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Warriors 03 Review

Best Match of the Night?

  • One Eye + Phoenix v. Fueled By Ignorance

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Manzo Tanaka v. American Panda

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • Kenjiro Ito v. Bane Loneheart

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • Mike Extreme v. Khristain Keller

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New member
Jun 19, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Jolt Warrior 03 Review:
Note: with limited prior knowledge of happening in LoC or the previous version of Jolt.

SEGMENT: “A Question Of Honor & Opportunity” feat. One Eye
a. Like: Segment.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: The segment furthered their friendship and a possibility of a match between the two of them in the future. I’ve been reading these interactions between One Eye and Phoenix weekly, but I still don’t feel they have enough chemistry. The fans aren’t connecting to what they’re seeing. They are left more confused than entertained. I still want to see where this is going, but I’m hoping the dialogue clears up for a least common denominator.​

SEGMENT: “I Am King” feat. Derecho
a. Like: Derecho.​
b. Dislike: Below.​
c. Comments: The only thing I didn’t get with this segment was when Donny said he didn’t want to know, that just seemed like an odd answer for an interviewer. Aside from that, this segment further developed Derecho and his new persona. He rants and raves like a lunatic, but there is truth in what he says. The only part I don’t understand is why he’s doing it for the fans, but I’m sure that will become evident in time. The King of the Underground. Way to set the bar.​

MATCH: “One Eye & Phoenix v. Fueled By Ignorance”
a. Like: Phoenix in ring performance.​
b. Dislike: Quick loss for FBI.​
c. Comments: I liked that Phoenix wasn’t there for the beginning of the match. One Eye didn’t seem bothered at the start though, so I’m assuming they might have planned this. One Eye’s high flying entertained the fans. What he lacks on the mic (at the moment) he makes up for in the ring. One Eye figured something out towards the end of the match, which I’m curious to know. Someone from his past perhaps? FBI, even though they are having problems, should have not have been beaten so easily when they had control of match since the start. Why are they even still teaming? Titan has decked Register twice now, yet they keep teaming together with no explanation! I seriously think this should be fixed because it’s making Register look puny in comparison to Titan, and I’d assume the fans are now expecting them to lose each week. This match would have went over the same with Phoenix and One Eye losing, possibly even better that way.​

SEGMENT: “Singles Matches, Baby!” feat. Ray Chavez
a. Like: Keith.​
b. Dislike: Length.​
c. Comments: Keith is obviously trying to get Ray to win three singles matches so he can make some big money. Ray still doesn’t seem too sure of himself. Fine segment to further the story, albeit short.​

MATCH: “Manzo Tanaka v. American Panda”
a. Like: Entire match!​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: This was one of the finest matches I’ve seen on Warriors. Wow! The perfect amount of heel vs face at the beginning, helped get the fans involved, shown by the massive interaction throughout the match. Enough people seemed to know who the Panda was, the others followed suite. He had a tremendous ovation if you ask me and I’m already a fan of the uniqueness of the character. Was he really able to pickup 300+ lbs of Tanaka with a sideslam though? Either way, I loved it.​

SEGMENT: “A Fair Warning” feat. Greg Vincent
a. Like: Segment.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: Solid segment foreshadowing Vincent is going to be a problem for CEO Lee. Jason Rau was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ray made the save, but took one to the head because of it. This marks the second time Greg has whacked him with that chair. I wonder when Ray is going to get some payback. Solid development.​

SEGMENT: “The Man in jOlt” feat. Kenjiro Ito
a. Like: Kenjiro.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: How can you not like this guy? I’m enjoying the fact that he’s a blast from the past, actually bringing with him some of the history of the former incarnation of jOlt. He’s an arrogant heel, but he has an old school vibe of old, which is actually working quite well. He seems like a real wrestler, don’t ask me to elaborate on that. Great work.​

MATCH: “Kenjiro Ito v. Bane Loneheart”
a. Like: The match.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: This was a solid match. The length fit in perfectly for the events surrounding. This definitely helped push Ito up the ladder, especially giving Bane a taste of his own medicine after these last couple weeks. There is no waiting, Ito feels he never left his position at the top of the company. He called out some of jOlt’s best. What’s next?​

SEGMENT: “I’ve Got the Power”
a. Like: Rune back.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: Rune Winters is back and going to enforce the rules! That’s awesome. I have to wonder if he can be professional when he obviously wants to destroy derecho. This one will be good. Nice use of consistency for all the attacks that have gone under the radar.​

MATCH: “Mike Extreme v. Khristain Keller”
a. Like: The match.​
b. Dislike: Nothing.​
c. Comments: It was a standard match that had enough action to keep the fans interested. Extreme obviously wasn’t ready for a match and Keller moves forward. Awesome seeing Derecho just waiting on top of the stage. This is on!​


Aug 19, 2006
Segment: A Question of Honor and Opportunity

Thoughts: Pretty solid segment. One Eye is sure that Derecho didn't attack him, which leads to the question of who did. Phoenix talks about being a warrior and that's why he called out to One Eye, but with One Eye being sure it wasn't Derecho, either someone else attacked him that both of them will have to face, or it was Phoenix all along. I smell swerve and just the way this is written, tends for me to lean in that direction. I liked this a lot and the broken English is beginning to grow on me.


