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VENUS: Application!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
REAL NAME: (If different from ring name.)
ALIGNMENT: (Face, Heel or Tweener)
APPEARANCE: (Be descriptive as possible.)
PERSONALITY: (Once again, be descriptive!)
RING ENTRANCE: (How your wrestler enters the ring. Be creative.)
TITLE HISTORY: (Any titles your wrestler has won.)
WRESTLING STYLE: (i.e. Technical, Aerial, Brawler, combination)

MOVES: Required to submit, at minimal, 10.

SAMPLE ROLEPLAY: (Provide an adequate length RP so we can judge whether or not you're character will be accepted. This is one of the most important parts of the application)


WILL THE MANAGER INTERFERE?: (If yes, then how?)


TAG-TEAM MOVES: (Choose at least 3, but no more than 6, moves that the wrestlers do as a double team move.)


(Just some basic information about yourself. Please submit an AIM SN, and if you don't have that either a Yahoo or MSN contact. If you do not submit an e-mail address you will NOT be accepted into VENUS. AIM / Yahoo! / MSN screennames are highly recommended for fast response.)

AOL IM SN: (Required)
YAHOO SN: (Required if you don't have AIM. Please indicate that this is a Yahoo SN.)
MSN IDENTITY: (Required if you don't have AIM or Yahoo. Please indicate that this is a MSN identity.)



Candace Okimura
REAL NAME: (If different from ring name.)
AGE / DOB: 24
HEIGHT: 5 foot 4
WEIGHT: 112 lbs
ALIGNMENT: (Face, Heel or Tweener) baby face
APPEARANCE: (Be descriptive as possible.)

Candace is a very attractive, young Japanese woman. She wears her hair in a pony tail, and her in ring attire consists of a white “Dominant female” tanktop over a red leotard. Candace generally wrestlers barefoot. Outside of the ring she generally wears the same “Dominant female” tanktop, and a short black leather mini-skirt and black pumps.
PERSONALITY: (Once again, be descriptive!)

Candace is very soft spoken and subdued. She is always polite and treats fans very nicely.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Born in Okinawa Japan to parents of divergent life styles. Her mother was a Joshi wrestler, her father a Yakuza assassin. One night her father attempted to molest Candace, and the 9 year old girl found a knife and drove it into his heart. Her mother told the police it was she who killed her husband, and was sentences to life in the Nahal penal colony. Candace was raised with relatives before finally becoming a Joshi wrestler in her own right.
HOMETOWN: Okinawa Japan
ENTRANCE MUSIC: David Bowies “China Girl”
RING ENTRANCE: (How your wrestler enters the ring. Be creative.)
TITLE HISTORY: (Any titles your wrestler has won.)

IWA Womans championship, IWA Tag team championships (With Devil Matsumoto x 2), DWF Tag team titles(Witrh Devil), DWA Tag team titles (With Devil), 3WL Tag team titles (With Devil)
WRESTLING STYLE: (i.e. Technical, Aerial, Brawler, combination)high flying Joshi wrestler

MOVES: Required to submit, at minimal, 10.
SETUP MANEUVER: Spinning neck breaker
PRIMARY FINISHER: (Name) Buzzsaw kick
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: (Description) Candace will usually connect with a running spinning neck breaker, sending her opponent hard to the mat. As the dazed wrestler struggles to her feet Candace measures her, then hits a Buzz saw kick, then goes for the pin. Despite her small size Candace has a powerful kick that will usually put down anyone for the three count.

SAMPLE ROLEPLAY: (Provide an adequate length RP so we can judge whether or not you're character will be accepted. This is one of the most important parts of the application)

“Are you sure?”

A look of concern, one that has rarely been seen by Candace, is evident on the Devils face. Matsumoto has been unusually quiet the past few days…not offering much insight on her mind set as she traveled half way around the world to Tokyo. The flight was long and incredibly boring, yet the enigmatic one was more silent than Candace had been her in a long time. She merely sat at her normal window seat, a set of earphone blocking out the world as she listened to her cds for hours on end. Candace was not sure exactly what was troubling the Devil, but she was well enough aware that something was indeed wrong.

