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Warriors 01 Review

Best Match of the Night?

  • Reno Davis v. Adam Lazarus

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  • G.G. Gentry v. Aria Murphy©

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  • Citizen v. Jason Rau

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  • Avispa Ultima© v. Sanchez Cano v. Cordova

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  • Derecho© v. BIG Little Italy

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New member
Jun 19, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Jolt Warrior 01 Review:
Note: with limited prior knowledge of happening in LoC or the previous version of Jolt.

I.SEGMENT: “Kick Start” feat. Superstar Vince Jacobs
a. Like: The attitude.
b. Dislike: Overuse of the word big.
c. Comments: Definitely a solid segment by the Legacy Champion. You can’t help but love to hate this guy. SVJ has the “it” factor some characters fail to achieve. I’m not talking about the character’s history, but about the simplicity used to write decent heal segment. While Sylo intimidates most of the roster, SVJ could care less. One has to think if it’s a mistake to underestimate Sylo. Time will tell.

II.SEGMENT: “Stay In Yer Place” feat. GG Gentry
a. Like: G.G. Gentry.
b. Dislike: Absolutely nothing.
c. Comments: I really enjoyed reading this segment. This scrawny southerner reminds me for Barney Fife for odd reason. Gentry puffing out his chest made me laugh. I’m not entirely sure if GG is that weak or Aria is that strong, either way it was a great segment. This garnered interest from the fans for the upcoming match, with I’m sure will include the unexpected.

III.MATCH: “Reno Davis v. Adam Lazarus”
a. Like: Match pace.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: First off, I had no idea with match was part of the Underground tournament. Yes, I know I could have checked the preview, but a quick sentence in the beginning could have made it clear to me. I just thought both guys were in the division. It felt like Laz was going to win, but Reno came out of nowhere with his finisher (which I Googled… ouch). On a side note, thank you for the explanation of what the finisher was in parenthesis. I’m still working on getting some popups included on all finishers/trademarks with unique names. Even though the match was on the shorter side, I liked how Reno was winded. Either because he hasn’t wrestled in a while or because they both put a lot to cram everything in to the time they were allotted.

IV.SEGMENT: “Cleaning Up Yer Messes” feat. GG Gentry
a. Like: Chemistry.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: I found it hilarious that GG was freaking out. He does it well against the calm demeanor of the Relentless champ. The Nashvillain (with GG) is one of my personal favorite characters to read. I believe every champion should bring something to the table. A championship isn’t something to be passed around for the sake of calling yourself a champ. These people need to bring prestige to each title and add something special to jOlt as the defending champions, which I feel Nash does well. Even though Nash’s hatching the plan, I found it interesting to see if GG will be able to pull it off soundly.

V.SEGMENT: “Mystery Promo From A Mystery Scumbag” feat. Khristian Keller
a. Like: Humor.
b. Dislike: (read comments)
c. Comments: The promo was funny. “King **** of **** Mountain.” Truly funny. My concern comes with the language consistency in jOlt. Some segments have **** instead of **** or ****. While it’s fine either way, from a reader’s perspective we should decide to either use foul language in its entirety or bleep it out. Other than that, welcome Khristian Keller.

VI.MATCH: “GG Gentry v. Aria Murphy”
a. Like: The Swerve.
b. Dislike: Attack.
c. Comments: Here’s my issue with the Terrorists attacking Murphy. She is a professional wrestler, let alone champion, so she’s used to getting physical the in the ring. Makes things a bit more believable this way. The fans were visibly shaking up by her getting brutalized. This solidifies The Terrorists, Gentry, and Nash as diabolical, irreprehensible, bastards. If this was intended, then congratulations, instant heat of the worst nature. Then again, think about some of the crazy stuff we’ve seen already. If this is commonplace, then I’m just out of the loop. Either way, a great match with a perfect swerve. Don’t you hate that group!? Ha Ha. Lastly, Aria came out with the title draped across “his” shoulder. Unless she’s had a sex change, I’d recommend people take a minute or two to reread their work. It may just be my OCD talking.

