull Crushing Finale" a la the Miz)
Alternate (if any): Sweet Southern Comfort
Description: Belly-to-back Inverted Mat Slam into Pin (aka "Styles Clash" a la AJ Styles)

Son of first generation wrestler/promoter Stanley Victor Rothenstein. After the fall of the 3WA, Shane was black balled from the industry because of the antics of his father. Now, some 13 years later, Shane finds his way back into the industry that said he'd never be involved in.

Strengths: Competitive Desire to Succeed, Plays the Crowd, His raw talent, Has the "IT" look
Weaknesses: Doesn't trust anyone, Will play to the crowd to his detriment, Cocky/Arrogant to a fault, Has chip on his shoulder
Other Information:

Jonathan Todd

New member
Apr 15, 2012

TEAM: The Heat Seakers

Full Name: Curtis Penn
Alignment: Face
Weight: 215 pounds
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hometown: Pensacola, Fl
Entrance music: "Pulse of the Maggots" Slipknot
Wrestling Style: Technical/Martial Artist
Current Feds: N/A
Years wrestling: 1
Appearance: Blue eyes with short dirty blond hair that covers his head. He keeps his face clean shaven and never with a full beard. He likes to keep it scruffy and clean shaves the day of a fight. During his training period he has been seen with “wild” facial hair. His time training on the Florida beaches has tanned his skin. He has no extra flab and in great shape.
Gimmick/Personality: Cocky and sure of himself and everything that he does
Wrestling Attire: Yellow and black singlet with yellow and black boots, black knee pads
Background: Curtis Penn spent four years a FSU on a wrestling scholarship. Winning most of his matches and earning the captain spot for his team he learned responsibility and how to train. After he spent the state’s money and earning the notoriety as the best wrestler in the State of Florida he decided to get into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He found a local training camp and began to train with them daily.
He was booked within the state for a few matches, earning a record of 2-1, he decided that he needed to work on his striking. He bought himself a ticket to Japan and found himself once again fighting for money. He found himself a couple of Americans that he soon called friends. They introduced him to the Japanese culture and helped him around the island. He was soon a member of the CHIMERA Fight Team. Once inside the group his skills grew from strictly wrestling to one of the best ground and pound fighters in his weight class.
CFT disbanded at the WC:C Year 1 show after Pete Whealdon turned on Curtis Penn and caused them to lose the WFWA Tag Team Titles to the Sex Symbols. Curtis Penn took time away from the ring and opened his own training facility in the Panhandle of Florida where he coaches and trains athletes by using the techniques and a work ethic he honed while with CHIMERA Fight Team and his time in the NCAA.

Accomplishments: WfWA Tag Team Champion

1. Belly to Belly Suplex
2. Rear naked Choke
3. Kimura Arm Bar
4. Headlocks
5. Kicks
6. Punches
7. knees
8. elbows
9. Sleeper holds
Primary Finisher: Your Face is F*cked
Primary Description: Busaiku Knee Kick
MDK Finisher: Size 12
Secondary Description: Curb Stomp


Full Name: Tyson Burke
Alignment: Face
Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga
Entrance music: Method Man “World Gone Sour”
Wrestling Style: Powerhouse
Current Feds:N/A
Years wrestling: 4
Appearance: Tyson has a very muscular frame with little to none body fat. His hair is always braided in tight cornrows that are gathered together in the back. Has an Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat that sits just so it covers his eyes aren’t seen. For public appearances he is dressed in sagging jeans and a t-shirt
Gimmick/Personality: Truly a nice guy but raised in the streets until he was found by the guys who trained him and brought him into wrestling. Choosing Mike Sloan (face) over Eric Dane(Heel) he has become more of a face than a natural or a heel. His rough look generates distrust although he would lay his life down for his friends and family.
Wrestling Attire: Shorts that compliment Curtis Penn’s
Background: Brought into wrestling by Eric Dane and Mike Sloan to form a tag team (The Heat Seakers) with former partner Erik Ledger. Tyson bored with traveling the circuit wanted to do the same thing that Mike Sloan and Eric did for him, give under privileged kids a chance at life. So he offers wrestling lessons to school in the community and trains others alongside of Mike Sloan and Curtis Penn.

1. Drop Kick
2. Hurricaneranna
3. Corkscrew flying forearm smash
4. Jumping Corkscrew hook kick
5. Leg Drop
6. Reverse STO
7. Scoop Powerslam
8. Sitout hiptoss
9. sitout inverted suplex slam
10. Vertical suplex stunner
Primary Finisher: Deep Fried Neckbreaker
Primary Description: Elevated cradle neckbreaker
MDK Finisher: Fried Chicken with Hotsauce
Secondary Description: Top Rope elbow drop

Tag Team Finisher:
Name: The Heat Seaker
Description: Penn applies a dragon sleeper and Burke performs Fried Chicken with Hotsauce


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

Wrestler Name
"Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds

Wrestler Height

Wrestler Weight

Wrestler Age

Theme Music
"All the Drugs" by Courtney Love

Wrestler's Finisher
1. Northern Lights Suplex
2. Boston Crab

Wrestling Style:
Aerial Technibrat

Common Moves:
1. Reverse Crescent Kick
2. Piledriver
3. Swinging Neckbreaker
4. DDT
5. Crucifix
6. Standing dropkick
7. Hurricanrana
8. Sunset flip
9. Reverse Cross Body block from 2nd rope
10. Moonsault (High Arching)
11. Double Underhook Superplex
12. Tilt-a-whirl Tombstone

Two Signature Moves:
1. Asai Moonsault
2. Elbow Drop from the Top Rope

Leagues Currently Active In

Brief Biography
Edmunds returned to the business in February 2011 after a year and a half of physical therapy to repair multiple nagging injuries. A product of the FW-circuit, Edmunds last wrestled in Empire Pro Wrestling, taking part in the Anthology vs. HOPE stable feud. Since returning in 2011, Edmunds has wrestled in the Viking Wrestling Federation w/ friend Dan Ryan as well as WARPED Wrestling. Edmunds held the VWF Pan-Pacific Championship and the VWF Britannia Heavyweight Championship at the same time, and was the longest reigning Pan-Pacific champion before retiring the belt himself. Edmunds was also the WARPED Evolution Champion for six months to close out 2011. Edmunds made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2012 Ultratitle Tournament before bowing out to Eli Flair. Currently, Edmunds has made it to the Elimination Rounds (Top 18) in the 2012 Extreme Tournament by placing at the top of his Bracket (I) with 15 points, winning all five of his Group Stage matches.

Edmunds, while being a world-class competitor, has only held two World Heavyweight championships in the past few years .. both coming from Just Wrestling, a small touring promotion. He is looking to add the VWF World Heavyweight Championship to that tally when he faces the current VWF World Heavyweight champion Maverick Jones in the main event of the next VWF pay-per-view, Bloodlust 14. Edmunds owns his own venture capital company, EC Enterprises, and uses his cunning mind to win at any cost.

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