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VENUS: Frequently Asked Questions!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
** What is VENUS?
- VENUS Wrestling Alliance is an all-female wrestling promotion. This means only female characters are allowed.

** How many titles are there?
- There will be three major titles. The World Heavyweight Championship, the North American Championship, and the World Tag Team Championship.

** How did you come about?
- VENUS Wrestling Alliance first began as the women's division in New ERA of Wrestling. After about two years it was decided that the division would separate itself to become its own promotion. The idea is to create, promote, facilitate women's wrestling in the FW world.

** Is that why Karla Starr is listed as the first World Heavyweight champion straight off the bat?
- Yes. Karla Starr was the last New ERA Women's Champion. When former New ERA VP Juliet Marceau decided to confiscate the RAPTURE program and the women's division to create VENUS, she instituted Starr as the first VENUS World Heavyweight champion!

** If RAPTURE was brought over .. where did it go?
- As part of the process, VENUS changed the name of the RAPTURE prgram to "B1TCHIN'."

** How does B1TCHIN' work as a television show?
- B1TCHIN', like the show it came from, is done in a shortform fashion, however the main event and any other matches which would be considered detrimental to feuds, will be written in long form. This is to cut down on any lag time that may happen.

** What about PPVs?
- Pay per views will be written in full form. And will occur after every five B1TCHIN's.

** How often will shows be?
- Our goal with the shortform shows will be that we have at least one show every two weeks.

** Since VENUS is a roleplay-promotion, and since B1TCHIN' is shortformed, will there be any RP limits?
- We haven't decided yet. There may be a 3 RP per participant limit to begin with for B1TCHIN' .. Since PPVs will be written in longform, there will be no RP limits placed on those shows.

** Where are your forums hosted?
- Our forums are hosted on FWCentral which can be located at http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc ..


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