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Feb 4, 2005
Oh, hello! You've found my shop of strange and wonderful things!

...er, uh...

Welcome to WARFARE. My name is Seth Sheehan. I am 25 years young, I currently work at a job that' has me working wacky-ass hours and I'm getting married next month. I'll be the guy in charge/guy you blame/guy you scream at if you don't like what I'm saying. And if you're reading this, you're probably wondering what the fudge is going on. Well, this is my first true attempt at being a fedhead, since I've done everything else in this hobby on and off since 2001. I wanted to try a simple project that I could manage easily. I don't have the skills to make a website and if you're looking for posers or picbases, you're in the wrong place. But I've pitched this idea to several people and there's been some generated interest. So if this goes horribly awry, then this is all your guys' fault. :)

So before we begin, I am not open yet, nor have I really thought of an opening date. Ideally, I would like it to be within the next two-three weeks, but that all depends on whether or not I have enough bodies, then I will work on the first card. So don't worry. If you're thinking of joining still, you've got plenty of time as of this writing. What I'm including below is going to be the general primer for WARFARE with a little bit of the backstory, rules, and general things you need to know about what makes this project tick.


A regional promotion based out of Seattle, WA has been in the works for a couple years. An old auditorium in downtown Seattle has been bought by a group of professional wrestlers pooling their resources, including PRIME Hall of Famer Sonny Silver, his brothers Tim and Steven, former tSC Manager of Talent Relations Rosemary Avalon, and former two-time ACW Champion Andy Sharp. Rented out into a brand new sports venue and re-dubbed as the Silver Lining Hall, a series of shows would be filmed for television distribution. The project has been dubbed as WARFARE.

-Rather than the focus be on singles wrestling, great focus is being put on bringing out the best tag teams, trios, and stables that wrestling can bring together in one place. For far too long, tag team wrestling and many of its variants have been largely deemphasized in the United States. WARFARE plans on not just bringing it back, but ramming it down your collective throats until you’re coughing up tag team spunk. Okay, not THAT bad, but it presents a unique concept. Tag teams and groups from all over will be competing to prove that their respective ideals, backgrounds, and ways of life are the superior one.

-In terms of status, the fed will be probably a little above indy due to the amount of resources brought forward. It’s not going to be outshining juggernauts like the WWE, PRIME, EPW, or ACW anytime soon, but will retain a decent following among the Pacific Northwest. After a few months of successful shows, WARFARE may go on the road, but for right now, we’re in Seattle for the foreseeable future.

-While like any good wrestling promotion has its share of conflicts, I’m also all for things like pre-taped promos and will probably want to start by establishing teams. We want to meet the characters. Learn their own motivations. Why the **** is their group great? What makes this brand of group better than the Brand X group? Things like that to draw the audience in and sell your characters. Maybe one team’s ideals clash with another group and bam. There’s your feud.


-Launch date to be announced (or as soon as I get enough interest)

-This fed will be trash talk-style RP and it goes a little something like this. Every seven days, WARFARE will put out a broadcast akin to the old WWF Superstars of Wrestling. If you’ve ever seen this show, it was full of pre-taped vignettes and promos from the wrestlers. This will be your RP thread. I’m thinking something like a two-RP limit for regular shows. The following week will be the actual show that will be broadcast on a local Pacific Northwest television affiliates in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of northern California. Here, you will have segments that you will be responsible for. Got it? See the following:

Week One, WARFARE promo show (The War Room): RP thread.
Week Two, WARFARE Show (The Art of War): Segs for shows.

And rinse and repeat. So you have seven days for RPs, then seven days for segs. I’m going to be having these deadlines most likely take place on a Sunday so that way people have the weekend to get stuff in, plus that’s what works best with my wonky work schedule. But what about matches? Glad you asked.

-Matches: For these, I’ll be doing an extended summary of how the match goes, recapping all the details. It’s a fed that will largely consist of tag team matches and all kinds of variations, so I don’t expect everybody to stand up and volunteer and write. If you are insane and WOULD like to write a match, I’ll be more than happy to let you, but like I said before, I want you to be able to sell your characters and have fun without overtaxing yourselves. For supershows, the card will be written out in full in order to really sell the fact that it is a major turning point and feuds get proper blow-offs. I’ll give a little bit more time for RPs and the show to go out, but we’ll get to that at a lateer time.

-Super shows will probably happen roughly once every three months, really making it special. That equates to about five shows happening every other week before the major show. These will leave the confines of the Silver Lining Hall and will reach out to major venues like The Key Arena, Tacoma Dome and the Rose Garden out in WA’s neighbor in Portland. RP limits may be extended to three, but if you and your opponent decide you’d like to raise the cap and both parties agree to it, let me know and I’ll give you the go-ahead.

