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TWA Official Website!!!


Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
To all FW members!

It's official that a new website for TWA has been started as of this week! It's not too flashy, it's simple, not complicated but it gets the job done! Below is TWA's link.


TWA is also now hiring for new talent! We just ended another Shockwave TV event this week and things are on a roll! We are on the road to TWA Stampede and many stars are getting in line to be apart the biggest wrestling event of the year! Move on over Wrestlemania!! TWA Stampede will have a new sell out record! Be apart true wrestling entertainment where everyone is the main star! If your inside a TWA ring your the whole damn show! So come aboard and see what the fuss is all about! Contact us on our website. Or just simply sign the dotted line on our Rp board where we have an Application form to fill out.

We'll see you in the ring!

TWA Commissioner
Don 'You Got Another Thing Coming' Harris

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