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Unified World Title History


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Jan 1, 2000
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This may or may not be correct. But, while getting title history information together thought i'd post this.

Katz, you'll hafta tell us if Randalls lost the belt any past then or just retired it.

1) Hornet def. Joey Melton in the finals of the Ironman of Champions
tournament - Reign: 10/24/93 - 6/94

2) "The Living Legend" Mark Windham def. Mike Roiter in the finals of a
16 man tournament - Reign: 9/5/94-9/24/94

3) Hornet (2) def. Mark Windham in Best 2 out of 3 falls match at Elvis
Lives VIII - Reign: 9/24/94 - 3/20/95

4) Mike Randalls def. Horney in an Electrified Cage match at Winter's
Warriors V - Reign: 3/20/95 - 5/13/95 Not exactly. Actually Randalls won the return match.

5) JT Tyler def. Mike Randalls at Battle of the Belts XI - Reign:
5/13/95 - 7/95

6) Tsunami def. JT Tyler on the Consummate Tour - Reign: Two weeks

7) Alexandr Karelin def. GUNS in the finals of the Ironman of Champions
tournament - Reign: 7/95 - 8/95

8) Steven Flair def. Alexandr Karelin - Reign: 8/95 - 10/95

9) Hornet (3) def. Steven Flair in a grudge match - Reign: 10/95 - 1/96

10) Title is vacated by order of the Unified Championship Committee -

11) ULTRATITLE tournament is held, and "Golden Boy" Paul Pierce is
declared both ULTRATITLE and Unified Champion - Reign: 3/96 - 7/20/96

12) Pierce retires the Unified Title and go back to his roots as
Winter's Warriors VI. Then, two months later, the UCC decides to put title on
line at Ironman of Champions. - 7/20/96 & 9/96

13) Mike Randalls (2) def. everyone else in the Ironman of Champions
tournament. - Reign: 1/21/97 - ???
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