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Wang vs. Devon


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
A meeting of the minds.

OORP: This counts for General RP as well.

(Fadein, Myrtle Beach. On the dock we see plenty of people walking back and forth in sandals, and swimsuits, and of course others in regular clothes. The cameral then locates Mercedes Devon leaving a clothing store, bags in hand, and smiling. Dressed in a white blouse and blue jeans, Mercedes has her hair in a ponytail and shades on to hide from the sun. The camera pulls closer as the wind picks up just abit.)

MD: Well isn't this just a pleasant day? Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and a nice breeze is blowing, you can't feel bad today, no sir. But then again, when your income arrives in the form of cuts bruises and feelings hurt....perhaps irritation can be made the exception.

Now, a new era has arrived and no longer am I a part of the Global Xtreme Wrestling company, rather than the company has changed for the better, therefore choosing to change it's name to Global Wrestling Evolution.

If I had any hands free, I would applaud, good show.

(Mercedes frowns)

But yet things aren't all that together different this time around. Men are still men, women are still women, and Mary Ashcroft and the Twin Phoenix are well....Mary Ashcroft and the Twin Phoenix.

You see, while you girls may think that I hate you, that's upon the contrary. I'm sure you're great rolemodels to little girls who think that Barbie's gone to hell along with Christina Aguilera selling her soul to the devil, but why on earth does it give you the idea that you're ANYWHERE near the level of capability of Jennifer Rowe, Lori Wilson, and myself and Karla Starr?

I mean I'd certainly like to know that myself because I can't seem to figure it out. Sure, Li and Wang, you girls may have been the woman's champion before...but yet you just can't seem to beat Karla or me?

Sure, maybe it's not on record that I haven't had that belt yet, but it's coming. I haven't exactly had a TRUE one on one shot with Rowe, but it's coming.

But see girls, what you haven't realized is that while we....Karla and I of course, Rowe can speak for herself...haven't been champion yet, and while we DO have great looks and body....that doesn't mean we don't know how to use them.

Now before you even think about it Mary...(wiggles wedding ring), I'm not talking about that fashion.

As a matter of fact let's stop there for a second, and let's just make something really, really, clear.

As girls of our caliber, we don't need to BE READY for girls like you.

We already are.

However, you do as many workouts as you can in a week girls, because try as you might, it won't make up for the fact that your efforts will always be just short of average.

Okay, Trynyty?

I've faced you a few times now, and I as of yet, haven't found a decent fiber of grace in you. Karla has, but I'm not convinced.

So do me a favor girl, hook up with Mary and see if you can find something.


That will make it one more for you in the loss column.


(Devon waves as we fade out.)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Dancing in the Pale of the Blue Moonlight

*{Fade In}

*{Cleveland, Ohio}

*{The scene opens high up on a rooftop in downtown Cleveland. The night time sky blankets the city below. The building is high, but still has several buildings taller than it, but enough to where you can kind of see a small peak of The Gund Arena off in the distance. The camera catches the view of a silouetted familer figure on the rooftop. The camera carefully and quietly approaches the figure hoping to pull their identity into a more clearer focus. As the camera gets closer it reveals the figure as none other than former GWE Women's champion, Trynyty Wang. She is wearing; dark deep purple sports bra like halter top, with matching windbreaker bottoms with white trim lining on the side of the pants, and a revealing light blue thong peeking out of her pants, and her long jet black hair up in a ponytail. Trynyty moves around on the black tared like graveled substance on the roof like she is doing a sparing like silent dance on the rooftop. The reflection of the moon shines down on the roof creating a night time shadow that almost looks as if it has come alive solely just to spare with Trynyty. The gravel on the rooftop rolls and cracks with each step that Trynyty takes while she moves moving her hands and her feet in one smooth, fluid, motion. As Trynyty moves, it appears as if she is in intensed deep mental thought. The camera moves in a little closer, but not too close and follows every one of Trynyty's moves while she is thinking.}

{Thinking back to Global Warefare 2003 during the Trynyty Wang/Jennifer Rowe towel match.}

JG: Wang looks like she can't take any more... her face is a mask of crimson, most of which her own blood! Jennifer Rowe flips her over... and locks on a CHOKE SLEEPER! This can't be good news... Trynyty Wang is too weak to force herself out of this!

GM: There's only three ways out of this hold, which slowly cuts off your air supply and, well... suffocates you! Wang will only escape by her partner throwing in that towel, or by Jennifer Rowe's mercy... the latter of which I don't see coming soon. And I won't even mention the third way...

JG: What's the third way?

GM: What do you think?

JG: ...a body bag?

GM: Yep.

JG: Oh my... look at Trynyty Wang as the color drains from her face! She's turning blue!

GM: My God, Jennifer Rowe is SUFFOCATING HER!! And Yeh Shen Li knows it! Look at her! She KNOWS that Jennifer Rowe is trying to KILL TRYNYTY WANG!!

JG: I don't know how much more of this I can take... imagine what Yeh Shen Li is going through!

GM: Wang can't hold out much longer... her eyes are rolling back into her head! SHE NEEDS RELEASE!!






(The bell rings, and Lori Wilson finally releases the hold. Trynyty Wang takes in a few thankful breaths of air. The camera runs around the ring, catching a glimpse of Yeh Shen Li, the towel no longer around her neck, and nowhere near her, and her face buried into her hands as she weeps in shame and failure.)



TK: Your winner and NEW Women's Champion... "The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe!!

V/O of Trynyty Wang: "Strike ONE Rowe."

