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Week 4 nom ep

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, and MARC. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(CUTTO: CADENCE and SHANE in the HoH room. Laying on the bed talking. They are fully clothed.)

CADENCE: "Well Holly most likely should go up this week for the stuff she pulled."

SHANE: "Yeah, she's going up almost assuredly...I dunno who else yet. Just looking at the options...Everyone's possible."

CADENCE: "Even me?"

SHANE: "Hey, you're shacking up with the HoH, could be using me for my power." (CADENCE hits him in the head with a pillow) "Oh you're screwed now" (she continues to hit him with the pillow.)

(CUTTO: SHANE walking into the living room with the circular key container. Everyone gathers around the table.)

SHANE: "Well, everyone it's time for the nominations, I don't really know what to say except that I'll just start it, and we'll go from there."

(Shane unlocks the first key.)

SHANE: "Dan, you are safe." (DAN takes his key and then unlocks the next key.)

DAN: "Caitlyn...You are safe" (CAITLYN takes her key.)

CAITLYN: "Not used to this not being dramatic for me..."

(CAITLYN unlocks the next key.)

CAITLYN: "John, you are safe." (JOHN takes his key and nods to SHANE, and then unlocks the next key.)

JOHN: "Marc, you are safe." (RUSSELL, CASEY, and SIRI look a little worried, HOLLY looks generally dismissive of the events. While CADENCE is calm.)

(JOHN unlocks the next key.)

JOHN: "Russell...You are safe." (RUSSELL takes his key.)

(RUSSELL unlocks the next key.)

RUSSELL: "Siri...You, are safe." (SIRI smiles and takes her key. Only one key is left, HOLLY looks resigned to nomination. While CANDECE casts an arch look at SHANE CASEY looks generally miserable.)

(SIRI unlocks the last key.)

SIRI: "Cadence...You are safe."

(The camera cuts to SHANE.)

SHANE: "Well, I've nominated Holly, because well, you just went against what the house wanted, and you needed an ego check for it. And Casey, I just feel like you're playing a smart game and just waiting for the later game. So I put you up because I just see you as a threat."

(CASEY Nods while HOLLY seems resigned.)

(CUTTO: CASEY in the diary room.)

CASEY: "I dunno, I just really need to not have Holly win the Veto, then I could be in major trouble, as it stands it's bad enough as it is...Can't wait till I can leave this house and see how the Kerry transition team is shaping up for his take over of the White House."

(CUTTO: HOLLY in the diary room.)

HOLLY: "Well, it happened, so whatever, let's get to the veto and see how that goes, and I'll just keep working in this house.)

ANNOUNCER V/O: "Holly and Casey have been nominated, a heated veto challenge looms large as these two players will have to try their bet to save themselves or have a trusted friend or ally do it for them, if not, one will be evicted. Who will win veto, will it be used, and if it is, who will Shane put up? Tune in next time on Big Brother."

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