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WFW Great Expectations: Troy Kidnapped!


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

BRANDON JACOBS: We are back, and we have some bad news to report, earlier tonight during Dan Ryan & Beast verse Aaron Rage & Pulsar, Alana Troy was kidnapped from the dressing room of Dan Ryan.

VIC WATERS: Are we sure that she was kidnapped?

BRANDON JACOBS: No message was left, but Ryan’s dressing room was totally trashed and it shows signs that there was a struggle.

JONATHAN MARX: Who has it out for Alana?

BRANDON JACOBS: Being a successful high profile lawyer, she has probably made her fair share of enemies, but we think it was someone who wanted to get revenge on his sister Lindsay Troy or her romantic interest Dan Ryan.

JONATHAN MARX: That is a long list, Inner Circle made a lot of enemies when they came into WFW the way that they did. It could be practically anyone.

VIC WATERS: Didn’t El Arco Iris kidnap Sherri to get his title match against Psycho?

BRANDON JACOBS: He is one of the leading suspects since he has a match tonight, so is Psycho after Dan Ryan cost him his title and Lindsay cost him the revenge match, so is Maelstrom after he got him fired… It could always be a member of LOVE who Dan Ryan rubbed the wrong way.

VIC WATERS: Maybe it is jealous Hornet who is upset Alana stole his gimmick.

JONATHAN MARX: Harvey Birdman would never do that, he is a hero to the masses.

BRANDON JACOBS: This isn’t the time for levity, we are doing our best to find her and we hope to before we get off the air tonight.

JONATHAN MARX: I know Lindsay and Ryan must be worried sick about her. There has been too much of this stuff with all the off screen attacks by that sicko who is still on the loose and Pitt and Thirteen antics, I wish people could keep this in the ring. I really hope she is okay.

VIC WATERS: Maybe if we didn’t have the Keystone Cops as our security, things like this wouldn’t happen.

BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we are going to take a commercial break, but when we comeback, it is time for the BAD World Heavyweight Title match as we promised as Jared Wells defends against Steve Johnson!


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