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Who could it be???


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Feb 5, 2004
South Carolina
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-27-02 AT 09:20 AM (EDT)](The video of Chad Merrit’s announcement at Primetime plays until Merrit bars Eddy Love from teaming with Troy Windham. The screen freezes and the camera pans back to show Eddy Love thumbing the remote and pausing Merrit while pouring a high ball glass of Crown Royal Special Reserve over ice. Love is dressed in a long cobalt blue silk robe, a little short fur around the collar and a small playboy bunny emblem on the left breast. He swirls the drink around the glass then drinks it half empty slightly nodding yes as he addresses the camera.)

How about that..... I come back to CSWA , and with a little help from "The Epitome" bring the most feared Triumvirate in the CSWA’s history to it’s knees before it does anything more than mention Chad Merrit’s name..... and he thanks me by throwing me into a tag match, without MY tag team partner. Now history has proven that in this sport there is no better friend to have than Hurricane Eddy, but it’s easy to be a good friend when you don’t have many.... and let’s face it, as much as you people LOVE me..... I haven’t been able to make many friends in those locker rooms, no matter how charming I am.

Now was I upset with Big Daddy T when he tapped out??? Confused I’d say is more the word. Troy if you’re listening the only thing I hate more than seeing Mike Rambles getting his hand raised in victory is seeing you in pain. You always do your thing Troy, and nobody does it better. If tapping out is what you needed to do to make sure you were ready to beat up Eli Flair again, then so be it. That being said, I sure coulda used Troy at Anniversary....... I mean how do you replace Magic Johnson in your line up........ Eddy Love has never down graded on a partner....... from Steve Radder to Kevin Powers to Troy Windham I’ve moved right up the superstar totem pole, making each a little more famous and a little bit better wrestler along the way...... and now Boss Merrit (slight smile as he finishes his drink and replaces it on the Spanish tile wet bar) takes away my teammate. Can you imagine how the Wolf would sing a sad song about being dealt those cards, but that’s the difference between little Mike and myself...... I didn’t cry, I picked up the tape files and the telephone and called up the one man I’ve scouted who could possibly be called worthy of teaming with half of Playboys Incorporated. When you see my partner Mikey, my money is on you soiling your wolf panties.

Now who could Eddy Love team with??? I could look right here in the CSWA. Maybe find a wild eyed *Southern* boy like myself. There may be a man right there already on the payroll willing to *Cruise* right into tagging against the wolf, as if it were his *P-R-O-fessional duty* to help me out. Could be an old friend who has finally admitted the Southern Dandy always held the *Power*...... You know Mike the kind of guy who may leave you a bit *Adled*. This *Gentleman* could be such a *Site* that even the Wolf himself *Marks* out.

Or me being the kind of star that has the gravitational pull that I do...... maybe someone wrestling today but under a different banner could show the *Devotion* it would take to team with me....... he may become a *National Hero* just for showing up ........ I mean Love wouldn’t have to go all the way to South Carolina to find out if some scout has dug up a wrestler who might prove to be *Sweet*. It would be *Wylde* to pull in some big Indy wrestler and beat Randalls with him.

Then again I may dig back in that classic film file.... you know the one where that damn Hornet is still in his Mid thirties and you can’t make out the wrinkles through the face paint..... and come up with a partner that could *Flick* Mikey from the ring in a manner that would be *rare*. Merrit has left me open since even he won’t know who I could bring to the ring.... I mean I could even bring someone who had a *Rocky* relationship with the CSWA, the company or the whole *Corporation* and still has a *stake* in that thugery the Wolf calls a legacy. I do promise this..... my partner will not be *Mickey* Mouse, nor *Benedict* Arnold...... but if he were a little slimy like a *Worm* he’d fit right in whether he was *Arrogant* or just a *Starr*. Maybe someone will extend their hand to Eddy Love simply because of *Faith* or a message they wish to *Preach*. In Greensboro this you should all know, Eddy Love and his partner will wreak *Havoc*.

So Rambles, it’s been a solid year of me and you. The Doc has had to put me on Ritlin due to trying and follow those monotone novels you read aloud about what you’ll do to me on TV. Rambles,, Merrit, CSWA..... only one of you knows who it is that will extend his hand to me in Eddy Love country...... but I’ll tell you who he is...... he’s the same man who gets that very hand raised along with Hurricane Eddy Love at the end of the night.

(Love pours another glass, and eases onto the LOVE seat, restarting Merrit’s voice on the video. FTB)

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