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King of Kings
Aug 24, 2010
Silver Spring, MD


Name: Jamar Short
Email Address: jamar.l.short@gmail.com
AIM: thakingofMD
Best Way to Contact you: PM, email, or if you have it, text(best way)


Name: Sean Stevens
Nicknames: 'Triple X', the 'Blue-Eyed Badass', 'Planet Earth's Champion', KING

Height: 6'2
Weight: 243
Handedness: Right
Looks: Sean's look has changed a bit. He's no longer the baby-faced, pretty boy that melted the hearts of women with the wink of his angelic baby blue eyes. At the age of thirty-four, he's matured. He still has mid-length golden/light brown hair, although, it's noticeably shorter, this go round, he's still able to place it into a baby pony-tail. He sports a beard (minor peach fuzz)/shadow, and sideburns that come down to the bottom of his ear lobe.

He's average in size, with about 5% body fat, and typically stays in great physical condition, but the wear and tear has left its fair share of minor bruises. He has three visible solo tattoos, and a sleeve. One, a 'Holy Cross' – on his right shoulder. A pit-bull – on his left arm and a portrait of a baby with Angel wings with the letters 'SJS' underneath in cursive. His sleeve, on his right arm, is themed after the original cross ... he has images of Poison Ivy, and an older Shannon Joseph Stevens(his son) on his arm, Shannon still has angel wings. He also has a chariot(on fire), a scroll with a phrase in the middle, in a dead language, and a few barbed wire crowns.

Hailing From: Orlando, Florida

Disposition: Face(with Heel tendencies)
Gimmick: Although his opponents will tell you differently, he's not nearly as narcissistic as he once was; intelligent? Yes. Good looking? Women tend to think so, although a portion of his female fan base never quite forgave him for marrying Poison Ivy. He's a changed man, more so about his family, as he takes his role as a father, and a husband extremely serious. He no longer has to be the be all, end all in professional wrestling. He's simply okay with being pretty good at it.

Ring Attire: Sean usually comes to the ring in custom made, 100% cotton, t-shirts, with his catch phrases, and accomplishments on them. Black tights, with neon blue X’s on the legs and rear. No more sunglasses, crowns, fancy robes, or men carrying him around.

EPW Theme Music: "The One," by GOOD MUSIC ft. Marsha Ambrosius (click link to listen: http://youtu.be/aqwGxXo3qdE)

Ring Entrance:

The lights dim.

SFX: Thunder, Lightning, Horses, Chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of Gladiator-style war.

Then it suddenly stops ... as the melodic sounds of the piano began to play.


(Marsha sang, as the EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.

BOOOOOOOOM! Fireworks in the shape of an X shot to the roof, as "THE ONE" by GOOD MUSIC blasted over the PA system, and Trip stepped through the curtain. He was immediately met with resounding cheers, to his delight, as he made his journey to the ring, slapping a few hands, in a 100% cotton "Greatest EPW Superstar of ALL TIME!" t-shirt, black and silver tights, his light brown locks soaking wet.

Game face on, Stevens entered the ring, and hopped on each of the four turnbuckles, thrusting his arms in the air victoriously, pointing at a few of the hand made "XXX" signs in attendance, as he took off his shirt, to the delight of the females in attendance, and tossed it into the audience.

Tactics/Style: High Flying Technician. Trip isn't the biggest dog in the yard, but he has the most heart. He is technically sound, learning all forms of wrestling from years of touring the world, and can leap with the best of them, and will try anything once, or twice.

Strengths: Stamina, Heart, Confidence, and his Cerebral approach.

Weaknesses: Arrogance, his disrespect for people he perceive to be beneath him, his heart (led him to many injuries he didn't have to have), his emotions, and his tendency to underestimate.


