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Twin Phoenix vs. Fatal Destiny


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Here we go again.

*Fade In...

*New York City...

*Madison Square Garden...

*Backstage during GXW's televised show, X-Perience...

(Cut to inside the locker room of now recently dethroned GXW Women's champion, Trynyty Wang. She just got into her dressing room following her match. We see that she is visibly upset. She leans on the vanity looking at herself in the mirror. Her reflection looking back at her. She seems to appear like she is thinking outloud as the camera moves into position. Let's listen in.)

Trynyty: "Well Miso, you finally got what you wanted. You have become a two time...two time GXW womens champion. You say that you will bring honor back to the division. Honestly, what will you do is any different than what I did? You didn't do anything for the division before you gave the title up to me at Genesis. The division was failing when you were champion. All the people thought of this division was 'what's underneath the hood?'. You call me a disgrace, and you have no room to talk."

(She turns around and looks directly into the camera while still leaning on the vanity table.)

Trynyty: "You parade around in spandex, mini skirts, bikini tops, and you say that I bring dishonor upon my family. Honestly how does your family even feel about giving birth to you? You the real liar. Not me. The only difference is that I can admit it when the truth comes my way. You are so blind of the truth because you are drowning in your lies. You are no better than me. You say that you will bring honor back to the women's division. You've only fast foward Zieba's decision to get rid of the division even more...unless if you offer youself up to Zieba, then and only then will this division be spared. Well don't do me know favors Miso."

(In an overwelming surge of controlled rage. Trynyty does a high kicking 180 degree roundhouse and smashes the large vanity mirror behind her. Glass falls all over the vanity table and to the ground. When it's all said and done, we see Trynyty still standing, with her leg fully extended, posted up against the wall where the mirror use to sit. Floods of emotion and rage fill her face. Finally after a few moments, she takes her leg down and turns back toward the camera.)

Trynyty: "You see Miso. I was ready to defend...win...and even lose my title like a champion. To go out with honor. If you had beat me fair and sqaure, that's one thing. However, you didn't do that. You had Fairhurst make her return and help you. Yeh Shen would of stayed out of the match. I know that and you knew that. That wasn't good enough for you was it. You had to have help to beat me. You couldn't do it all by yourself could you. Which makes you no better than me. I never thought I say this, but you're just like me. You're sick just like me. You are a dishonor and a disgrace...just like me. The only difference is you don't see that. I recognize my dishonor and disgrace, but you don't. You're just like me and you can't see it. So before you go on and on about how much I disgraced the GXW women's division...

(She picks up a large shard of glass and flashes it at the camera.)

Trynyty: "Take a real good look at yourself before you go talking about me. You'll find that you have no room to talk. No matter how big or how small a mirror is. It always shows one's reflection. How do you like being champion now? Was it really worth it Miso? Was it worth dishonoring and disgracing your own family name just to get even with me? Look at yourself in the mirror with your new women's title and answer that...if you can."

(Interupting Trynyty, there is a knock at the door. She walks over to answer it. It's her friend and tag team partner, Yeh Shen Li, who is still feeling the affects after being attacked by Fairhurst earlier tonight. Trynyty helps her over to the leather couch to sit down.)

Trynyty: "Yeh Shen, what happened?"

Yeh Shen: "I got attacked right before your match. I found out later who attacked me. It was Fairhurst. I guess it's back on. Not to mention we have a match for Fallout. And you know who it is."

(Trynyty gets some ice and puts it in a baggy and gives it to Yeh Shen for her to rest it on her head.)

Trynyty: "Let me guess, the return of Miso and Fairhurst as Fatal Destiny?"

Yeh Shen: "Yep. Listen. I know you want Miso. Well I want Fairhurst. You were right Trynyty, regardless of who won this match tonight. This thing between you and Miso would never be over."

Trynyty: "Yeah, I hate it when I'm right."

Yeh Shen: "You just remember that I want Fairhurst. You can have Miso all you want, but leave me big...dumb...and...dead."

Trynyty: "You got it. So I guess since Fatal Destiny is back together again. I take it that Twin Phoenix is back together again."

Yeh Shen: "Like when were we ever apart?"

Trynyty: "I don't know, it just seems like forever since we were together. Too long if you ask me."

Yeh Shen: "You don't know the half of it. Actually it was longer than forever, but then again it wasn't forever because it ended. We're back and Fatal Destiny is going down at Fallout."

Trynyty: "The Phoenix attacks at Fallout, and what happens after Fallout will not come between us regardless."

(Trynyty gives Yeh Shen a shoulder hugging embrace. After a moment, a knock is heard at the door. Trynyty walks over to answer it. She opens up to reveal a stagehand holding two dozon roses with a card hidden inside. He gives the roses to Trynyty and then leaves. Trynyty sniffs the roses and then takes the card to look who their from.)

Yeh Shen: "Let me guess...from Zell?"

Trynyty: "Yeah. He heard what happened to you and me tonight, so he ordered two dozons roses to give to me. He said that they are the only thing he can do...for now."

Yeh Shen: "Oh great, well don't let Zell cloud your judgment at Fallout. Zell isn't fighting Fairhurst and Miso. We are. Remember that."

Trynyty: "I haven't forgot. He's just showing his support and worry for me."

Yeh Shen: "Right."

(Yeh Shen sits on the couch with the ice pack on her head while Trynyty ponders over the roses as the camera fades to black.)


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