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Women's Title: Lewes v Starr (c)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, backstage at the PPV, International Intrigue. The camera creeps into a room marked 'PRIVATE' and peers in as NEW ERA Women's Champion Karla Starr lays face down for a post-match massage. The masseuse, amazed at what lays before him, forgets what he's doing and rubs down her right shoulder blade and hits a nerve.)

STARR: Oww!! Watch what you're doing asshole!! That hooker drove her hooker-heel into that shoulder blade earlier tonight and it didn't particularly feel too good, so if you know what's good for you and your job...you'll be extra careful from now on.

(Starr looks up a moment and notices the camera and scowls.)

KS: I knew you bastards couldn't wait.

(Starr sighs and rests her head on her hands in front of her.)

The woman who made Heidi Fleiss a footnote.....Caitlyn Daymon. You know...you gave me what some women would call a hell of a run.....(Starr pauses and stares blankly into the camera as if she were trying to figure what to say next....but instead laughs out loud, and in the process, yelping in pain.)....are you KIDDING ME?!?!!

I've told you over and over you grossed-out-piece-of-cat-pheces, but you never get the message!!

You will NEVER....EVER...beat me!!

You couldn't beat me at Survivor...you couldn't possibly have a better debut here than I, and you couldn't possibly contend worse against me in a serious contest for a title you never ever will deserve!!

Not to mention I'm smarter and much more beautiful than you could ever dream, even if you airbrushed.

I beat you out in Survivor as well as Lindsay Troy and all the other tramps on there to be the only woman Survivor....I beat you from pillar to post every night we set foot in the ring together....and that's before that hooker that signs my paychecks even introduced the Women's Title!! Fast forward to my manifesting destiny for myself....in which you actually thought I was going to break a sweat in that match at BattleBrawl...you lost then, you lost in the tag matches that followed, and everything thereafter up to last night.

When I beat you, yet AGAIN....with your own move.

(Starr shakes her head again, as if to say "Tsk, tsk, tsk".)

But please....do keep trying....counties of out-of-work-mothers on welfare depend on you, I'm sure you'll do well next time.

Actually I don't but the point has since walked out of the room.

(Karla waves it off and her voice then turns to that of one of annoyance.)

Speaking of hookers....evidently Juliet Marceau can't give someone of my brilliance and beauty like myself her due and the show after the Pay-per-view off....because the new number one contender demands her shot right away.

Marceau.....Juliet, if you will...have you not one ounce of decency in consideration of what I've accomplished??

I'm the best thing you've got since you and Marcus started this company....why insisting on shoving my excellency down peoples' throats?? Can't you see that they need someone more of an original style and skill to come against me other than Blue, Daymon or that kiss-ass Carla??

(The Masseuse stops what he's doing and whispers something inaudible in Karla's voice and Starr expression temporarily changes to that of disgust. Waving him back to what he's doing, Starr rests her head on her hands again.)

You give a moron abit of length to work backstage at a show and he tries to take it a mile...

(Starr shakes her head)

Olivia Lewes.

You know at one time I actually thought that we'd make good on quite abit of things around here. Perhaps do abit of shopping together....poke fun at Daymon and Whisper as well as pop culture, you know....almost like Laverne an' Shirley.

Only I hated Laverne an' Shirley, so I guess that one's out.

But the point of what I'm sayin' here is that why'd you have to turn an' be like the rest?? Everyone around here want's to be the top around here yet nobody wants to work for it.

(Starr changes her facial expression temporarily.)

"Hi, my name is Caitlyn Daymon and all I talk about is how great my husband is, and how much of a model-mother I am to women everywhere...you should give me a title shot."

Or perhaps this is better...(Starr changes her voice as it becomes almost to that of Krist Blue's.)

"Hi, I'm Krist Blue, and I like toking up, gangbangs, teasing Jason Payne, and taking it up the ass!! You should give me a shot!!"

Ple--(Starr's voice cracks, as it sounds half like Blue's and half her own), excuse me...


Please, Olivia....I'm not a woman to beg.

(The camera moves in for a close up on Starr's face.)

But you don't want this at Rapture, this is too much.

Let me do you a favor and just take the countout win and you could go back to being second-best and neither one of us will take a beating, either way.

I'm givin' ya up to the sound of the bell to decide.

I surely hope you don't disappoint.


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