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Week 3 eviction Week 4 HoH

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, and CHRIS. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(CUTTO: CHRIS and SIRI on the Green Couch of Doom. Everyone else sits on yellow couches in front of them on the left and right. CUTTO: EMILY looking in on TV screen.)

EMILY: "Hey Houseguests."

GROUP: "Hi Emily."

EMILY: "Tonight we'll have our next eviction...And we will crown a new head of household...It's been a tense week in the house...And well, without further ado...The vote...By a vote of 7 to 1...CHRIS...You are evicted from the big brother house...(CHRIS shakes his head in disgust, then walks to the door, he flips of DAN as he walks out. DAN sneers in disgust.)

DAN: "Who the hell voted against Siri?" (Nobody fesses up.) "Honestly, gawd, who would keep that prick in the game?"

CADENCE: "Hey, honestly this was a tough vote for me...I just felt Chris didn't have anyone in the house but me, so I coulda trust him more then Siri...Sorry Siri...But in he end I voted Chris..."

EMILY: "Houseguests, now it's time to head out back for the new HoH challenge."

(Everyone goes outside to the backyard and see stands with cutouts of themselves about 4 feet away from the stands. On the mouth's of the player's cut outs are buttons.)

EMILY: "OK houseguests, the power of Head Of Household is on the line. You must stand beyond the black line on your stand, lean over and press the button down. You must not lift your feet off the stand...And you can not switch hands...Only one hand can be on the button...So that's it...Get set (Everyone gets into place.) and the contest has begun."

(Everyone stays in the positon...This drags on for 5 minutes.)

V/O: "The houseguests battle for HoH...Who will win it, and what will the new ruler of the house do with their power? Tune in next time on Big Brother!."

(Show goes off the air without a winner.)

(4 hours and 42 minutes later SHANE outlasts JOHN at the end, and wins HoH.)

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