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WFW:NE Almost Live, 11.30.09!


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

LIVE from Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky on November 30, 2009!

Almost Lives falls victims to the Ghoulish Games of Halloween when it invades Louisville, Kentucky on November 30th! Although the event features just two matches, it should sure be a frightening good time! An open invitation Masquerade Ball Battle Royal will start things off in Freedom Hall. Anyone who wants to get in the match for a chance at New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart's belt can ... all they have to do is get in costume and eliminate everyone whose in their way! And in the main event ... there will be eight stipulations on the Wheel ... four from Psycho .. four from Felix Red ... and no one will know the stipulations until just moments before the WFW World Heavyweight championship is put on the line ... can Psycho continue his streak, will Felix Red survive and go on to WFW:NE Destrucity II for the unification match? Find out as WFW:NE comes to KENTUCKY for Almost Live!

MATCH #1 - Masquerade Ball Battle Royal: Winner Receives New ERA World Heavyweight Championship Shot @ Unplugged ... Omaha!

This is an open invitation battle royal! Anyone and Everyone can enter!

MATCH #2 - MAIN EVENT: WFW World Heavyweight Championship: Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal! -


*** All RP and angles are due by WEDNESDAY, December 2nd, 2009 at 11:59pm PST. Angles should be submitted to wfwnewrestling@gmail.com .. any angles not in the e-mail box by Thursday evening won't be on the card ...
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