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Women's Championship: Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal - GAUNTLET


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the KARLA STARR v KRIST BLUE v WHISPER v JANE DOE / CARLEE MARX v CAITLYN DAYMON v VICTORIA HAWKE 'Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal' match at New ERA Battle BRAWL to determine the first ever New ERA Woman's Champion should be posted in this thread. This match is a GAUNTLET 'Spin the Wheel, Mae the Deal!' match .. which means that everytime a new competitor enters, the wheel is spun and a new stipulation is in place!

RP and angles are due Friday, December 3rd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ... enjoy!
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I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
A matter of time.

(Mercedes narrows her eyes.) OORP: This also takes place during Thanksgiving.
(Fadein, Cameron Cruise' home in Jacksonville, NC. The camera cuts to the kitchen as we see Mercedes Devon-Cruise taking a pot off the stove as the window above the nearby seat shows a 2005 Viper roaring to a halt in front of the Cruises' country home. Stepping out first is Carter Cruise, dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt and a sports coat, as he mouths off something about the road coming up to the house as he stops at the passenger side door, helping out Karla Starr, dressed in a white-laced blouse and a more conservative black skirt and matching heels. Looking back at the house, Karla sees the camera set-up in the living room from Cameron's RP a few minutes prior, and grimaces, walking up to the door. Walking in, their conditional smiles turn more to frown's as they near the camera set.)

C: It never seems to end does it little brother, not even for Thanksgiving??

CC: (Cameron grins, hugging his older sibling.) You're starting to see it my way are you??(Cruise grins once more as he turns to his wife's friend.) I hear you're makin' quite the wave over in New ERA. That true?

STARR:(Smiles) Let's just say I've grown tired of waiting for opportunity to knock. I've just chosen to grab it by the neck and bring it to me first before it knows what's hit it.

CC: Good call.

KS: Mercy's here, no?

CC: Yup, she's almost finished setting things up in the other room.

(Cruise motions over to where Mercedes is at and turns back to his brother, changing the conversation to something more current at the moment---NFL Football. The camera then cuts to where Mercedes is seen setting plates on the table, and adding silverware next.)

KS: (Nodding over towards the table) Missed a spot.

(Mercedes looks over in the motioned direction and sees nothing of the sort and then realization hits her, and she turns to her friend and smiles.)

MDC: Happy Thanksgiving, ya brat, glad you made it.

KS: Back atcha girl, glad I can finally get a day off from work to even ATTEMPT to go somewhere.

MDC: Speaking of attempts....how was last week in Sacramento??

KS: Unbelievable.

MDC: Really? How so?

KS: Nono, not so much in a good way. More like the...I'm never-going-to-tag-with-anyone-else-but-you type way.

(Mercedes narrows her eyes, intrigued.)

MDC: Go on.

KS: I decided I'd try and let that Blue chick we beat up the other day have a shot at showing what she's got right? Not a good showing. So what do I do? I turn around and basically GIVE her the win....

MDC: But you NEVER do that!!

KS: (momentarily cutoff, continues) Oh I know!! She couldn't cut the mustard by herself, so I lay out Caitlyn and lil' miss nutzoid all by myself and couldn't have done a better job at it if I say so myself.

(Mercedes stops a second from setting the table as she turns back to Karla in the kitchen, listening. In the backround both Cruise brother's are on the edge of their seat as they watch the Dallas Cowboy game with intent.)

MDC: You may. So, after you beat them up....you gave Blue the pin again right? You can't tell me she didn't get it!!

(Starr shakes her head, and Mercedes' eyes widen in disbelief.)

MDC: You're kidding?!?!!!

(Starr shakes her head.)

KS: It's as if she CRAVES the butt-kicking that she receives and she can't wait until the Pay-Per-View to get it and she needs it now. That the case I should've just knocked her out myself, backstage.

MDC: So what happens at the pay-per-view??

KS: My moment of truth. All the guidance I've been given, all the sweat, pain, and effort we've put in the past few years on this circuit ends, and I get what I most rightly deser--

(Mercedes narrows her eyes again, cutting off Karla mid-sentence.)

KS: What we BOTH deserve, and that's the chance at being New ERA's first Woman's Champion.

(Mercedes smiles widely, as the two of them hug briefly.)

MDC: I knew one of us would show 'em, it was just a matter of time.

KS: That's right. (Karla grins)

MDC: There is something you should know. The Pay-Per-View isn't going to just be a chance to show those fans an example like you've done so in the past.

KS: Oh?

(Mercedes holds up a finger and reaches over at the nearest counter which has the PPV's lineup. She hands it over to Karla who's eyes widen in horror as she smiles.)

MDC: You're not worried?

KS: Oh honey please....this is gonna be over so much quicker than you can dial up Daymon and tell her why she's the biggest whore of 'em all.

MDC: (Smiles coyly) You know...you make such a good point.

KS: I know.

