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Week 3 nominations Ep

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, and CHRIS. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(FADEIN: HOLLY talking to RUSSELL in the HoH room.)

RUSSELL: "Well, generally...I think Chris is the target in the house...It's the safe bet."

HOLLY: "I understand that totally, I know what ya mean."

(CUTTO: HOLLY talking to everyone in the house, except CHRIS.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY in the diary room.)

HOLLY: "Getting people to offer up names of who they want to have voted out is like pulling hen's teeth, it's just so absurd. I feel almost like everyone in the house is waiting for the game to get serious, when I feel it's pretty serious every week. I can see doing the easy thing and taking Chris down, and that's possible, but at the same time that doesn't get me much, since the strong players remain in the game."

(CUTTO: DAN talking to SHANE.)

DAN: "So what you think she's gonna do."

SHANE: "It'll most likely be Chris against somebody else...Just as a pawn."

DAN: "She talk to you about that, maybe going up as just a decoy while Chris is sent home?"

SHANE: "No...I dunno, but I figure that'll be the result of it."

DAN: "Well I don't want to be a pawn with anyone really...So hopefully it's not me."

(CUTTO: HOLLY in the HoH room with the keys.)

HOLLY V/O: "Well, it's on me now, and really in the end, I have to do what's best for me."

(CUTTO: HOLLY walking into the living room with the big circle device that holds all the Houseguests keys.)

HOLLY: "OK, it's time for the nomination ceremony, let me just say that this isn't personal, it's just what I have to do as HoH and is really a sign of respect."

(HOLLY unlocked the first key.)

HOLLY: "Marc, you are safe." (MARC takes his key)

(MARC unlocks the next key.)

MARC: "John...You are safe." (He hands JOHN his key and spins the table over so that JOHN can unlock the next key.)

JOHN: "Russell...You are safe." (RUSSELL takes his key and then unlocks the next key.)

RUSSELL: "SHANE you are safe." (CHRIS sits dismissive of this affair, while CAITLYN looks worried, as does SIRI and CASEY, DAN and CADENCE looks relaxed.)

(Shane unlocks the next key.)

SHANE: "Caitlyn, you are safe." (CAITLYN sits back in her chair and takes her key, looking much better now that she's safe.)

(CAITLYN unlocks the next key...)

CAITLYN: "Dan...You are safe..." (CASEY leans foward, looking concerned with only 2 keys left, as does SIRI...)

(DAN unlocks the next key.)

DAN: "Casey...You are safe." (CASEY lets out a deep breath, as SIRI, CHRIS and CADENCE now have only one key left between the three of them.)

(CASEY unlocks the final key.)

CASEY: "Chris...You are safe." (The room looks on in shock as CHRIS takes his key, leaving SIRI and CADENCE without keys.)

HOLLY: "Siri, Cadence, the reason I put the two of you up is I feel you're the strongest players, and well, as such you're threats, so I need to try to get rid of one of you while I have the power of HoH...And with that, the ceremony is completed."

(The houseguests leave the living room stunned. CADENCE appears calm and unfazed, SIRI looks confused and amazed she's been put up.)

ANNOUNCER V/O: "Holly has set the Big Brother Household on it's ear, Cadence and Siri now face eviction, the Power of Veto has never been more important then it is now, who will win it, and if they do, who will they save? Tune in next time on Big Brother."

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