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Whealdon runs down the Voodoo, or the greatest thing since *****es Brew.


League Member
Feb 24, 2009
Santa Monica
[Cue it up.]

[The overly chlorinated aquamarine of a pool sends shimmering fractals of sunlight streaming about. Sitting in a bleach white Adirondack chair, under a light diffusing pink sun sail, sits the man.]

[“Suite” Pete Whealdon.]

[ Resting on the arm of his chair is a glass with two cubes of ice and whiskey. For the curious, let’s say Pappy Van Winkle. Next to it is a clear ashtray with a sort of diamond shaped inlay. Above that ash tray held by two fingers is a burning cigarette. With a quick flick of the ring finger, ash wafts downward.]

[Whealdon is wearing his Aviators. Otherwise known as the coolest shades in the business. He sports a white button-down short sleeve shirt, completely undone, it reveals his auburn chest hair. His mustache and chops sport five o’clock shadow in the empty spaces. Naturally he is wearing a speedo. Neon Pink.]

[A puff of the cigarette. Another flick of the finger. More ash.]

[A drink of the Pappy. The glass is replaced.]

[A large ficus tree is present behind Whealdon.]

[Another puff of the cigarette. Another flick of the finger. more ash.]

[Another drink of the Pappy. The glass is replaced.]

[Fade out.]

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