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Week 3 Veto Ep

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, and CHRIS. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY and CADENCE in the HoH room.)

CADENCE: "Look, I don't see why you put me up, this was just stupid, Chris had his bags packed, we all could have a pain free week."

HOLLY: "And what does that get me, his removal from the house doesn't make me any more likely to win, since he has no pull in the house, unlike you."

CADENCE: "Well you're putting your neck on the line, whoever gets HoH is very likely to put you up for doing this."

HOLLY: "Well if they do that, it's just proving my point, you're popular and thusly a threat to go all the way...Siri will most likely go anyhow, due to your popularity..."

CADENCE: "Well if I win veto, I'm still using it. But you're the one in trouble now."

HOLLY: "We'll see."

CADENCE: "We will."

(CUTTO: SHANE talking to SIRI.)

SHANE: "Look, you haven't been around my part of the house much, we haven't done much talking. So well, I'd like to reach out to you and play in the Veto with ya. If I win it promise to use it on you."

SIRI: "Well thanks...That means a lot to me..."

(CUTTO: SIRI, CADENCE and HOLLY standing in front of the rest of the house guests.)

HOLLY: "OK, it's time for the Veto challenge, now me, Siri and Cadence will each pick somebody to play in the challenge. I being HoH will go first and pick John (JOHN gets up and stands next to HOLLY.) Siri, who are you picking?"

SIRI: "I'll go with Shane" (SHANE gets up and stands next to SIRI.)

HOLLY: "And Cadence?"

CADENCE: "I'll pick Dan" (DAN stands next to CADENCE.)

HOLLY: "OK, it's time to go out back for the challenge" (The 6 contestants and the rest of the houseguests go out back and see what looks like blackjack table set up at the back of the backyard.)

HOLLY: "Tonight's Veto Challenge is called "Bluff me a Veto" Each player will ask 2 questions to the other 5, and either say the truth written on their card, they can say that, or bluff. Each other player will then put a chip in front of them, with the side up reading 'bluff' if they think you are bluffing, or 'truth' if they think you are telling the truth. If they get it right, the questioner gives them a chip, if you get it wrong, they take your chip, everyone has 15 chips...Let's go."

(CUTTO: CADENCE standing behind the table in the dealer position)

CADENCE: "What's the wildest thing you've done to get the attention of someone you wanted to date? I entered a wet T-Shirt contest at the Cast and Flaggon Bar."

(SIRI, JOHN and HOLLY vote "Truth".)

CADENCE: "It's a Bluff...I really drank 20 shots of tequila without puking (She takes her moves two of her 3 chips she won over to DAN and SHANE to pay them, and adds her profit chip to her stack.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY in the dealer position.)

HOLLY: "If you could go back in time to any time or place, where would you go?
Ancient Rome"

(Everyone but CADENCE picks "Truth")

HOLLY: (Dejected) "It's true" (She pays from her stack 3 chips and moves CADENCE's chip over for one of her other pay outs.)

(CUTTO: SIRI in the dealer's position.)

SIRI: "Thing you've done that made you feel the best about yourself. Getting front page stories published in my college newspaper."

(Everone but JOHN picks "Truth")

SIRI: "The answer is a Bluff...What made me feel the best was moving across America and making it on my own." (She takes three chips and passes a chip over to JOHN.)

(CUTTO: JOHN in the dealer's position.)

"If you could be one person at any time in history who would that be? Winston

(Everyone but SIRI picks "Bluff")

JOHN: "It's True, I wish I'd been ol' Winston." (Takes everyone's chips, passes HOLLY's over to SIRI.)

(CUTTO: DAN in the dealer Positon.)

What's the wildest thing you've done to get the attention of someone you wanted to date?

DAN: "What's the wildest thing you've done to get the attention of someone you wanted to date? The wildest thing I ever did to get attention of someone I wanted to date was sending them one of those chain e-mails asking them questions about the kind of things they look for in a guy and then changing my appearance and some of my mannerisms based on her answers because I was young and stupid."

(Everyone but CADENCE picks "Truth")

DAN: "It's a bluff, I dressed up like a Pirate at Disney..." (Takes 4 chips, and kicks over SIRI's chip to CADENCE.)

(CUTTO: SHANE at the dealer's positions.)