A polite smile slowly stretched across Candace’s face, as she raised an eye brow while looking up at Matsumoto. The Asian beauty remained stoic; not allowing a trace of a smirk to crease her crimson red lips.

Yumica is right…dealing with Yakuza not to be taken lightly…

Candace nodded in silence, acknowledging the Devils concerns while not necessarily agreeing with them. The Asian beauty was very well aware of what she was getting herself into. Candace’s father had been a ruthless Yakuza assassin. He made his living slitting throats for cash as hired muscle for the Japanese mob. It was her own father that broke all the rules of traditional Japanese culture and trained Candace in the lethal art of Japanese “street Karate”. Had Serghi Okimura not died, Candace might have gone onto become the most lethal woman in all of Japan. However fate…manifested in a rusty 6-inch spike and a terrified young girl…bought a premature end to the assassins life. Yet even under such terrifying conditions, Candace learned two brutal lessons. She could kill, and if absolutely necessary she could do it to even the most beloved of victims; her own father.

This is right decision….

Candace maintained her stare on the Devil, who looked on in silence. A moment passed, and then Matsumoto turned her attention to the restaurants menu.

I need Saki…

{27 October 2006
Dr. Saito’s office
Downtown Tokyo}


Candace could hear her own heart beating, as she waiting patiently in the top floor office of Ritsuki Saito. She has heard many stories about the legendary Yakuza boss, but it had been years since she last laid eyes on the man who gave her nightmares as a child. She had met Saito on several occasions; he often gave her candy in this same office when her father would stop by for meetings with his employer. Saito was a pleasant man, but frighteningly large to the tiny Japanese girl. Candace was always terrified that Saito would discover that her father was secretly training her to follow in his footsteps. If he knew she was learning the forbidden secrets of lethal Japanese street Karate, she feared he would have her killed. In Japan training a woman in this style of fighting was strictly forbidden. However it appeared Saito never discovered this dark secret…as he most assuredly had never discovered that it was Candace who actually killed her father. If he did know this detail, then neither Candace or Devil would leave this meeting alive.

Candace’s ears peaked as she heard the heavy footsteps coming from down the hall. She swallowed hard as she flashed a quick glance at the Devil, who sat silently beside her on the same wicker couch Candace played on as a child. The Joshi Dragon slowly allowed her eyes to peer at the doorway, as an old, hunched man slowly walked into the room. The man, unrecognizable to Candace, was accompanied by three other men as they took their place at the long, rectangular table in Saito’s office. The old man slowly glanced up at Candace, offering a wide grin as he widened his eyes to behold the young woman in his presence.

Yoshi hirusugi…(Good afternoon)

Candace slowly dropped her head in a polite bow, as the old man nodded in acknowledgement of his guests.

You have come a long way…I trust you’re trip went well…

Candace smiled politely, once again nodding silently as Saito slowly got off his chair and approached the Asian beauty.

It has been many years since I have seen you last…it is good to see such a pretty young woman you have become…

Candace smiled politely at the old man, who busied himself with a loose string on the Venetian blind. The blind, one that covered the window in his office, was obviously in place to shield the outside world from the numerous incandenscent meetings that had taken place in Saitos private quarters for many years. In silence; Candace wondered how many people had their throats slit behind that very blind.

I understand that you have some enemies in the United States...?

Once again the room fell quiet, as Candace slowly nodded in agreement. Saito stepped back from the window, slowly turning his attention back to the Asian beauty, as a smile creased his well wrinkled face.

Your father was good man…very good friend of mine…

Once again Candace swallowed hard.

If he only knew…

Saito widened his smile, revealing a large gap where two teeth once rested in his mouth.

Your father was one of my best men…and close personal friend to me…If his daughter have enemies in United States…than I have enemies in United States…

Saito looked at the three men standing in the back on the office, two burley Japanese men with numerous tatoo’s running up their arms, and another man…a gaunt, younger man with bright orange hair and a black suit…who stood at attention the moment Saito turned his stare in their direction.

