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VENUS: Rules!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
1. There are no RP limits. RP counts as quality, not quantity. We have faith that the quality will not be decreased just because there isn't a cap.

2. Don't complain about losing. Roleplay, and to a much less degree, angles, factor into the decision process, and that's it. If you lose, it's because you were out RP'ed. There's nothing you can do about that except learn how to improve and ask others for feedback!

3. If you don't RP for one card, without notifying anyone, then that's ok. The second time it happens you will be suspended for a card. The third time and you and your character will no longer be needed by VENUS. It's not that hard to shoot a quick IM, email or post on the board to let someone know that you won't be able to RP.

4. Please don't hound people constantly about the card. Once in a while is fine, but doing it every time is ridiculous. The card will be posted when everything is finished. Real life happens, though, so it may be late. We'll let you know if it will be late. Many of our handlers realize that delays will happen, and quite honestly, with the history of FWCentral and its leagues, people expect delays. However VENUS tries its hardest to get shows out as quickly as they can.

5. RPs must be sent in / posted by the due date posted or they will not count. Always use proper spelling, grammar, presentation, etc.

6. Do not ever use another handler's character without their prior consent.

7. There is a 32 hour RP'ing rule. This means that if you post a RP, your opponent has 32 hours to post one before you can post a second one. If your opponent fails to post one within 32 hours, you can post another. This rule is void if your opponent RPs, because once he/she RPs, you can RP right back without waiting.

8. Deadline Rule. To prevent last minute posting, there'll be a special rule. If you RP within the last hour of the deadline, your opponent will have 24 hours to respond. Once your opponent responds to the RP, the thread is closed, and anything else will not be counted. In the past I've seen a lot of last minute RPs go up, and quite frankly, opponents aren't getting the chance to respond. So.. any 11:59pm deadlines that are set up .. if you post an RP at 10:59pm, your opponent has 24 hours to respond. This rule is null and void if the opponent responds before the original deadline is up. In other words, just make sure that you're not holding an RP till 11:20pm and making it a colossal mess and totally catching your opponent with his / her hand down their pants.

9. All RP / Angle submission deadlines are PACIFIC time. The RP threads will usually say “PST,” but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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