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UWF Wrestling Federation is looking for more members


League Member
Feb 16, 2018
UWF is a wrestling promotion that has a history that goes back longer more than 5 years. We recently had a change in management and have had a reboot and things are going quite well. It is WrestleMania Season and we are looking for more members to help fill out the roster. There are 3 main titles that you can acquire. The UWF Championship, Intercontinental Championship and the Television Championship. We do things with a back and forth trash talking style that simulates that match promoting of actual wrestlers to hype up the match. The best trash talker wins and earns title shots. You can be any wrestler, dead or alive, retired or current. Any company as well, WWF, WWE, TNA, WCE, ECW, New Japan and etc. Our shows are weekly and we have a pay per view event every year. You have complete control of your character. If you think you may be interested, take a look at the page and join us. We are always looking to expand.


lots of big names are still available

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