{The scene changes inside of Trynyty's mind to a few weeks later on the following Revolution where she was fighting Rowe and Mercedes Devon in a triple threat rematch for a chance to regain her stolen GWE Women's title.}

[Devon goes for a cover on Rowe and the ref counts. 1… 2…. Kickout by Rowe at the last second. Holding her back from the previous move, Devon lifts Rowe to her feet. She sends Jennifer off the ropes, going for a dropkick. Rowe holds onto the ropes though, and Devon just hits air. Rowe slumps down, slightly exhausted. Trynyty Wang regains her bearings behind Devon, who is now getting up slowly. Wang surprises Devon by applying a full nelson, then springboards off of the ropes into a Stratusfaction-like bulldog. The crowd applauds Wang for her efforts. Just as Trynyty is about to pin Devon, Rowe comes up behind her and tosses her shoulder-first into the ring post. She then performs a quick roll up, putting her legs on the bottom rope for added leverage. The ref counts the pin…. 1…. 2…. 3. Some fans boo Rowe's actions but most of the audience is applauding the match.]

JG: Jennifer Rowe wins!

GM: That was a slick move… that girl's got a good head on her shoulders!

JG: She cheated, Garrett!

GM: That's my kind of woman.

v/o of Trynyty Wang: "Strike TWO!"

"When will stike three happen?"

{Trynyty stops dead in her tracks with her leg fully extended in the air and pointing directly at the camera. The black tar covering her bare foot, but still she maintains a perfect balance. After a moment, she slowly lowers her leg down and looks directly at the camera, but then takes a deep breath and stares at the moon and stars in the sky.}

Trynyty Wang: (Letting off a faint casual smile) "Don't mind me, I guess I was just dancing in the pale of the blue moonlight. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie....oh sorry, I guess that's the romantic side of me talking. Things have been interesting since I have started dating Zell Hunter. I admit that things have been slow, but then again I am trying to take things slow. I don't want to rush into anything so sudden, nor do I want him to, but since I met Zell, it's caused me not to be so serious and to take things such as championships so seriously. I mean that is important to me, but there are more important things than being the women's champion like being in lov.....(interuting herself in her own mid sentence)...well not quite but who am I to stop the seeds from taking root and growing. I'm just letting them happen."

"Now what does talking about Zell have to do about my match with Mercedes Devon on Revolution? Simple, everything."

"You know people said that I won the title through dishonorable means, but that was only because I was put into a dishonorable situation, but since I became the Women's champion, I proved that I had what it took to be a truly honorable champion. I showed the entire world that a champion."

"Now enter Jennifer Rowe, she comes back into the championship fold, stabs her best friend in the back and comes after me and my title like a bat out of hell. She twice cheats me and takes my Women's title. Now normally I would be pissed, but since my time with Zell, he has helped me to see that there are more important things in this world than championships. I am taking my persuit back up the ladder for the women's title in stride. I'm not worried about getting another shot because I know that I will get back there in time."

"You see Mercedes Devon, I've been there already, I've already proven time and time again that I am an honorable champion, and despite how I lost it, I am not as upset as people think. In the end, Rowe will get her just rewards and her cheating ways will not stop her, but until then I will allow her to fill in this time to shine. I will share the spotlight...if only for a season. Eventually I will come back and reclain what is rightfully mine, but until then I have oodles of time. I can wait for the time to strike. In the meantime, I will settle and take out any and all of my aggressions out on YOU!"

"You wanna say that Yeh Shen, Miss Ashcroft, or myself do not compare to the likes of you, Rowe, Wilson, and Starr. You're partially right, but in fact it is you, Rowe, Wilson, and Starr who can not be compared or are not in the same league as me. You want proof? Take a look at the tapes and see how our esteemed GWE Women's champion won her titles. It was not fair and....HONORABLE. Rowe has yet to prove that she is worthy of wearing that belt. At least I finally did."

"Now enter you Mercedes, you're right that you haven't won any titles, but what makes you think that you are capable of winning the big one? You're no better than Rowe. So your husband Cameron Cruise may of won a few titles in his career, that was him, but lets face it you are not Cameron, and you are certainly not in my league. You're just eye candy, your a fluff peice turned wannabe wrestler. Honestly, I have to know who did you have to do to get in this division? Does Cameron know of your.......cheating ways? Shame on you, that's not very honorable Mercedes."

"I earned my honor, and I earned the right to wear that title around my waist. In time I will get my shot, but for the time being, I will just have to settle for defeating all who cross my path. Winning is secondary to me, but it is A neccessity, but not as vital as to some people. I will get it in due time, but I will prove that I am more than beyond AVERAGED. More than you care to admit Devon."

"Yeah you may of wrestled me a few handful of times and yet have yet to find a decent fiber of grace in me. Well guess what, when you and I cross that rope Devon. There is no grace in me. There will be none for you or anybody else that I face in the ring. Once you cross that rope, I will show NO GRACE or Mercy. I will only unveil true...unadulterated....P-A-I-N! I will not hold back or let up until you are in that all-too-familer position that you know so well...


Give it time, just like Karla, you will be VERY VERY convinced as to just who I am and what I can do. Now get ready because Revolution is fast amoung us and gotta return to my training and focus as I prepare to mop the ring up with you. May whatever LUCK you believe in help you because I when I cross that rope your luck will run out."

Ciao right back at you baby."

{Trynyty Wang does a mock Mercedes Devon wave as she returns to her sparing. As the camera slowly fades out, she softly hums the tunes of the official Revolution theme song by Aimee Allen "I'd Start A Revolution" as the scene fades out.}

*{Fade Out}

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