Chihaya, Tadashi, Fox…

Candace glanced up at the three men, who locked their eyes on Mr. Saito as he looked on his silent judgement.

These men will travel with you to United States…they will remain at you’re service until your enemies are no longer a problem…

Candace smiled in silent appreciation, slowly rising from her seat as she bowed respectfully to her host.

With these men on your side I trust your enemies will quickly disappear…

Slowly a smile creased the old mans face as he again began to meddle with the loose string on the Venetian blind.

One way…or another…


SEX: Male
AGE: 45 years old
APPEARANCE: Short, lightly build old guy with black hair and a tailor made suit.
PERSONALITY: Heelish smartass. Tends to drink too much SMirnoffs.
WILL THE MANAGER INTERFERE?: (If yes, then how?) No…Candace never cheats.


TAG-TEAM NAME: Asian Invasion
WRESTLERS INVOLVED: Candace and Devil Matsumoto
TAG-TEAM MOVES: (Choose at least 3, but no more than 6, moves that the wrestlers do as a double team move.) Double head butt, Double Russian leg sweep, Double suplex

TAG FINISHER: (Name) “Tokyo’s burning”
TAG FINISHER DESCRIPTION: (Description) , Devil drops her opponent to the mat in an electric chair drop. She then tags in Candace, who leaps off the top rope with a moonsault then goes for the pin.


(Just some basic information about yourself. Please submit an AIM SN, and if you don't have that either a Yahoo or MSN contact. If you do not submit an e-mail address you will NOT be accepted into VENUS. AIM / Yahoo! / MSN screennames are highly recommended for fast response.)

NAME: Frisco
EMAIL ADDRESS: Gamingthreat@comcast.net
AOL IM SN: (Required)none
YAHOO SN: (Required if you don't have AIM. Please indicate that this is a Yahoo SN.)none
MSN IDENTITY: (Required if you don't have AIM or Yahoo. Please indicate that this is a MSN identity.)my MSN messenger address is:



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Nakita Dahaka VENUS Application/profile


RING NAME: "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka

REAL NAME: Nakita Leanne DuBov

AGE / DOB: 32 / 10-30-1974


WEIGHT: 185 lbs.


APPEARANCE: Nakita Dahaka is tall and muscular built with a very nice
trim and lean natural physique for a woman. Although Nakita does have a certain beauty about her, but doesn't make her look "manish" or not feminine. She doesn't look like the type of girl that would "fail a drug test". She has fair white skin, green eyes, and long fiery red hair (usually pulled back in a ponytail
during matches)

Her in-ring attire consists of the following: black with blood red trim spandex shorts,
a black sports bra, black elbow pads, black knee pads, black fingerless padded
gloves, white tape around her wrists, black wrestling boots that go up to
the bottom of her kneepads.

She usually wears a black long leather trenchcoat w/ hood, and a gold chain
around her neck that has a cross like Onyx on it. (but she usually takes
those off before the start of her match)

PERSONALITY: She is a bit of an enigma. She is dark, gothic, and one scary ass b**** to say the least. That's at first glance. She maybe strong for a girl, but she is fast, has quite a bit of in-ring experience, and knows her way around the ring. She has great in-ring awareness around the ring, and most of all she is methodical and even patient with her attacks. She is cold-hearted and sick that could send chills down a person's spine. She knows how to plan mindgames and tricks with her oponants. She is smart as well as big and fast. Very multi-faceted. She believes that she is the incarnation of a ancient Persian Demon/Devil named Dahaka. So she is rather psychotic to say the least...well maybe sociopathic anyway.

BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Nakita got her start as she was discovered by the staff of New Frontier Wrestling (NFW) during their infancy as she wrestled under her real name
Nakita DuBov (The Fem Phenom) at that time she and NFW was trying to
duplicate the rising success of the WCW's rise of one Bill Goldberg. Trying
to make her as "the female Goldberg" (so to speak) All though she had
success and displayed great in-ring ability, she was at the time under
intense scrutiny from fellow (MALE) ring workers who were apprehensive or
accepting of working with a female professional wrestler. Just when it
appeared that Nakita's career was about to take off, her contract with NFW
had foolishly expired. NFW was willing to work with her and re-sign Nakita
to a new contract; however, Nakita felt that she was worth MORE than they
wanted to give. She held out and NFW made the decision to terminate any
further negotiations with Nakita thus releasing her from her contract. It
was also said that Nakita (just like Bill Goldberg) had actually developed
quite the ego, and felt that she was better than everybody else. Her
manager and friend in NFW, Kevin LeBrock, had even refused to work with
Nakita any further due to her over-inflated ego. She was pushed into
becoming the next Goldberg, and low and behold she became Goldberg (Is that

Upon her dismissal from NFW, she actually got signed on TNA and joined their
farm club affiliate developemental territory until she learned the
adjustments of the six-sided ring, but again Nakita's ego and thinking that
the other talents were beneath her took over. After "no-showing" at a live
event, TNA finally became fed up and released her from her contract. Trying
to follow suit after the whole Sean Waltman and Jeff Hardy no show fiascos
trying to show the other members in the TNA locker room that we really do
mean business.

Nakita floated from one wrestling territory to another trying desparately to
make ends meat and stay ahead of the game. After two failed runs in two
major federations, she realized that something had to change and it had to
be her. So she finally grew up and matured dropping her ego. While on a
house show tour, she met up with a woman manager who was not only beautiful,
but also incredibly smart and very charismatic able to to work the mic
better than anybody. This woman aptly named Delilah Demonik, who is a
little bit older and wiser than Nakita and had been in the business longer
than Nakita. Delilah agreed to take Nakita under her wing feeling that with
Nakita's strength and innovative in-ring ability along with her brains that
they couldn't lose. It was Delilah that re-named and gave her new name
calling her "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka.

During a recent house show, a road agent for MCW was in attendance and saw
the chemistry and in-ring ability of Delilah and Nakita. He felt that they
had that tangible charisma or the "IT" factor that has been long gone since
the days of Jake "The Snake" Roberts' glory days. The road agent called up
the MCW headquarters and informed them of what he discovered. The MCW
agreed to give Nakita and Delilah a tryout run and see how they fit in the

Shortly after Nakita signed with the MCW and was coming into her own. In a
shocking bit of news, the MCW announced that it would be merging with the
UCW. So now Nakita is beginning a new chapter in sports entertainment as
her brief time the MCW comes to a close and a new chapter begins with the

HOMETOWN: Phoenix, Arizona

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Gently" by Slipknot


1) The lights go completely out. Only to be replaced with red lighting
illuminating the arena, and blacklights all over the stage and entrance.

2) Music que up: the beginning intro rifts and beats of "Gently" by
Slipknot. The video screen ques up a nicely prepared video montage of
Nakita Dahaka executing numerous high flying innovative moves on several
known and unknown oponants that flow in sync with the intro and song.

3) A thick cold fog rolls into the arena from the stage and down the ramp.
A lone spotlight hovers directly over one single spot on the stage floor. A
ring of fire surrounds the trapdoor (ala The Brood)

4) The trapdoor opens and raises up onto the stage Nakita Dahaka along side
her manager Delilah Demonik. Nakita cracks her knuckles as she mentally
prepares to walk down the ramp toward the ring keeping full focus on the
tasks at hand. The lone spotlight dangles directly over her head and
follows her wherever she goes.

5) Nakita and Delilah leave the stage and walk down the aisle toward the
ring ignoring the whatever cheers and jeers coming from the arena crowd.

6) Nakita arrives at ringside, walks up the ringsteps, across the ring
apron, then steps between the ropes into the ring.

7) Nakita takes a knee in the center of the ring. The spotlight hovers
directly over her head coming to a complete stop. Delilah slides off
Nakita's leather trenchcoat and exits the ring to coach her pupil on from
ringside. The main arena lights come back on as her theme song fades out.

TITLE HISTORY: (Any titles your wrestler has won.)

