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Trial and Judgement


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-11-03 AT 02:01 AM (EST)](cueup: 'Paris, Texas' - Ry Cooder)

(FADEIN: GOLDEN HAWK is standing on top of a grassy hill overlooking a valley - the sun setting off in the distance...)

HAWK: (V/O) "Twelve years ago, my life changed. I went from being the oldest child of seven to the head of a household in one day. Nobody ever tells you beforehand that on your 18th birthday you'll go from the oldest brother to the head of a household...that your parents would die in a car accident just tryin' to make it to your party."

"Yeah, my life changed. My plan was just to finish out school and 'figure it all out' - next thing I know, I got seven mouths to feed. Family? Grandma died a good time before that, Grandpa didn't know our names anymore. Other grandparents? Dead. Rest of the family? Your typical redneck drunks tryin' to just make it on their own."

"All I was ever good at was wrestlin'. I was the state heavyweight champion in high school three straight years - Coach said I had a gift."

"Too bad, I had to drop out. Probably would've gotten a scholarship somewhere, but I was 18 and had seven mouths to feed - some of us ain't so lucky. Twelve years later, I've done good. I don't worry about anyone goin' hungry..."

"...Just myself. I've spent twelve years of my life becomin' the best in this sport 'cause I HAD TO. I would've stayed in Texas my whole life, but even the promoters are redneck drunks."

"In the next two weeks, I'm on trial. My crime? I'm still hungry. I still got things to prove to the two greatest souls in heaven...that everything will be OK, that this was my DESTINY...and not a choice I didn't want to make just 'cause they died."

"My judges? The Gentlemen of Dignity. Anarky. Manson. Everyone's been lookin' at me like I got served the death sentence, that I'm goin' to the chair. I've had to swallow my pride as my heritage has been mocked not only by these men, but by those damn redneck drunks that migrated to the Great Lakes as well. Nothin' quite sticks out like a Texan in a Minnesota diner..."

"Yeah, my trial. My judgement. People just keep tellin' me the odds aren't in my favor...that's alright, I'm used to that. People just keep tellin' me that I'm never gonna feel pain quite like I'll feel at the hands of the two most psychotic and sadistic men in wrestling."

"On my 18th birthday, I felt so much pain I was numb."

"These next two weeks all eyes will be watchin' if Golden Hawk is found guilty..."

"I'm just hopin' to prove to a pair of eyes in heaven that they're innocent..."

"And that this is my destiny...to eradicate the G.O.D from the GLCDubya and prove to every man, woman and child in the Great Lakes that this Texan came from a good home."


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