(Karla reaches into a cover to get some glasses as we hear the Cruise brothers yell out "TOUCHDOWN!!" and celebrate as we fade out.)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of an NEW Backdrop, wearing skin-tight black jeans and a black shirt with her posing arrogantly on the front, as well as "Jealousy has a new name....YOU.", underneath. Flipping her hair back with both hands, she crosses her arms over her chest and smirks.)

STARR: You know, I thought stupidity ended with Jane Doe....Pardon me....Marx's sister.

But it appears that my leaving the match last week left not only the rest involved dumbfounded....as if there was any surprise there....but apparently stammering and speechless as to what to say this week as well.

As far as Hawke's excuse...well...

(Starr changes her voice as if she were speaking to a toddler.)

I suppose she's been too busy to even notice anything other than her beauty fan club receding to even realize that anything has been going on since her last match.

However, I suppose I should take the bad things along with the good and take responsibility for her absence, both of body and mind, after all....it was my superkick that knocked her silly in the first place....just as it did with Rabesque....Chaos....Daymon...heck the list just never ends does it??

I told you all before I even set one gorgeous foot into NEW ERA Wrestling, and I'm going to say it once again....'specially for those like Daymon whose too busy tending to her baby girl to bother paying attention or tramps like Blue or Carlee who simply just can't take a hint.

The NEW ERA Woman's Championship and praise all need to be given to me.

I've worked too long, and too hard to be denied it.

(Starr holds up a hand and starts to count fingers.)

Not by whored-up-idiot who can't get the job done when it counts....

Not by some Karla-Starr-wannabe who clearly can't cut it without the modeling business.

Not by some delirious tramp who thinks that a Mythical-Solar-Panel of some sort will lead her to victory....quit watching the Scifi-channel, wouldja??

Not by a ditzy-dirtbag who's stealing spotlight from someone who perhaps is too embarrassed himself by the association to even admit it.

And not by some Mother-turned-Wrestler at the last minute.

Not if I have a say about it.

Believe me....I do.

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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

Red lights are beam off walls as a siren is heard. A voice is heard over a PA system

PA: Alert escape on maximum security level 3, alert. All guards purse escapee. Repeat escape attempt on level two. All guards report.

Four guards are seen sprinting down the corridor. As the camera’s tail the guards we see Jane Doe running full speed also. A guard steps in front of her as he slides in-between his legs and continues her escape.

PA: Black Water is going on lockdown. Repeat locking down sector 4!

A door begins to close as a red a green lights above it go off. A buzzing sound is heard. Jane starts running as it, guards are on her tail as he jumps trough before the door closes. Jane smiles getting up as two guards are in front of her. They knock her down forcing a needle in her. The guards drag her into a room. Behind two way glass sits another camera. In the room is a small TV, the TV play’s Karla Starr’s recent promotion. Jane pops up.

JD: “So Karla Starr is talking about me? After the stunt she pulled she has the nerve to say that I am stupid? Shows the way the world is turning these days. On how you can’t trust anybody, and that everyone is just more worthless than the next.”

“But after everything I tried, after every escape attempt from this place, I am kept going back to what if I became a champion. And when it sinks in I try harder to get out of this place. But what is the point, for I can go into the match unprepared? Be another loser like Karla or the other women for that matter?”

“No, I may have not done as much as the other women around here. But hell I have but in my time and done my just as hard as the next. Harder than Karla and I base this on one thing.”


“It just shows how weak you truly are, it shows tat you can’t handle it when it comes at you hard. What was it Karla? Just because you took my place in DREDD you think you are the best? You think you have become an all star?”

“A hit or miss wrestler you are. You go to superkick Jean Rabesque and miss. Shows your inaccuracy, proves that I am one step above the rest. And you think you can highlight the night of the PPV, walk out the Women’s champion? I think not. I think you have nothing, that you are nothing, and that your skill is nothing. You couldn’t step up to a tag match, and you think you can step up to me? I think not”

“Praise and glory be giving to Karla Starr. Why? Why should we praise such a worthless women? A disgrace to our race. What has she done that others have not, won a couple matches? Great, good for you, you have not accomplished much. Going to “walk out” the champ.”

“If you going to be going out the arena with a title, you are not going to be walking out with it, I guarantee that to you Karla. If anything you are going to be dragged out, or put on a stretcher. As long as I get my shots at you I will be content.”

“Title? I don’t need it”

“Sanity? Lost it”

“Pride? Never had it”

“Grudges? Keep close to my heart”

“And Enemies? You have become mine”

“If I break my body in the goal to stop you, I will. My goal is simple, to destroy you, to make sure you do not walk out of that arena thinking second of me.”

“When this night is over I will be the champion, if that means taking you out of the ring before the match. I will make you fear me”

“But hell you want to think you are number one go ahead. Your end is near. And you will not be the Starr (yes that is a pun) of the night.”