WRESTLING STYLE: Innovative high flyer/submissionist

(Real-life comparison to help relate and compare to Nakita)

She is physically built like: Chyna and/or Linda Myles
In-ring ability compared to: Christopher Daniels
Able to Sell moves and execute like: Shawn Michaels
Takes punishment compared to that of: Mick Foley (She doesn't do the
Goldberg/Taker no-sell crap. She has Intestinal FOLEYtude...get it? Hehehe!)
Charisma like: Jake "The Snake" Roberts


1) Hurricanranas
2) Suicide plancha dives out of the ring
3) DDTs
4) Neckbreakers
5) Dropkicks
6) Superkicks
7) Spears
8) Moonsaults
9) Running knee lifts
10) Shining wizors
11) Bulldogs
12) Enziguris
13) Knife-edged chops
14) European Uppercuts
15) Spinning Wheel kicks
16) Fameassers
17) Flatliner/downword spirals
18) Russian leg sweeps
19) Clotheslines
20) Backcrackers

SETUP MANEUVER: "Running Gun" (Description: A POUNCE, or a high impacting jumping spear/gore.)


Description of trademark move(s): An Undertaker Old school style walk on
the ropes into any of the following...

tornado DDT
diamond dust
or Diamondcutter

(*Note: Again it varies pending on the situation)


FINISHER DESCRIPTION: A springboard/flipping Sliced Bread #2 into a Standing Dragon Sleeper

While the oponant is standing and groggy,
Nakita grabs their head, runs to the nearest turnbuckle or ropes
(preferrably turnbuckle) while holding their head in her arm, she runs up
the turnbuckle like stairs to the top rope, flips backwards in a 180 degrees
until she ends up right behind them with their head locked underneath her

(Taking a page out of Kurt Angle's playbook when he hits the Anklelock) If
it appears that her oponant could reach for the ropes or even break the hold
all together. While still holding the dragon sleeper, all Nakita has to do
is fall backwards on her backside, wrap her legs around her oponant's waist
with her legs and squeeze until their either passout or tapout.)


(The scene opens in front of a MCW backdrop with the logo plastered colorfully all over the front of it. Standing in front of it is Delilah Demonik, wearing a sensual red, shiney, glimmering evening gown hugging each and everyone one of her sexy curves tightly. Her long jet black hair flows elegantly down passed the middle of her back and her beautiful blue eyes stare back into the camera.)

(Right next to Delilah, towering slightly behind and to the side but still close within shot of the camera is her associate, "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka. Nakita is wearing, tight black leather pants, black steel-toed boots, a black opened long trenchcoat, and black Al Capone mobster style leather hat. Underneath the overcoat is a plain white tight ladies t-shirt with the following written in red magic marker [One is scribbled out intentially and THE is written largely above it] "THE Bad-Ass B*tch!!" Nakita's long firey-red hair flows down freely past the middle of her back. Her green eyes peice into the camera like metaphorical razorblades.)

Delilah Demonik: Remember this Karla? We thought that this would be appropriate to make things come full circle. When it doubt return to the beginning of where it all began, confronting the present, before proceeding into the future.

(Delilah gestures as she opens up Nakita's coat more openly so that the camera can take a most clearer and closer look of the shirt that she is wearing and the makeshift written slogan marked on it.)

Delilah: These were almost the very same words that were plastered all over your silicone breasted...surgerically augmented...piggies underneath the blanket shirt that said 'One Bad-Ass B*tch!!" Do you remember? It was the first impression that spanned our very heated trash talking affair last week leading up to your match with the Dark Phenom this past week. Do you still remember? We do. We never forget. Its funny though, after fighting you...the self-proclaimed LONGEST REIGNING WOMENS CHAMPION. You sure as hell didn't look very BAD-ASS before, during, or even after the match. Thus the reason why Nakita and myself have taken the liberty of claiming a peice of your spirit to our collection. A single peice of your identity. Of course we kind of modified it accordingly just to show that she's not just ONE Bad-Ass B*tch, but she's THE Bad-Ass B*tch! You follow me.