Segment: I am King

Thoughts: Although I won't comment on my own work, I do want to clarify something in Ray's review. He wanted to know why Donny didn't want to know something as an interviewer. I purposely put him bringing the microphone to his lips in a nervous fashion and had him stutter. That should have been a clue to ask yourself... have you ever been in a situation where you've been so uncomfortable that you just wanted to say anything to get away? That's what I was trying to portray there.


Match #1: One Eye & Phoenix vs Digital Underground

Thoughts: Yes, they are still Digital Underground to me... Tornado Wrestling forever! =P. There was something I liked about this match, but there were things I didn't. What I liked was Phoenix, in his segment, stating that he would see One Eye out there and not show up. It's looking more and more like Phoenix was the one who attacked One Eye. Phoenix coming in and cleaning house really made Titan and Register look a bit weak and I'll tell you why. The Set Up. You had Titan and Register hit both of their finishers on One Eye and had him kick out of them both and then get beaten by a fresh Phoenix. What would have worked better was quick tags in and out just working over Phoenix. I imagine those slow boring WWE matches where the heels were always in full control.. doing everything they could to wear down the babyface.. then the hot tag comes in and the place goes nuts. Having Titan and Register hit their finishers was very anti-climatic and unnessecary. I would have possibly worked over One Eye for a bit longer. Make it look like he could get pinned or submit at any time from basic moves only to have him hang on. Then after a valiant fight, have either Titan or Register nail a finisher, go for the cover, then it's lights out. Phoenix comes in.. the cover is broken up and Phoenix cleans house and you go into the finish. That would have been much more dynamic and eventful, in my opinion.


Segment: Singles Matches Baby

Thoughts: Keith sweating at the end of the promo is nice, but there wasn't any reference to Jim Johnson's plan about making Ray's life miserable. I would have sold Keith a bit more nervous that he was in here... maybe to cause Ray to suspect something, but just not say anything about it just yet. Just felt like more of that connection could have been had here.


Match #2: Manzo Takana vs American Panda

Thoughts: WOOOOOOO! Oh wait.. it's not Ric Flair! DAMMIT! Pretty fun match. The pre-match speech was golden and caused me to smile as I was reading it. Panda is pretty charismatic. Only thing I didn't like was the Japanese "Engrish" Maybe it's because I'm studying Japanese, but that's not now it sounds lol. I'm probably being too picky, though. Otherwise, no complaints. Great match!


Segment: A Fair Warning

Thoughts: I liked this segment a lot. Greg receiving a letter from Damien Lee for his actions and Greg not caring was great. Ray Chavez showing up and then holding back Jason Rau was a bit shocking. Ray has been a loner and in this segment he became a martyr as he took a chair shot from Greg Vincent. Jason Rau snapped after seeing the chair shot and practically murdered Vincent. Looks like Rau could be Chavez' feul to get out of this slump that Kane referred to earlier. We'll have to wait and see, but I like this direction here.


Segment: The Man in jOlt

Thoughts: A good set up segment for the upcoming match. Ito gives us more of a history lesson that further introduces us to his character. Bane comes out of the crowd, but there's a pretty big gap between when that's mentioned and when he attacks. I feel that the Bane appearance could have been placed better. Otherwise, as a history lesson and a set up segment, it did its job wonderfully.


Match #3: Kenjiro Ito.... AHEM excuse me

Match #3: jOlt Triple Crown Champion Kenjiro Ito vs Bane Loneheart

Thought: Pretty solid match here. This helped shine the spotlight on Ito some more and this character is really starting to grow on me. Bane got a taste of his own medicine here as well. After the match he wants SVJ and Sylo. Perhaps Ito shouldn't be spouting this because you know.. be careful what you ask for. Ito strikes me as a character who thinks he can take on the world and seems to have the confidence to back it up.. but with the way SVJ and Sylo have been recently.. I wouldn't make that challenge just yet. The fact that Ito did shows he either has balls the size of Jupiter or an ego the size of Alpha Centuri.. and that's not a bad thing, btw!


Segment: I've Got the Power

Thoughts: Damien Lee gets a call from the board and is assigned a deputy in.. Rune Winters!!?? Dammit! I knew I should have jammed that shove in harder! *ahem* Rune is back and with him as the enforcer of the rules, I can see plenty of punishment being dished out here. Now you know there'll be a return match and to that I say.... Bring you shovel humping b.itch!


Main Event: Mike Extreme vs Khristian Keller

Thoughts: Holy crap! Did we just have an Underground Tournament match with a few weapons in it!? Ladies and Gentlemen... I think we did! Very good match that saw K2 pick up the win. Like I said last time, luck would only get Mike Extreme so far. Keller stepped up and after a chair shot, Keller advances on and has a stare down with one handsome champion :). Pretty good match to round out the card. The tournament draws ever so closely to a close and this match drove home that point. Very nice job!


Overall thoughts: This show seemed to hit things on most cylinders. There were a couple of things that could have been a bit better.. such as the opening tag match, and the segment with Kane and Chavez, but overall, this show had it together.

Overally Ranking: A-

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