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Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
** Johnny Rage marches into the two bedroom apartment like a man on a mission. His tag-team partner, Johnny Styles, is haphazardly sprawled on the couch with an XBox 360 controller in his hand. The smell of marijuana fills the room. Rage kicks at one of the couch legs... **

"WILDFIRE" JOHNNY RAGE: "Dude, Dove just called me. He's on our case for just sitting around again."

"MR. IRRESISTIBLE" JOHNNY STYLES: "Seriously? It was his idea for us to sign with NFW."

RAGE: "I know, right? What a d**k! We should really talk to Kin, though. It's his damn fault we have to work..."

STYLES: "Unnngh, don't use that word around me. You know it makes me feel like I'm going to puke."

RAGE: "My bad, bro. Anyways, you really should turn off the XBox, and come to the gym with me. With Kin out of town, we're going to have to train with each other."

STYLES: "Dude! I just got Bioshock, and I'm like an hour into it! You CAN'T just put it down. That's like loading a bowl, and not smoking it."

RAGE: "Wait. Are you high?"

STYLES: "Wildfire, do you remember grade school, when the teacher would say, 'Who has any questions,' and no one would raise their hands? Then the teacher would say, 'There's no such thing as a stupid question'? Well, what you just asked me, that was a stupid question."

RAGE: "True, true, but we need to workout. It's 'Curls For Girls' Friday! You need the workout too! The chicks ain't gonna dig ya with those twigs you got. You gotta get some meat on your arms, so the babies will cling to them."

STYLES: "Meathead."

RAGE: "Stoner."

STYLES: "You realize that I've gotten more ass than you in the past year, right?"

RAGE: "I will admit it, but I'll also remind you that just because a woman has a two legs, and a warm hole, doesn't mean you should put your d**k in her."

STYLES: "Since when do they have to have two legs for me to bone them?"

RAGE: "I think you need to get tested."

STYLES: "Did it yesterday. 'Penicillin For Pu**y' Thursday, remember?"

RAGE: "You're sick, man."

STYLES: "Like 1984 'sick', or AIDS in Africa 'sick'?"

RAGE: "A bit of both."

STYLES: *shrugging* "Meh, I can deal with it. Let's go workout, we got a match in Canadia we should be ready for."

RAGE: "You're an idiot, too, dude."

STYLES: *taking a hit on the Vaporizor* "Totally, bro."

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