“See you in the ring”

Two guards enter the room as Jane jumps up and shoves through them with another escape attempt. The guards sigh and chase after her

PA: We have another escape attempt all guards in the detention level. Repeat all guards to the detention level.



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Starr in front of a NEW ERA backdrop.)

KS: Guess you can add "Memory-Re-lapses" to your "File", Jane, because you're obviously not paying any attention to anything else, just like Victoria.

With the exception of your little uninvited appearance in my match against Hawke, I've been kicking everyone's pathetic punk-a$$ since before I even set foot in this company.

But as I keep proving time and time again, even that little incident was remedied faster than you could remember....well...anything I suppose.

Yeah, I've got the nerve to talk about you, Doe.

Because you're too much of an IDIOT to remember that I'm not just a Beautiful and Gorgeous woman....I'm 100% B*tch to boot. I've proved it to Jean...I've proved it to Daymon, and everyone else that has a problem believing it.

But no Jane, I don't need your spot in "DREDD" to make it true either, because if you haven't noticed Doe, I don't NEED "DREDD", to succeed in this business. That superkick on Chaos should've at least given you THAT much.

Your contradictions, feeble attempts at appearing collected are duely noted, tramp.

False....but noted.

I'm going to be NEW ERA's Inaugeral Woman's Champion Doe, by beating whomever I want....HOWEVER I want.

Because I can, and because I will.

This time, once it's over....I'll have the belt to prove it.

I guarantee it.



Jan 1, 2000

(Here’s something for a change of pace.)

(Let’s step away from the repetitive and recently mimicked technique of fading into the Daymon household, and let’s just go to the basic WFW backdrop. Arms folded over her chest, Caitlyn Daymon steps into the frame, looking sober and determined.)

Caitlyn Daymon

Over the past week, I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating… thinking hard on my current situation in NEW’s Women’s circuit.

I’ve been looking back at the tag match where Whisper and I found victory… and I’ve been thinking a lot of Karla Starr, and how she practically abandoned her partner in that ring the second she realized she couldn’t cut it.

I’ve been thinking about the recent thorn in my side, Krist Blue… and the person who stood at my side last week, Whisper.

Additionally, on the back burner, I’ve been thinking of Victoria Hawke and Jane Doe—err, scratch that; Carlee Marx.

Each and every one of these outstanding athletes stands in my way to the Women’s Title.

And what can I say about them?

Victoria Hawke hasn’t done much since coming into NEW… nor has she said much all week. If she intends to show her face in the ring, then I don’t think she’ll pose as much as a problem.

There’s also Whisper to consider. At Raucous, she proved herself to be an outstanding athlete. But now, she stands against me. While I think she’s done pretty well for herself thus far, the only victory that stands on her side was one that I delivered. She has a few more steps before she comes to my level, and I won’t allow her to beat me at Battle Brawl…

Then there’s Krist Blue… crazy in the head, and wild in the ring. She can fight well, but she hasn’t done jack to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with in this division. She hasn’t done anything to earn a win thus far, and I won’t let her do anything in the ring.

To be honest, the only two people I’m concerned about are Jane Doe and Karla Starr.

Jane and I already have a history together… and in every instance we’ve met, I’ve gotten the better of her. Still, in her single promo, she pretty much addressed everything I was feeling toward Karla Starr. But there’s only one problem…

Jane seems to forget that there will be four other women involved in this match, and one of them happens to be myself.

Doe has professed that her goal is to beat Karla Starr at any costs… but what if it turns out that the two of them never even meet in the ring? After all, we’re fighting a Gauntlet Elimination match with stipulations being changed at every spin of the wheel.

What if I eliminated her before she got the chance to even see Karla with her own eyes?

The possible is very likely… I’m going into this ring, considering my greatest threats, and preparing myself fully for whatever is to come.

This is all about focus… and Jane Doe—or Carlee Marx—has none.

Finally, there’s Karla Starr…

(Caitlyn chuckles briefly.)

Caitlyn Daymon

That was a fine performance you displayed at Raucous, Karla. But I’m afraid it wasn’t enough to impress me… and hardly enough to prove you as the best woman in this league.

One-hundred percent *****, maybe… everybody knows that, with the way you’ve been acting. But you’re far, far away from number one, Karla. I proved that to you first-hand in the ring… when you walked out.

Was I too much to handle?

That’s typical, Karla… but I’m sure someone like you will probably whip up another egotistical excuse to wish your follies away.

Should you and I meet in that Gauntlet Elimination match at Battle Brawl, without Krist Blue to help you, there’s not going to be any running away. I’m going to do to you what someone should have done a long time ago.

Beat you? Yes, and maybe something a little more…

I’m going to humble you, Karla. I’m going to prove to you that you ain’t quite at the level you think you are.

Whether or not you take that belt means nothing to me. I’m merely on a quest to put you in your place.

Pray someone finishes you in that match before you face me, Karla…

(With that, she steps off the stage, and we fade to black.)


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