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Welcome back, we've missed you (face turn part 2)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Boston and other places.
(CUTTO: Black and white footage of Felix Red, overpriced black hoodie covered in skull pattern embroidering, black Dickies, slumped in a seat on an otherwise empty subway car, staring blankly out the window. )

RED: Twilight in Autumn is pretty. Even in the city, where there are no stars, and while there are vantage points from where you can see the sun melting into the horizon, from where you can see the sky turn red, orange, purple, and finally black, I’m not sure I’ve ever even been to those places, really, and if I have been, I have no idea how to find them again. So many of my memories are so hazy, unreliable. And memory is all I have from which to form a past, pieces of which I use to build a spectrum of experience from which I can form the foundations of my identity. In many ways, all of this has been a dream, and what am I myself, if not a dream. An avatar of the person I’d prefer to be, a god, merged with an avatar of the person I fear myself to be, a monster. And I’m not sure if there’s anything of substance underneath the illusions.

I don’t understand why you’re following me. I’m pretty sure I’ve ceased to matter.

……………………………………………………Fine. Do whatever you want. I don’t care anymore.

(CUTTO: black screen, with the big indicator words – LATER THAT EVENING)

(CUTTO: O’Murphy’s Pub, in Someston Massachusetts. The joint is bangin’, strobe lights from the inside flashing through the windows, bad-to-listenable remixes of indie rock staples can be dimly heard in the background behind the roar of idle chatter. Felix stands outside chain smoking, people-watching through oversized sunglasses. Two dudes stumble within a few feet of our reluctant protagonist and light cigarettes…)

DUDE#1: This absence of self awareness allows me to be happy.

DUDE#2: I’ve wrapped my narcissistic self loathing and insecurities in superficial bohemianism. I’m not a chronic social
failure, I’m culturally enlightened and eccentric.

DUDE#1: I objectify women, and brag about exaggerated and or falsified sexual conquests, because I have mommy issues.

(Felix raises an eyebrow in the two dudes’ direction…)

DUDE#2: That which sets us free also makes us prisoners.

DUDE#1: Some people we just met inside are currently buying lots of drinks on my tab, which will max out my credit card, but I won’t find that out until two days from now.

DUDE#2: I will realize this is probably happening, but I won’t mention anything to you, because you are paying for my drinks as well.

(Felix approaches the two dudes…)

FELIX: Um…excuse me? Do you mind if I ask what you’ve been talking about, just now?

DUDE#1: Uh…kinda.

FELIX: Oh…kay…uh….

(Felix pulls back and plants a fist into the bridge of Dude#1’s nose. The assailed’s skull bursts open like a piñata full of brain meats, and the rest of him crumbles to the ground as Felix recoils in terror…)

DUDE#1: OW!!

(Felix looks down. Dude#1’s head has returned to its original state of, uh, being a head. Dude#1, confused and frightened, touches his nose, glances at his hand, and winces at the sight of his own blood.)

DUDE#2: Jeezus Christ! What the f(bleep) did you hit him for?! What’s wrong with you?

FELIX: Uh…sorry. Reflex.

DUDE#2: I would stand up for my buddy, but you look like you could easily kill me. Fortunately, multiple members of the audience you’ve just attracted are informing the bouncers of the situation.

FELIX: I could also beat them up, but then someone will call the police.

DUDE#2: Indeed. You had best be on your way.

FELIX: And so I am. Nice meeting you.

(Felix pulls his hood over his head and faux casually power walks a few blocks down the street before ducking into an ally…)

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