For someone that is a giant bad ass of a womens champion in NEW ERA as you so diverted to time and again during our little babblefest. You really didn't look like much. You sure as hell didn't look like that you could defeat the demon incarnation of...



and FATE...

All that you did was just show that your only a survivor. You survived Nakita Dahaka, but you didn't beat her. Lets talk about how you survived Nakita Dahaka shall we.

You brought down "The Phenomenal" Frankie Scott down to ringside with you. What? All of a sudden you felt that you couldn't defeat her by youself? Oh I suppose that you call it EVENING THE ODDS or BEING CLEVER. Maybe it was your attempt at mindgames or using some sort of championship poll or cashing on on some backstage favor with Frankie in order to convince him to help you. Or maybe you just reminded him of his hated enemy that you were facing and you didn't trust fighting Nakita and losing your soul. You didn't trust yourself. You lacked faith in your own abilities in order to get the job done so you brought Frankie down to the ring with you.

And what pray tell were you evening the odds for? ME? I'm just a manager. I'm a mere valet. Did you honestly fear Nakita because of me in her corner? As if she needed my help and for the most part if you watch the match...which I am sure you will. You will see that Nakita didn't need me. She was defeating you all by herself. I didn't get involved until AFTER Frankie Scott did when he knew that you were going to lose to The Dark Phenom. He saved you from your FATE. It is for that you should be giving your undying graditude to him for helping you. You know coming through with some oral favors of some kind. You figure it out. Lets just say that there the type of favors that only Triple-X movies talk about.

Then you had the referee save you as he counted us both out of the match. It was all a matter in the name of convenience. Too convenient if you ask me.

Then you and Frankie Scott decided that the two of you united together could actually take the Dark Phenom out in the center of the ring.

But then where was The Phenomenal One when you were beaten down backstage as the hellhound hunted you down and beat you down?

But then the MCW Security were the ones that saved you. Again, it was all a matter of convenience for you, but in the end nobody escapes their FATE. No one escapes Nakita Dahaka.

Now Nakita Dahaka is ready to set foot in the ring in this BATTLE ROYALE in order to fill the vacated roll and become MCW Heavyweight Champion. If you want to continue and finish off what you started with our war of words and unfinished battle before you ran in the name of convenience. Then by all means Karla, step into the ring of the battle royale and lets finish what we started.

Although Nakita Dahaka doesn't need a title championship belt in order to show her worth or raise her stock in professional wrestling. Still she won't deny it. It'll just be icying on the cake. The real goal is collecting as many trophies and souls as she can along the way. Make no mistake about it Karla Starr, Nakita always finishes what she starts, and she will bounce back and take what she aims. She will have your soul on a plate, and no trash talking...arched rivals...referees...or backstage security will ever be enough to save you from the fate that has long hounded you.

Oh and feel free to bring in your Angel on your Shoulder, Frankie Scott along for the ride. It'll make Nakita's conquest all the more sweeter. Two souls for the price of one match and one championship.

So Karla, I ask, how is your head? Are you still able to fight Nakita after she nailed you with a steel chair and then jumped you backstage after the match? Will you be there in the Battle Royale ready to fight The Dark Phenom one more time for the MCW's richest prize in the company? Meet her in the ring and let's find out shall we?

Nakita, do you have anything to add?

(Nakita Dahaka looks up into the camera, cocking her head slightly to the side and letting out a calm inhale through her nose and exhaling out of her mouth. She emotes a gleeming sadistic smile.)

Nakita Dahaka: As a matter of fact Delilah I do. But as much as I want to speak about Karla Starr and Frankie Scott. I think that I will let it end with you Delilah. You pretty much covered everything that I wanted to say. There is nothing else that needs to be said on my end. If Karla or Frankie want to fight me and continue or finish our war with one another. They know how and where to find me.

Actually I have another order of business to tend to, and this goes out to my F.A.T.E. running buddy Rob Frankie and his manager Pieske. I have had lots to think abuot since your recent failures over the past few weeks. I have something for you Rob Franklin. I want to publically invite you and encourage you to take part in this MCW Heavyweight Battle Royale. Not only would you Rob Franklin, The Epitomy of Defiance, the self-proclaimed FTO Champion would have a true opportunity at becoming the next MCW Heavyweight Champion, but also I want to up the ante...just between us colleagues.