-While we will stick to a basic Trash-Talk RP, this will not be the sole deciding factor. I’ll also be on the look-out for things like card presence, helping with feuds, the flow of ideas and general contribution to the project. I want people to work hard, but I also want them to have fun doing it and reward those people for their overall involvement as well.


WARFARE UNITED CHAMPIONSHIPS: Let’s start with this guy. This is what we’re all here for, this is why people have banded together to come to WARFARE. This will be the WARFARE United Championships. The winners (whether they be a team, trio or atomico) will be presented with pair of platinum title belts (roughly seventeen pounds each) akin to the last ECW Championship design. The design shows the WARFARE logo, along with several flags from different countries and of course, can’t forget the name plate that tells you who runs this ****. They’ll also be presented with the WARFARE United Cup.
With the titles, the holders will be able to control some of the stipulations for their titles (Within reason, which means “check with Seth first.”). The idea is to give each champion their own identity with the titles while also making for some great challenges along the way.

The idea of a second set of titles or som ealternate championship will be considered down the line, but I’m thinking after we’ve established WARFARE after an arc or two and of course, volume of people.

TAG MATCH RULES: There’s several match types available within WARFARE. You have parejas (two-on-two), Trios (three-on-three) and of course, atomicos (four-on-four). Tag team matches will be contested without the use of tags. This means another teammate can enter so long as the “legal” man has exited the ring. For standard matches, they are one fall to a finish. Matches can be won by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or countout (but countout will be 20 seconds for more fun on the outside)
On some occasions (or if both parties wish for something beyond a standard match), they can be contested under other stips like two-of-three falls and elimination-style matches if necessary.

TEAM COMBAT: So, wait, how the **** are you going to have tag teams compete with trios and four-man stables? What the deuce? Here’s one of the golden rules laid down in WARFARE: No group can be larger than four people. That’s it. But to be fair to teams with lesser bodies, they’ll compete equal to the group with less people. (EX: Team A has two members, Team B has four. The four-man group can have any two of its group wrestle for the group a la Freebird Rules.) Get it? Good.

However, this is where it could get interesting. What if Group A has four people and they’re running ****? Two tag teams say “**** this bull****” and team up to take them on? Totally cool with that, in fact, I encourage it. Part of the fun of this project is the number of alliances that could form and break. What lengths are the characters willing to go to achieve victory? Will you team with your mortal enemies? It’s all part of the intrigue.

My only caveat: You get one team only. You’re already handling enough bodies, I don’t want anybody killing themselves. And if you and a buddy like this project and say, hey, why not? You can certainly brainstorm and co-handle a team. Perfectly fine with me.

SINGLES MATCHES: Now just because we’re primarily a tag league doesn’t mean that I won’t okay singles matches. I’m perfectly fine with singles wrestlers competing, maybe challenging other members of a group. Perhaps reps from each team wrestle one another to set up stips on a bigger match between actual teams. Maybe team captains face off. Or just for the f*ck of it, teammates in good spirits wrestle each other to put on a show. I’m cool with all of that, too.

STIPULATION MATCHES: Of course as it goes without saying, in this fair sport, sometimes conflict can only be settled with the use of special stipulations. There will not be any sort of ELIMINATION CHAMBER or HELL IN A CELL match types. War Games, MAYBE one day, but that’s for a later time. But by and large, WARFARE is not a deathmatch promotion. Stipulations can only be performed on heavily-hyped big cards and all supercards and again, within reason (which means, again, “Ask Seth first.”) They’re meant to be special and not thrown out willy-nilly. Last I checked, Mike Tenay and Tazz weren’t on commentary here, so this isn’t that place.


The whole idea of this project is to take a facet of professional wrestling and put my own spin on it that hopefully, people will enjoy. Personally, I like the idea, but there’s a saying of “different strokes for different folks.” I have no beef with anybody, I am not starting this project in order to compete with anybody and I’d like to think that during my many years in eW, I’ve been fun and approachable. I want this to be its own promotion with its own identity and I want any handlers taking place in the project to enjoy it, too.

If you are interested in this project, I'm opening up the bios thread and along with it, a template for your team bio. Feel free to post in there and if I like it, you're in. That's it. I don't have any real special criteria as there's a good chance I already know most of you. However, should your bio not be up to snuff, I do reserve the right to tell you to fix it up or go elsewhere.

That's about it. If you have any extra questions not addressed here or would like further clarification on anything, feel free to send me a PM (usually the best way to get at me when I'm working). I can be reached at sheehanseth@gmail.com and on AIM as Greatsaage.

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