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WNW 2/14 Live Arena report

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Ottawa, ON

Sven Jensen, reporting

About three thousand or so in the arena. Lots of Toronto sucks chants before the card started

-Dark Matches-

Jake McCody over local jobber Ralph the Viking in about 5 minutes with the Jonesvillecanrana

Lance Thunder?! over The Idiot Fan in four minutes with a fisherman's suplex.


PbPro beats the Inner Sextum in around twenty minutes after Promo chokes out Justin Evitable with the Fadeout. He was helped by FF hitting the True Face with a dildo that was accidentally excreted from ROBOYORI. The crowd was deeply into the sexbot. Not like that, though.

Backstage, the midget and his twin brother converse. His brother is wearing a weird black and white mask, and is not, in fact, a midget. Though he's not very tall.

Biff interviews Duchess and she promises a win tonight.

Yamada interrupts the PbPro victory celebration to announce Justin v. Red for the PbPro Quintuple Crown title at Zero Hour in an MBE Street fight. Big pop for that.

Hoss Garrison beats Ace Mason with the Dixie Driver in about seven minutes. Fuse tries to cheat on Ace's behalf a bunch, but Ace wanted none of it. Jimmy showed up and drunkenly tried to celebrate with the Billies but got tossed by Hoss.

Dority and Doc cut a ranting interview about midgets and their unnatural lifestyle.

Backstage, the Thrillbillies have a run-in with the Underground Icon and Red, they say they should be next in line for the tag belts, after some tet a tet Ravage shows up and punks the Billies. Beatdown until Jimmy makes the save. Hoss is still pissed.

Doc/Dority beat Midget/Midget Bro when Dority chokeslams the midget to hell after going a little bit crazy. He gets jumped by the midget's brother who reveals himself as MAGGOT! The crowd goes nuts as Maggot beats Doc from pillar to post and gets on the mic to say they have unfinished business as Doc runs for his life.

Andy is interviewed by Biff. He is tired of being overlooked. He has been on a mission since he came back to MBE taking out Promo and AJ Cirrus, but that was unfinished business. All that's left now is the Big Gold Belt.

Jeffrey Roberts over Gentleman Nate MacNally in about six minutes with the Shooting Star Legdrop. Roberts is insane. He dove clear into the crowd onto all three members of the Lot while they were having a pint with fans at the beginning of the match.

Duchess beats Andy Gilkison in twenty-five minutes with a Rana Roll-up. Red interfered when Andy had Duchess in the Andybomb after Promo took out Lance Thunder. In the chaos a second ref counted the pinfall. The beatdown continued after the match. Lance cleared the ring with a chair, but got choked out again by Promo. Justin came out to make the save, but ended up getting carved up by Red to end the show. Justin bled a TON. Scary moment as he got carted out after the show ended and there was blood all over the gurney.

Biggest Pops

1. The Maggot reveal
2. Justin Evitable
3. Duchess

Biggest Boos

1. Doc
2. Promo
3. Roberts

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