VII.SEGMENT: “Tough Break” feat. Adam Lazarus
a. Like: Segment.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: Laz is having a bad night huh? Bane is on a roll with that pipe. I took it that Laz has a second elimination match with Bane Loneheart coming up, which explains why he attacked him. Bane is ruthless, especially after losing to One Eye last week. Something tells me this guy is going to have a huge presence in the Underground division, seems made for it.

VIII.SEGMENT: “A Single Spark Can Light the World Aflame” feat. Phoenix
a. Like: Gimmick.
b. Dislike: Slight incomprehensiveness.
c. Comments: There were about five instances of missing words that forced me to reread the sentence. Wording aside, Phoenix introduced himself correctly to the jOlt crowd. He was fortunate, truly, that the crowd latched on to his easily enough. Much of the sparks and ash talk made me question his mental state, haha. Do I understand correctly that this man is Phoenix Rictor, younger brother of Scott? “Ashes ashes they all fall down” uh, what was this?

IX.MATCH: “Citizen v. Jason Rau”
a. Like: Finish.
b. Dislike: Nicknames.
c. Comments: First off, I had to Google the Busaiku Knee Attack and I love it! It’s a pretty brutal move, but I can see how that can knock someone out. Great choice! The match had a decent amount of back and forth, but I didn’t understand Rau’s logic for grabbing a steel chair so quick. Sure he wanted to win the match, even succeeded in landing it, but why? The psychology didn’t add up. Now, the nicknames. The Omega, The Watcher, The Enigma. The constant nickname references confused the hell out of me throughout the match. It might be because I’m unfamiliar with them and honestly had no clue he had that many. The “alpha and omega” comment would have sounded better coming from one of the commentators at that point.

X.SEGMENT: “Opportunity Knocks” feat. BIG Little Italy
a. Like: The accent.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: Someone help me here, Lenny the Leprechaun is a midget or giant? Thanks. Funny stuff from these two. BIG Little Italy is hilarious, but I don’t think he means to be, which makes it even more of a riot! This guy is 3ft 9in and he’s in the Underground division!? I can’t wait to see this, seriously.

XI.MATCH: “Avispa Ultima © v. Sanchez Cano v. Cordova”
a. Like: Lucha style.
b. Dislike: The direction.
c. Comments: Everything about this match felt rushed. I understand the style of match, but aside from a couple awesome moves, especially Top Con Hilo (Yes, Google), the fans weren’t given a chance to connect with the match. It came off as a spot fest. Ultima was spotlighted as champion and pretty much controlled the offense. Both Cano and Cordova looked lost and it felt didn’t perform at the expected level. Unless Cano and Cordova were supposed to be fed to the champ, I don’t know what else to say about this one. Two other important notes, is the Flyweight Championship supposed to be referred to as the LoC Flyweight Championship? Second, this match was written in present tense while the entire card is past. This should be fixed next time.

XII.SEGMENT: “Decoding the Superbeast” feat. Sylo
a. Like: Forwarding of feud.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: Talk about roid rage, haha. No matter what Sylo says, you always have it in the back of your head that he can, most certainly, back up what he says. Were AJ and SVJ in cohorts? Either way, Sylo has taken out three people on one show! As long as this superbeast is allowed to do what he pleases, jOlt may not have much of a roster when he’s done. This feud is shaping up to be a great confrontation!

XIII.MATCH: “Derecho © v. BIG Little Italy”
a. Like: Entire match.
b. Dislike: Nothing.
c. Comments: Derecho clocked the referee in the beginning of the match, probably because he wanted to destroy his opponent, damn the match. This new Derecho is quickly becoming a threat, much like Sylo. The difference is Derecho uses weapons while Sylo is the weapon. Derecho think he’s doing this for the fans (guilt, denial?) but the fans don’t like this guy one bit. Remember what I said earlier about champions having to be unique and offer up something, Derecho is another prime example of that.

Another great show guys, keep up the good work.

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