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Words from NWL boss.... EL JEFE!



(FADE IN:....... to an early morning setting in the parking lot of the main NWL office building. In the distance we begin to hear the roar of an engine, getting steadily louder as it approaches. Moments later, we see Maelstrom arrive on his Harley V-Rod, the glint of the sun occasionally blinding us as it reflects off the NWL World Title that is looped around the Harley's handle bars. He begins to slow to a cruise as he pulls into a newly renovated VIP parking spot located at the buildings entrance. The sign on that parking spot has a gold plated stand in front, displaying the words.... "EL JEFE". With one final arrogant rev of the engine, Maelstrom dismounts, unfastens the buckle of his newly won world title and slides it off slowly from the Harley's handlebars, allowing the buckle to hit the ground as he turns and walks off towards the building's entrance, dragging the NWL World Title noisily behind him. He suddenly stops before reaching the entrance, turns around, and stares at the stand with the "EL JEFE" name plate on it by his Harley. Seconds later, a wry smile appears across his face as he nods faintly in approval before turning and entering the building......

CUTTO: .... a door with a gold-plated name plate on it which reads.... "NWL BOSS... EL JEFE". A hand comes out from behind the camera and knocks on the door twice before disappearing out of view again. Seconds later we hear a deep voice respond loudly from inside the office with one single word..... "ENTER!".

At that point, the door is pushed open and we find ourselves face to face with the new NWL World Heavy Weight Champion, Maelstrom, aka.... EL JEFE! He sits there with a smirk on his face, the NWL World Title dangling carelessly on a chair next to him. He regards them intensely before finally speaking..... )

MAELSTROM: Relax fellas, I'm not quite ready for you just yet. I've got a bit of NWL business to attend to.

(Maelstrom reaches over and presses the intercom button on his desk... seconds later a voice comes over the intercom, obviously the secretary's voice)

SECRETARY: Yes Mr. Maelstrom?

MAELSTROM: Did you get my memo regarding HOW my staff should address me?

(an uncomfortable silence is heard as the secretary obviously realizes the mistake she made)

SECRETARY: My sincerest apologies.... EL JEFE. It won't happen again.

MAELSTROM: If you value yer job here, it better not happen again! Now, I want you to get in contact with the Long Island Police Department and post bail on Hacker. For his sake, having him arrested at last nites card made him see the light as to who the REAL power is in the NWL! Besides, without a "WIFE" for congigal visits, he may end up being like Hart, having a "queer" eye for the "straight" guy. Also, I need to get cracking on the line-up for the next Combat card. I want you to make the necessary promotional arrangements for the following matches I've decided to book. Okay, starting with the opening match..... John Doe vs. that new guy from A1E, um what's his name again, HOMO?

SECRETARY: Do you mean Promo?

MAELSTROM: Yes, that's the one. Book those two for the opener. Then Cameron Love vs..... Love? Is that his REAL NAME?

SECRETARY: Um yes, El Jefe. It is.

MAELSTROM: WHAT KINDA F(BLEEP)KED UP NAME IS THAT FOR A WRESTLER?! Get in contact with him and tell him he needs to change that name to something more .... WRESTLER-LIKE! Tell him after this next card, he needs to change his name to Cameron LUST!

SECRETARY: Okay Mr. um, I mean El Jefe. But if I may say, I don't think he'll take kindly to that suggestion.

MAELSTROM: You're under the impression that I'm "ASKING" him which I'm obviously not. Inform him that if he has a problem with my demand, then he can take it up with ME, personally! And don't forget to tell him he'll be booked against Poseidon on the upcoming Combat card. Next, book this Sgt. Madman against Ryan Cruz then Shawn Hart vs. Jarod Poe. By the way, I'm still getting a LOT of complaints about Shawn Hart regarding that "peculiar" way he has of leering at wrestlers in the dressing rooms. Tell Hart I want to see him at one o'clock sharp this afternoon, here in MY office to discuss his uh..... "suggestive" behavior!

(takes a moment to look directly at us and smile in a very animated, mishieveous manner before resuming)

MAELSTROM: Oh and inform Poe that he needs to take off some of those F(BLEEP)KING ear and body piercings! It's gotten to the point where the metal detectors sound off if he's anywhere near them, and it's giving me a damn headache! Okay, back to the Combat card. I also want to book Adam Benjamin against Stephen Waltz, That runt of a nephew of mine, Dakota Smith against The Watcher and for the main event, have The American give Pulsar a rematch for that International title, 'cuz lord knows Pulsar's whining has reached pathetic proportions! As for me, I'll be taking the night off from competition on that night because the truth of the matter is.... I HAVE NO COMPETITION! You got that? Buzz me when yer done!

SECRETARY: Yes El Je----

(Maelstrom cuts off the switch before the secretary could finish answering, then he grins faintly and addresses the cameras)

MAELSTROM: Alrighty! Where were we? Oh yeah, I just wanted to assure our FORMER boss, Mr. Medina, who is lying all broken up in the hospital, not to fret! I have everything.... and I DO mean.... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G under control (winks). So take yer time and recuperate from those AWFUL injuries you sustained when you "slipped" and fell onto those chairs, EL JEFE is on the job! Oh yeah, and one last thing.... no need to thank me, the pain yer going through is thanks enough!

(begins laughing, seconds later the intercom buzzes)


SECRETARY: Sir, I just wanted to let you know that the bookings for the next Combat card have been set. All that's needed is for President Medina's sig---- um, I mean YOUR signature El Jefe.

(an uncomfortable silence ensues as Maelstrom glares at the intercom... after a while he responds)

MAELSTROM: I see..... is there anything else?

SECRETARY: Um, yes, as a matter of fact there is, there is a Mr. Adam Benjamin here to see you? He says you are expecting him?

MAELSTROM: Yes I am, send him right in. Oh and one last thing.

SECRETARY: Yes Mr. Mael--- um, I mean, El Jefe?


(Before we can hear the secretary's response, Maelstrom slams his fist down on the intercom, shattering it into pieces. Moments later, the door opens and in walks Adam Benjamin. He stands by the doorway, holding the door open as Maelstrom motions for the camera crew to leave..... FADE OUT just as Adam Benjamin slams the door shut in our face....)

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