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TSWF Steel Cage Encounter: Chris Hallmark vs. Leon Corella


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Mar 17, 1988
RP and any other info on this match prior to the card will be posted here by TSWFites. :)


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Dec 20, 2011
How’d did things get this way? That is the question many are asking when it comes to Leon Corella facing Chris Hallmark in a Steel Cage on September 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] at SURVIVALISM.

Well to answer that, we need to go back to March 10[SUP]th[/SUP] 2012 at “Road to the Gold – The Semifinal Round” for that is where Chris Hallmark first caught the eye of ‘Quickstryke’ Jeff Keenan, a man who would lead Hallmark down a very slippery slope.

It was under Keenan’s tutelage that Chris Hallmark would face off against Tripp Skylark during TSWF’s “End of the Road” event and prior to that match going down, Hallmark chose to berate Skylark with accusations of drug usage and subjected him to a pre-match urine analysis. Of course, that did not go down and in the end, Skylark was victorious on that particular night only due to a disqualification after Jeff Keenan used a steel chair to save his protégé from further embarrassment.

With Skylark down on the mat, Hallmark and Keenan stood over the young kid looking to exact further damage. BUT Leon Corella had other things in mind as he ran down to the ring to save Tripp Skylark, thus chasing off Hallmark and Keenan.

So on April 14[SUP]th[/SUP] at “Hatred Saturday”, Chris Hallmark would team with Jeff Keenan to face the duo of Tripp Skylark and Leon Corella. And on that particular night, things didn’t go so well for Chris Hallmark as his partner fell victim to Tripp Skylark’s “Choking the Chicken” finisher and rather than save him, he left him hanging out to dry. After the match concluded and Jeff Keenan headed up the aisle, Chris Hallmark put the nail in the coffin by dropping his mentor off the stage with a belly to back suplex down to the concrete floor below.

With Chris Hallmark alone once again, he could do what he needed to do without anyone’s interference…or so we thought.

Fast forward to May 12[SUP]th[/SUP] at “Ring Showdown” where we see “The Mongoloid” make his first appearance and came to find out that he was hired by Chris Hallmark to exact some revenge on Leon Corella. The new duo would end up costing Corella a decisive victory in his challenge for the Tri-State title match against Mark Adams Junior as they attacked him in the late stages of that contest. Thankfully, Tripp Skylark made the save or Leon Corella would have been put in a larger world of hurt than he was on that particular night.

Hallmark and The Mongoloid would continue to be a thorn in Leon Corella’s side at New Jersey Shootout on May 28[SUP]th[/SUP] when they faced Corella and Tripp Skylark in a tag team grudge match. Except it never got underway as the four men brawled for the entire match. And the usage of a sledgehammer on both men ended up costing Chris Hallmark some ringtime as TSWF owner Michael Sandsbury suspended him indefinitely.

This is where things get interesting as despite being suspended, Chris Hallmark continued to send in video messages directed at Leon Corella who was focused on other matters inside the TSWF squared circle, particularly the presence of The Mongoloid. Hallmark also chose to become a paying ticketholder at a few TSWF events, making sure to verbally get involved from the crowd during Corella’s matches.

With all this going on, Leon Corella had no choice but to petition TSWF management to reinstate Chris Hallmark to which they declined. And in recent weeks, Chris Hallmark has also met with management to show he has changed for the better by going through anger management sessions.

So in an attempt at good faith…and to promote their product to a larger audience, TSWF has decided to put Leon Corella and Chris Hallmark inside of a steel cage to work their issues out. And the stipulation being added that the only way Chris Hallmark will be FULLY reinstated to the TSWF active roster is to WIN over Corella.

Tune in on September 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] as FWrestling.com presents “SURVIVALISM” and see what goes down between two men who want nothing more than to put an end to the other.


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Dec 20, 2011
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]=============

[We open in front of a simple backlit TSWF banner. We only seem him from the waist up as he enters the scene with his hands in his pockets - Leon Corella decked out in a black and gold "AKN" T-shirt, brown khaki's, black leather belt with an engraved "P-1" silver belt buckle, and that gleaming diamond and ruby studded platinum Rolex. It seems that the man is starting to let his hair grow back out a bit, the stylishly unkempt mane taking on a slightly feathered look to it, his normally neatly shaven face decorated by a coarse five o'clock shadow. Standing sideways to the camera, Leon tilts his head towards the camera. His face is calm and relaxed, but there is a grim, determined edge to his expression that undermines this otherwise casual demeanor.]

Leon Corella: Finally... It's just you and me, Hallmark.

[Leon turns the rest of himself to face the camera now.]

I underestimated you, kid. I didn't think you'd have the stones to actually accept my invitation, let alone up the ante with an oldschool, fifteen foot high steel cage match. You even went with painted steel piping, instead of weak chain link fencing. Just so you know, the steel piping is going to hurt a whole hell of alot more when I throw you up against it, than the chain link does.

[He smirks.]

I only have one problem and it's due in part to the fact that I've gotten to know you fairly well as a wrestler and a person. You wouldn't be doing this unless you've got an ace up your sleeve. A surprise factor that will put this match in your favor. Maybe it's the fact that bars are easier to climb than chain link or that you think that you might knock my tired, old ass out by slamming my forehead into a piece of rebar just hard enough...

[A shrewd expression crosses Leon's face, his eyes squinted and lip pursed ever so slightly as he crosses his arms over his chest.]

