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Welcome to the BodyCount Warrior Grand Prix II!

J The Ripper

FWrestling's Reckoning
Jul 16, 2011

In this thread you'll find the general "lay of the land" for the tournament. There's one VERY big difference this time; Death is real. Now you may wonder "Why would I join if my character can die?" well the answer is simple! All you have to do is roleplay and you won't be killed. Easy enough, right? This is how the tournament will work.

We want 16 participants at least. They can be male, female, other, wrestler, or fighter. It doesn't matter. The tournament will go in rounds and, if the unfortunate happens, and someone dies then someone who tried and was eliminated may just be brought back to mess up someones run for the top. The last time we saw Viktor Reise make history as he became the first ever winner of the BodyCount Warrior Grand Prix. Will he return? Who will walk out with the honor of becoming the second ever of winning?


This is controversial isn't it? Well I've decided to do two things to make sure things are 100% fair. First I removed myself from voting. Secondly I will have three judges. No one will know who the judges are but me, not even the other judges will know, and all judges are made to swear under penalty of death not to disclose that they are or were a judge.

I will be getting information for anyone that enters as far as what each judge is looking for. That way you have an idea of how you'll be judged.


Each round will last one (1) week. In that week you will have a chance to do two (2) roleplays. There IS a soft cap on roleplays to keep from sandbagging. The deadline will ALWAYS BE FRIDAY. Results go up Saturday/Sunday. Roleplaying for the next round will start Monday. Your first roleplay MUST be in by Wednesday @ 11:59PM (technically midnight). The same deadline applies to Friday. You do NOT have to write to roleplays but it is an option.

Death Wish:

Think you have what it takes? Full of yourself? Feel free to talk a little shit!

Any questions?

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