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Trash Taking's for Pussies...


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Mar 26, 2006
McKail smiled, despite himself, as the latest bout of trash talking morons aired on CSWA television flashed onto the screen, each man trying progressively to act tougher than the last.

Are people supposed to be intimidated by this? Scared…? Pfft. Please.

If asked, they’ll tell you that there was some kind of sound psychological reasoning behind it, but in truth, it was nothing more than glorified bull****, aimed and cocked at that particular worker’s latest opponent. Posturing and, rather feebly, attempting to sound mean in order to look good in front of the camera’s and to be bankable to the audience. Of course, they truly believed that by spouting all of that ****, they were playing ‘mind games’ with their opponent, but was just a facade only the truly moronic ever bought into.

*******, sickening is what it is.

McKail had never seen the need for trash talk, at least not anymore. It was true that back in the days when he worked bad gimmick after bad gimmick in order to get over with the audience, he said whatever the hell he wanted to say. Hell, they’d the down mic on him and just be the most random mother****er you’re ever likely to hear; he sounded like the damn “Rain Man” for **** sake.

But he never said what he said, truly believing that his words would ever help him become victorious in the ring. Hell, back in those days he didn’t even care about his in ring performance. It wasn’t as important to him as entertaining the people was...******* it, he couldn’t think about those shameful days without gagging anymore.

That was all behind him now. Long gone were those days and now that he’d finally managed to steer his career in the right direction, he sure as hell wasn’t going to start up with all of that bull****. If I lose a match, I lost it because I wasn’t good enough, not because I failed to tell the guy I was tougher than him beforehand.

The only mind games he intended to inflict was in the ring, when future opponents, who like him are looking to climb the ladder in the wrestling industry saw what he was capable of, saw what talent he possessed, when they stood there watching him in awe, mouths wide open, realising with perfect clarity that they’ve just witnessed the future of the wrestling industry.

McKail was fearless in the ring and with that he struck fear into the hearts of those who would get in his way. No words were necessary anymore, only actions. The way is was supposed to be, the way it should be.

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