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UCW presents Against All Odds!


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
UCW is two shows away from having its Pay-Per-View, Against All Odds.

The main event of the show will be an every man for himself battle royal. The winner of the match receives a shot at the UCW Champion at UCW's next Pay-Per-View.

The rules are simple. Two men start the match. A new wrestler is introduced every two minutes. The only way to be eliminated is by being thrown over the top rope and touching the floor with both feet. The winner is the last one left standing inside the ring.

Anyone from any fed is eligible and more than welcome to join, as I'm looking for a number of around thirty, ideally. If you are interested, please PM me, send me an IM, or email ucwfrontoffice@hotmail.com

I am asking everyone to at least be introduced prior to the battle royal so we don't have any one-and-done stints. Three of the competitors were "sort-of" debuted on the last Revolution, and we still have more to go. Please get to me ASAP if you are interested.


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