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Twas the Night After Crashmas...


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* Fade in on a hand knocking on a door. A small tag reading "#1201" swings from side to side as "Wildfire" Johnny Rage answers. Shockingly, he slams the door in the NFW camera crew's faces. The sound man adjusts his headset as the boom-mic picks up raised voices through the door. Before the hand can knock again, the door bursts wide-open. *

WILDFIRE: "GREAT! It's NFW. How's everyone doing? Ummm, Kin isn't here right now, so you should come back later. Me and Styles are just, uh, house sitting."

* A tiny sweat has broken out on Wildfire's forehead. He nervously wipes his brow and a quick cough escapes. After a moment of nothingness, he coughs again, but louder this time. Johnny Styles slowly creeps around from behind the ajar door with a giant fake smile. Obvious nervousness grips his attitude as well. *

STYLES: "Heeeeeeey there camera guys. What can we do for you? Wildfire, did you tell them Kin is NOT home?"


STYLES: "And they're still here?"


STYLES: "Do you think they are going to want to sit here until Kin gets back?"

* Wildfire looks even more perplexed, and looks to Styles. *

WILDFIRE: "We didn't talk about this part of our scripted conversation, but I'll see if they want to stay."

* All the color drops from Styles' face, as Wildfire graciously invites the camera crew into Hiroshi's apartment, and the NFW employees shuffle into the abode slowly. Immediately, Styles races to a side door, and dives to shut it. A foot, from inside the other room, catches the door. Styles looks up from the ground, and quickly retreats to a fetal position as Kin Hiroshi steps over him. *

HIROSHI: "Sorry to bother you, Inspector Clouseau. I can see you're busy with business, but do you REALLY want me to attack you everytime you come home? I mean, I don't want to hurt you."

* Wildfire straightens up, and a whole new persona takes over him. *

WILDFIRE: "CATO! You shall do as I say! I am your master, and you shall obey. After all, I pay you for this."

HIROSHI: "Sure thing, Inspector."

* Hiroshi bows, and subserviantly retreats back into the ajoining room, closing the door behind him. Wildfire's attitude returns back to nervous apprehension, and Styles is quickly on his feet. *

STYLES: "Listen. Guys. We'd hate to have to kill you so you should just stop recording and give us those tapes."


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