SHANE: "Dumbest thing you've ever done? Almost broke my leg jumping off stage at a high school talent show."

(Only SIRI and JOHN vote "Truth")

SHANE: "It's True." (Takes one chip from the players, moves the two others who got it wrong over to SIRI and JOHN.)

(CUTTO: CADENCE in the dealer's position, starting round 2.)

CADENCE: "If you could be one person at any time in history who would that be? Sylvia Plath."

(Only DAN picks "Bluff")

CADENCE: "It's a bluff...I wish I'd been Elenor Roosevelt." (Takes 3 chips from the other players, moves a chip over to DAN.)

(CUTTO: HOLLY in the dealer's position.)

HOLLY: "Dumbest thing you've ever done. Bet on the Boston Red Sox to win against the Yankees in the 2003 playoffs in Game Seven, jinxing my team."

(Only DAN picks "Bluff" again.)

HOLLY: "It's True...Jeezus I'm getting killed here." (Pays out from her meager stack to the table, taking DAN's chip and kicks it over to SHANE.)

(CUTTO: SIRI in the dealer's position)

SIRI: "Person you look up to as a role model. John Stewart."

(JOHN and HOLLY pick "Truth")

SIRI: "Bah, it was a bluff...I really look up to Katherine Hepburn." (Pays a chip off ehr stack to CADENCE, and ships JOHN and HOLLY's chips to SHANE and DAN.)

(CUTTO: JOHN in the dealer's position.)

"Thing you've done that made you feel the best about yourself. Beating Jared Wells."

(CADENCE and DAN pick "Bluff")

JOHN: "It's a Bluff, beating Adam Benjamin was the best." (Pockets a chip and kicks the oher two over to CADENCE and DAN.)

(CUTTO: DAN in the dealer's position.)

DAN: "What's one thing you want to do before you die? Go bungee jumping."

(Only SIRI picks "Truth")

DAN: "It was a bluff...Bah. My real goal is to live a good life and die without regret." (HOLLY cheers her first right answer of the event. DAN pays out from his stack.)

(CUTTO: SHANE at the dealer's position.)

SHANE: "What's one thing you want to do before you die? Attend a Yankees World Series game."

(Only CADENCE picks "Truth")

SHANE: "It was a bluff, I really want to star in a porno" (This comment gets groans from the women...He pays put from his stack.)

(CUTTO: The players putting their chip stacks on the table, JOHN's is slightly higher then CANDENCE's.)

HOLLY: "John, you have won the Power of Veto"

(CUTTO: HOLLY putting the necklace with the golden ghostbuster circle/slash on it around the neck of JOHN.)

(CUTTO: JOHN talking to HOLLY.)

HOLLY: "So you're going to use the Veto?"

JOHN: "Yeah, I'm going to get Cadence off most likely...I'm gonna stand by her. Look, you really stirred up a hornet's nest with these nominations...It's gonna be back on you this time. I dunno what you want to do, just glad it can't be me."

(CUTTO: The Veto ceremony. SIRI and CADENCE sit on the Green Couch of Doom.)

JOHN: "Welcome everyone to the Veto ceremony...I'll make this short, I'm electing to use the power of Veto, and I'm using it on Cadence." (He motions for CADENCE to get off the Green Couch, and she does so. She gives JOHN a quick hug.)

HOLLY: "Well, you're putting me back on the spot...So well...I nominate Chris." (CHRIS shakes his head in disgust at the news and sits next to SIRI on the Green Couch of Doom.)

JOHN: "and with that, the Veto ceremony is complete."

(CUTTO: CHRIS in the diary room.)

CHRIS: "I get into one fight and I'm the bad guy, and after Holly screws up royally and ticks off the house she figures she'll make things up to them by getting rid of me, well I'm not going without a fight, it sucks that Siri is one of the people I really get along with, but well, I wanna stay."

(CUTTO: Siri in the Diary room.)

SIRI: "Well I got better odds of surviving a vote with Chris then I do Cadence, so I'm glad that John used the veto to get me a more beatable opponent. Here's to hoping."

(Announcer voice over)

V/O: "Chris faces eviction for the second week in a row, while Siri was blind sided by her nomination, will she also be shocked by her eviction? Who will go, and who will become the new Head of Household? Tune in next time on Big Brother."

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