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Tsunawoharu title, house show plans revealed. Yamashi pleasures journalists.

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
Billionaire, socialite, now puroresu power broker. Goro Yamashi posing with Tsunawoharu title belt.

TOKYO, JAPAN – The Isamu League Tsunawoharu Championship belt was revealed today at the promotion's headquarters, and the company hinted at future house show plans in an eventful Sunday morning press conference.

IL Promoter Joey Clerk announced the arrival of his business partner, socialite Goro Yamashi. “Money” by Pink Floyd started to play and Yamashi-san made his entrance with a legion of scantily clad women around him, a group of beautiful ladies in front carrying the case containing the belt. He made sure to shake hands with everyone, allowing Pink Floyd to play out as he strutted around the large press room.

“I felt that the premier title in the business deserved a proper unveiling,” Yamashi stoically proclaimed. Most of the people in the room looked at each other, wondering how someone could call a belt that hadn't seen the sun for ten minutes “the premier title in the business” with a straight face, but Yamashi delivered it with all the confidence in the world. “Only the best will hold this belt.”

There were a number of photo opportunities with the unveiled title belt. Clerk and Yamashi had shots together and individually with the belt. Yamashi then had a special picture request, requiring his stunning entourage to take off their clothing and surround him as he held the display case. It was quite the scene that we unfortunately couldn't use for our picture headline.

Yamashi spent more time entering the room with his groupies and playing Pink Floyd than he did talking and posing for pictures, but he made sure to leave the room in just as memorable fashion.

“We have made a room in these headquarters specifically for party and bukkake,” Yamashi announced. In an outrageous stunt, he ordered his girls to hand-pick random journalists and businessmen of his picking. “You are the lucky men this evening. You will join me on the fifteenth floor in the party room for drinks and sexual pleasure, all on the house and provided by my women. I don't need you to thank me.”

“Money” played once more as the man made his exit, his entourage leading some giddy reporters away from the press conference.

Joey tried his best to move the conference along, but even the charismatic Hall of Fame promoter was having trouble trying to get attention back after all of that.

“I have not yet decided on how the Tsunawoharu Championship will be rewarded,” Joey admitted. “We will need our roster to fill out some more for me to get a better idea on how to determine a proper title holder. But it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. Consider The IL to be the land of opportunity! As far as I'm concerned, everyone is on the same footing regardless of past accomplishments. I understand we'll have guys who can draw and make money for us, and that's great, but when it comes to our title belt – I want it to go to whoever gets it done in the ring, regardless of fame and status in the wrestling world.”

The last thing he wanted to officially address was the house show schedule.

“At this moment, we're unsure as to when we'll begin the house show touring. It's not a matter of if, but when,” Joey assured. “We'll wait and see after the first few airings of Lessons In Bloodshed, but the target date to get house shows going will be after our first National Threat pay-per-view in June.”

“We have a list of venues already lined up,” He said with his toothy smile. “But ya know what I'm really looking forward to? With Lessons In Bloodshed at the Pitch Black nightclub and National Threat at the Tokyo Dome, there's one venue I can't wait to get back to – Saitama Super Arena.”

The Saitama Super Arena was the birthplace of Rising Sun Wrestling, housing most of the televised and pay-per-view events in the company's history.

“The Super Arena is kind of where the revolution started at, isn't it?” He fondly remembered with a bit of a tear. “We have to do something special there before this year is over.”

He closed out the press conference by announcing that a match for the first Lessons In Bloodshed could be booked by as early as next week. Journalists hammered him with questions about Riddick, Hiero Takeuie, and a few other stars he promoted in the past, but he made no comment on any of them during his exit.

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