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Upset No More


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Apr 16, 2004
(Fade in to the parking area of America's Center. A door flies open and we see Tom Adler, Raw Deal and Nathan Storm carrying their gear toward their cars. Adler hits a button on his keyring and the trunk of a black '65 Mustang convertible pops up after a couple of quick chirps. Adler and Storm toss their gear in the trunk as Raw Deal waits by their rental car)

WJM: How the f<bleep> is it that you get a ride like that to drive and we get stuck with this piece of s<bleep>t rental? (Adler just grins)

(Adler goes to slide into the car as the door to the garage flies open again. Adler, with one foot still on the pavement sees Sammy Benson carrying a small duffle bag toward his car and quickly gets an irritated look on his face. Adler jumps out of the car...)

WJM: Here we go...

RJM: Hey champ, let it go, it's not worth it.

TA: Mind your business.

(Adler power walks over toward Benson, still unaware Adler is coming up behind him. Just as Benson sticks the key in the door lock, Adler shoves him from behind into the door of the car)

SB: What the f....

(Adler spins Benson around, grabs him by his jacket and shoves him up against the car)

TA: What's this I hear you called my win out there tonight... an.... UPSET?!?!

SB: Well.. I.. uh...

TA: You know... you and Buckley sit out there, making your smart a<bleep> remarks. Well, ya know what? I'm tired of it.

SB: I'm an announcer, you're not supposed to be...

TA: Shut up (shoving him up against the car again)

(Raw Deal comes up behind Adler and grabs his shoulder)

RJM: Let it go, save it for Anniversary.

TA: (looking over his shoulder) Unless you wanna be next, get the f<bleep> outta my face.

WJM: (grabbing his brother by the arm) Let him go, it's about time he woke up.

TA: For a God Damn year I've been wrestling here. And for a year, I've sat back and bit my tongue while you and Buckley kissed the ass of whatever flavor of the week they decided to push to a World Title around here. While I get stuck in tag team matches with a has been who's best days are when his prozac runs out. Well, maybe that's my fault, maybe not. But, when I gotta watch tape of you telling somebody that me beating ANYBODY is an upset... it ends now. Eleven God Damn times, I've been proven the best. ELEVEN TIMES! And I gotta stand here and listen to you talk about an upset. Well, since you like to talk, I've got a little message for ya. And I expect you to hand deliver it to everybody in that match. And you can go tell Merritt while you're at it. I didn't come back here to be fodder for whatever grunt that needs pushed. I came back here for one reason... and one reason only. The Heavyweight Championship of the World. I am tired of sitting on the back burner. And it ends now. That title shot belongs to me. And I don't care if I gotta break five other legs to get it. Now, get the hell outta here while I'm still in a decent mood. (Adler shoves Benson against the door one last time and walks away as Benson tries to gather himself and look brave as Adler's back is to him.

Adler gets into his car and drives off as the camera fades to black)

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