(Nakita Dahaka reaches into her trenchcoat and pulls out a peice of paper unfolding it then holding it up in front of the camera.)

Nakita: Do you remember this? Its the contract that you and I were bound to at the MCW Finale pay-per-view. You know, the LOSER BECOMES MY SOLDIER stipulation. The match in which you lost and became my foot soldier. It is by that we became The Fallen Angels that Terriorize Earth. We became F.A.T.E. We are F.A.T.E. However, I know that you hate being under the services of a woman. Nevermind the fact that she is the one that has had your number time and again and nevermind the fact that she is The Harbenger of Fate. Still you are contractually bound to her.

I have thought long and hard on this, and this is the perfect time to do this. I'm giving you...ROB FRANKLIN a chance to redeem and regain some of your lost dignity. I know that I have kind of made you my B*tch, but I am willing to change all that. Here is what I am proposing to you personally Rob Franklin.

If you enter into the Battle Royale for the MCW Heavyweight title. It means that we will once again be enemies vying for control of the richest prize in the company. However, I have something for you that is much greater. If you...yes you can successfully eliminate me from the Battle Royale. I will take this contract and I will burn it on the spot relieving and freeing you of your obligation to me. You will no longer be be bound to me or F.A.T.E. ever again. BUT It must be you that eliminates me. If I eliminate you or someone else eliminates me...FOR SOME REASON, then it doesn't count. Only by your hands that you must eliminate The Dark Phenom from the Battle Royale.

However, since I am the Mother of Mendacity, and The Demon of Deceit, do you really think that I am telling the truth or if I am lying to you? I guess you'll have to trust me won't you? But I do give you my word and I stake my life and my blood and my soul on it that if you happen to eliminate me from the battle royale I will burn this contract and relinquish you from your obligation to me. You will be free.

But mark my words, if you happen to agree to this stipulation by me and thus eliminating me from the Royale. Here this now. You maybe free, but I will hunt you down the same as I do Karla Starr and Frankie Scott. I feast on your flesh and drink your blood. I will collect your soul as a trophy when it is all said and done. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Do you know what is at stake? And on that note I end with the usual, the following words that always ring true in the end...

So it is said...

Let it be known...

So it shall and WILL come to pass...

Let it be written saturated and drenched in all of your blood...

Another chapter according to MY GOSPEL...

(The scene slowly fades out.)



MANAGER's NAME: Delilah Demonik

SEX: Female

AGE: 33

APPEARANCE: Delilah is beautiful. She has fair white skin, long
wavey jet black hair with red highlighted hair, blue eyes, She often wears
seductive red evening gowns or other forms of scantily clad outfits that
flaunts her curvy body.

Think of her as a female version of James Mitchell (Sinister Minister in
ECW), but looks alot like Monica Bellucci (from The Matrix Trilogy and The
Passion Of The Christ)

PERSONALITY: She is sultry and seductive, but don't let her good looks
fool you. She in very wise and intelligent. She knows wrestling and how to
work the mic. Most of all she knows how to cheat and throw a few punches of
her own if need be for whatever reason as the situation calls for it.

Normally she will not interfere during Nakita's matches (at first) but if
she feels that she must get involved she will help from seducing the
oponant, to giving Nakita a weapon to use or distracting the ref. For the
most part she will play the wild card only if there is no other way but
mainly she will coach Nakita from the side and allow her to fight her own


By any means neccessary from getting a weapon for Nakita to use or using her sex appeal to seduce either the ref or the wrestler to even blatantly getting involved. She won't do it right away as she will let Nakita do what she can to decimate her oponant(s) but if she feels that Nakita is in trouble, she will assist in any way that she can.



NAME: Patrick M. Shutt

EMAIL ADDRESS: pshutt@hotmail.com


YAHOO SN: pshutt2

MSN IDENTITY: Eph'Pha'Tha Industries Inc. (TM)

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