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"Ultimate" fwrestling


Jan 1, 1970
*topic idea stolen from The Ryan at PTC*

In the comic book industry, I'll use Marvel Comics as an example, they have the concrete storylines that we've all grown fond of:

Spiderman's nemesis, Venom, is an alien symbiote brought back from space that attaches itself to a host. Things get nasty.

However, Marvel introduced the "ULTIMATE" line of comics...which was basically 'starting from scratch' with the established characters, dropping the useless stuff and re-tooling the stuff that worked to modernize it all:

Spiderman's nemesis, Venom, is a protoplasmic suit created by Peter Parker's father to help cure cancer. It's nasty and doesn't cure cancer.

So basically, apply this "ULTIMATE" universe to ewrestling.

1) If you could take a current established character, and retool him slightly, would you? Who?

2) If you could take your own character and basically "dust him off" (rework character history), what would you do?

3) Expand on the topic as you like. :)


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Jun 18, 2004
1) John Doe... I would probably take him off the course he's on in NEW with DREDD and everything and take him back to the roots of his character... someone with amnesia who doesn't know outside of being a professional wrestler.

2) I actually have sort of retooled Suleimon, because if you read his first bios from A1E and the current backstory I have for him now in AWC/ACW, it's a little different. But that wasn't the question ;) I really wouldn't change any one of my characters as it stands right now, so I guess I'm dodging this one :)

Here's one for you that I won't answer now because I have TONS of e-fed related stuff to catch up on today but might later:

3) What feud would you go back and retool?

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