Chris, I've seen and done it all pretty much. I've wrestled in nearly every arena in the world and faced off in almost every kind of match conceivable, even a few of the more embarrassing ones. Let's just say, I know I don't like the buzz cut.

[Leon smirks.]

All I can say is, whatever surprise you have in store for me, make it a good one, otherwise it's going to be the longest night of your life.

[A wry smile crosses his face.]

You see, in Cage Matches, I'm not usually focused on escaping. I'm focused on keeping you in the ring for as long as possible, showing very little in the way of mercy. Especially when someone is as deserving of an a** beating as you are, young man. You see, that match with Mark Adams Junior is still on my mind. You cost me the Tri-State Championship.

[Slowly, the smile gives way to a flat, serious expression.]

Whether I'm good or bad, one thing I have never taken well is when someone interrupts my match. Tack on the fact that it was a championship opportunity and you compound the crime. You've seen what I can do. I tore apart your stooge, The Mongoloid, in a straight one on one competition and now he's walking around with a midget in a suit telling him what to do.

[Leon tilts his head slightly forward, leaning towards the camera.]

Everything that has lead us to this moment has been a design crafted by you, Chris. Your actions from start to finish have brought us here and now, it's time to pay your pound of flesh. See you in the ring, kid. May this be the biggest learning experience of your entire career, if you survive it....

[With a smirk, Leon rises from his seat, turns and exits-stage left. Fade to black.]


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Dec 20, 2011

[We start off with a black image...]

Hallmark (V/O): For years, I've hated this ring...

[A spotlight hits a TSWF logo in the middle of a vacant ring.]

Hallmark (V/O): Years, I felt it disrespected EVERYTHING I STOOD FOR. My style of wrestling, BASTARDIZED. People who couldn't make weight in my world, parading around here calling themselves CHAMPIONS. As a champion and A NATURAL REAL ATHLETE... IT DISGUSTED ME.

[A highlight package of Leon Corella starts playing over the TSWF logo. We see shots of Corella from his very young days straight up until today. The image freezes of him laid out after an attack by Hallmark]

Hallmark(V/O): I found the person who embodied it all. I found him and I went for him. I went for him because I KNEW what he could do and I KNEW what he WAS capable of and I knew... that he needed to be the first one to bear witness. You see I could have kept going after Tripp Skylark, but Tripp was like hunting canaries with an elephant gun. He was small game. No, I needed to set my sights HIGHER. I needed to knock on the door of the DEVIL HIMSELF and put myself out there to see if I COULD HANG. And when I finally got him in range... I found out he wasn't the Great White Buffalo. No he was just another washed up old timer hanging on to save HIS spot. He took Tripp under his wing because he KNEW that Skylark was no threat. HE KNEW I WAS... AND I STILL AM. I am the biggest threat to Leon's way of life. He once was ME. He was the young gunslinger looking for a big dog. And Corella did it his way. HE PARALYZED A MAN WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER.

[A still image of a bloody mask is projected over the ring.]

Hallmark(V/O): El Sangre... nope I didn't leave his mask in your locker but I am glad someone did. I'm glad someone let me know what kind of ruthless individual you are. Because YOU Leon.. YOU MAY REGRET IT... BUT I LOVE IT. I love that you have that evil inside you. That you knew you had to do something drastic to make management take notice. You did something that will haunt you forever. Because YOU NEEDED A SPOT. And Leon.. you took it. And tonight, I WILL TAKE MY SPOT. And you don't have to give it Leon.. I'll take it.

[A video montage of Hallmark in his University of Florida days plays on the canvas. We see a number of victories and triumphant celebrations by Hallmark. A smiling Hallmark is shown in a trophy room surrounded by trophies of varying colors and sizes. In the center is his Florida State Letterman jacket. Right along side that is a picture of Leon Corella signed. The camera zooms in on it. 'Hey Chris, good luck in the biz. Leon" reads the inscription. Hallmark steps onto the image and into the spotlight of the ring. The camera angle remains on top of him. Hallmark is dressed in a TSWF T-Shirt and designer jeans.]

Hallmark: Ya see Leon. It was YOU that set me on this path. Good luck in THE BIZ, when I told you I WAS A WRESTLER. You assumed that I wrestled in this monstrosity of a ring, instead of on the mat. You thought I was in the sport of 'gassed up juice heads' flipping around like idiots. NO I wrestled the sport of GREEK GODS. I wrestled the sport of OLYMPIANS! I wrestled in true competition. I didn't have to deal with shady bookers, shady ring rats and shady pay days. I WAS AN AMATEUR. I enjoyed laying it all out on the line with other men who were just a skilled as I was. I didn't worry about backstage politics. I went out to the mat and I FOUGHT. I FOUGHT. And... when I finished college. There was no one left to fight...

[A video package runs showing Hallmark in various Florida Gator garb schilling cars, boats, Homecoming Games, Local diners...]

Hallmark: And when the fighting stopped, so did the money, so did the adulation. I needed the money.. I NEEDED THE ADULATION. And I needed to find a way to use my God given skills as a Natural Real Athlete. Then I picked up this picture.

[Hallmark reaches in his back pocket and pulls out the autographed picture from Leon Corella.]

Hallmark: "Good luck in the biz"... Well thanks for that advice, Leon. And tonight, I'm going to give you the same advice. Good luck in the biz. You're going to need it.


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