Common spots: German Suplex, Belly-to-Back/Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Floating DDT, Inverted DDT, Spike DDT, Figure Four Leglock, Lion Tamer, STF, Sleeper Hold

Cruiserweight spots: Top Rope Frogsplash, Flying Forearm, Huracarana from the top, Missile Dropkick, Swan Dive(usually clearing the top rope and nailing an opponent standing outside.), Dragon Cyclone Press, Shooting Star Press

Heavyweight spots: Brainbuster, Ace Crusher, Spiked Piledriver, Swinging Neck Breaker, Powerbomb

Super Heavyweight spots: Ace Crusher from the top, Top Rope Floating DDT, Super Powerbomb(from the top)

Hardcore spots: 450 Splash to the outside onto a table, Senton Splash to the outside, Flying Elbow onto opponent on announcer's table.

Finishing Move: He has two. The first, he usually uses on smaller opponents, and the second, is for the larger wrestlers that Sean would have a hard time lifting up.

1.) The Osaka Street Cutter or Osaka Stunner
Finisher Name: The X-Terminator

2.) Superkick to the jaw/chin/nose/face.
Finisher Name: The X-Factor


Likes: Family, friends, respect, and building toward his legacy
Dislikes: Disrespect, lies, losing.

History: Sean has been wrestling since 1996/’97. He got his start in a little independent promotion in Orlando called the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, the XWF for short. Stevens was what you'd call, a hands on trainee, because he never actually went to school to learn the art, he was forced to create an image, a style, and a move set based solely off of things he's seen(because he was a huge wrestling fan), things he'd like to see, and things he's dreamed of doing.

He attended an XWF house show, and was basically dared, by a friend, to leap over the guardrail. One thing led to another, Sean got a burst of adrenaline, and not only leaped the guardrail, he entered the ring. The audience didn't know what to make of it, they simply assumed he was a part of the show, but the reaction caused the head promoter of the company, Greg Vaughn to bail Sean out of jail, and offer him a contract on the spot. Even though Stevens had zero training, wrestling was his passion, so he took the job ... besides, it had its advantages ... mainly, freedom.

For the next year and a half, Stevens ripped it up in that promotion becoming the hottest superstar on the roster, not to mention the most popular. He spent the better part of that year under the tutelage of another megastar on his way out of the building, "the American Heartthrob" Chad Hennig. Chad instantly took a liking to Sean, if not only because he reminded him of himself at an early age. He liked him so much, he allowed Sean to accompany him to the ring, as well as training him, and christened him, XXXstasy - Triple X for short. ...needless to say, the name stuck.

Sean always felt an allegiance to the XWF and Greg Vaughn because it gave him his start, and if not for them, he'd probably not be in the business, but there was little room for growth there. A lot of the wrestler's were old school, and didn't take too kindly to a young upstart stealing their spotlight, and let it be known by refusing to grant him a title shot. Therefore, after Sean's contract was up, with Greg's blessings, of course, he signed on to compete in another promotion with more opportunity, the EPWL. Right away, Stevens was labeled the next big thing, and he didn't disappoint, winning that company's World Heavyweight Championship two months into his stint. The looked to be the limit, but what Sean should've done was savored that moment, because it would be a long time before he won another World title.

From there, Sean joined Soul City Fantasy Wrestling – the SCFW – and rose up the ranks winning it's Intercontinental Championship, however, the unexpected closure of that promotion forced him to seek employment on a different circuit. He never forgot where he came from, and continued to work for a couple of promotions in Orlando, snatching a couple of titles for his mantle, but for the first time, he'd ventured away from home. He joined a renegade upstart promotion called the Hardcore Extreme Wrestling, the HEW, and it became a promotion that would change his life forever. There, he met Mason Xavier – known to many as "Havoc", "The Blade" Kendall Codine, Lint Douglas – aka "Zero", "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, "Total Elimination" Eli Flair, and Ivy "Poison Ivy" McGinnis, friends that he still has to this day, for the most part. While wrestling under the HEW umbrella, many would agree that he was arguably the most popular wrestler in the promotion, even winning "Most Popular" during the annual HEW award show his first year there. However, his inability to win the world title after numerous opportunities would dog him for the better part of three years.

From there, he wrestled in the TCW, the legendary CWL, and the SCW - where he finally broke through and won their World title, enjoying a long lengthy reign in the process. He also competed in the CSWA, and the fWo.

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