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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in....

12:47... Lance is just pulling his 2002 Chevy Cavalir into his hotel room in Kansas City...far from his home in Florida, in appearance and distance. He opens the car door and steps out. Immediately two CSWA fans recognize him and come running over. Both fans holding brand new, just bought at the show, "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett T-Shirts. Somewhat amused by this, Lance just smirks and greets the fans.**

Fan 1: Aren't you Lance Liezure from the CSWA?!?

Lance: That would be me.

**Lance turns and pulls his board from the backseat, along with a pair of brand new sleek, black drumsticks.**

Fan 2: We just saw you beat down that GXW reject, Wicked Sight, tonight! That was an awesome match. I'm glad you beat him.

Fan 1: Yeah, I can't believe Sight would do that. We bought these before the show and they wouldn't take them back so we figured that if we could get YOU to sign them it would make them better!

**Lance looks a back taken back by these comments.**

Lance: Guys, why so harse on Mike? You mean you actually believe these fools?? After all Sight has done for the CSWA....after all he's done for the fans! I hate to steal his words but the blood, sweat, and tears he's lost for this company. Don't get me wrong "hell yeah" I beat him tonight and I'm proud as hell of that victory, but I know Wicked Si....Mike Plett, the person, not just Wicked Sight, and he would never turn his back on the CSWA. Let alone the fans who support him here.

Now, since you guys asked I'll sign these. (Lance pulls out a pen.) But it won't be to "make these better." Though, it will be to put my name alongside a man who gave me a hell of a match tonight and whom I'd like to work with again. Also, if I do become a huge superstar....these will be worth something (Lance winks). So here you guys go.

**Lance signs the fans' shirts then puts his pen back into his pocket.**

Lance: Now, if there is someone you SHOULD return merchandise of, it would be those two REAL rejects of the GXW...Kevin Powers and Nate Logan. Logan prancing around lying to himself about the "X-Treme way of life" and how "CSWA is too tame" or some sh*t like that. Then you've got "Too Scared" Kevin Powers TOO SCARED of a lowly "rookie" to even answer his challenge or even face him man-to-man. All "Too Scared" can do is.....RUN AWAY.....and.....ATTACK PEOPLE FROM BEHIND! That's a perfect name for Kev, you know guys? "Too Scared"! Fits him to a T. Don't you guys agree?

**Both fans nod.**

And now these two at Fish Fund will face Eddy Love and Steve Radder. In my opinion, I hope these two give those cowards a THRASHING of a lifetime! Because, Jace knows, I would love for it to be me! But trust me, guys, I guarentee...."Two Scared" and "Total Zero" have NOT seen the last of Lance Liezure. They can look over me all they want to...but they won't be able to look over me once I'm right in their faces. Now I hope you guys enjoy those shirts. Take it easy.

Fan 1: (Muttering) Finally....

**The two fans take off after Lance's long tirade. As they are walking off, Lance sees one of the guys tear the shirt up, keeping only the part with his signature on it as Lance sighs. Undaunted, he gathers up his board and his sticks and takes off up into his room. About 1:17 he makes it there and throws all of his stuff into a big pile onto the floor then makes a mad dash to the bed and crashes on it, grabbing the T.V. remote on the way down. He clicks on the tube and flips through a few channels until he finds the last of a CSWA broadcast with the latest promo from "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett in his locker room after their match. Lance watches the whole thing then lets out another sigh.**

Lance: (To himself) It's a damn shame.

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