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World Tag Team Championship: Survivor Match - Inner Circle v SoW v BoE


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the INNER CIRCLE / SAVIORS OF WRESTLING / BORED of EDUKASHUN match at New ERA BANNED in the US should be posted in this thread.

*This match is a SURVIVOR match for the vacant World Tag Team Championships. The action will take place in a ring floating on devices in the Havana Harbor. The only way to win is to toss each and every opponent out of the ring, over the top rope, and into the water. Both teammates must be eliminated before the team is out.

RP and angles are due Sunday, August 12th at 11:59pm PST. All angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ... enjoy!


Jan 10, 2007
san antonio, tx
Tyler Hensen is seated in the middle of an old boxing ring, in an old rundown gymnasium. Old, yellow, weathered posters line the walls, proclaiming the glories of days gone by, fighters come and gone, and the wars they fought for survival, for dominance of the squared circle.

Standing with his arms crossed, his weight shifting from foot to foot is his tag team partner, Sherman Wentworth. Sherman sighs and looks at Tyler, running his hand through his hair. "Hey, you called me here what'd you want?"

Tyler looks up at his partner and shakes his head, "Have a seat big man," he says, gesturing toward a metal folding chair sitting nearby. "By the way, your fly is open. Zip that up would you? Geeez."

Sherman blushes a little, and does indeed zip up his pants as he takes a seat.

Tyler smirks, "I dunno if you heard by now, but our next match is gonna be against the Inner Circle a-"

"The Inner Circle?? OH boy! They're my second favorite tag team!"

Tyler blinks and then continues, unfazed, "Anyway, it's against The Inner Circle and the Saviors of Wrestling."

"Oh boy, the Saviors of Wrestling are my favorite tag team!"


Sherman hangs his head and looks down at his feet, "But they're funny, and cool, and stuff." He's almost pouting.

"Anyway, like I was saying, I have some tapes of their matches, including the one we beat Adam and Chandler in. We need to study the tapes of Troy and Ryan if we're going to beat them, so we can learn their moves and try to figure out counters. They're good, in fact I KNOW they're better than us...but we got one little thing they don't..."

Sherman blinks and peers at him, "What's that?"

"Oh you'll see my compadre, you'll see..."

(Time passes)

Tyler has compiled a very complete bunch of notes about the match.

"You can come out now..." he calls, sighing.

Sherman crawls out from under the ring, "That was scary!"

"Man, it was just a match..I mean it WAS a bit of a surprise to see them get all intense like that...but they're good, they're REALLY good.

Sherman shakes his head, "Nuh-uh! They used to be nice and cool, and funny and and...like...my heroes, but now...they're REALLY mean. "

"Yeah, well it looks like they might be splitting up anyway. Wouldn't take much to split them apart...be an easy win for us.

Sherman shakes his head, "I need to go for a walk...I...I need to think about this..."

Sherman Wentworth steps out of the ring and walks off camera, a soft slam is heard shortly afterwards. Tyler Hensen looks into the camera and smirks.

"See...Inner Circle, you ARE bigger, you ARE faster, you ARE tougher, heck, you're even more popular than we are. But we got something you don't.

"Now every underdog claims he's got "heart". That ain't what I'm talking about...see...my partner, he's a good guy, he's tough, he's brave, he's good to kids and small animals, but he's also an idealist. Heroes remain heroes and villains remain villains, when those lines blur it confuses him. Confusion leads to fear...and fear gives you strength to lash out at the things you don't understand. By the time I'm done with him, that fear will be a righteous rage, capable of destroying you...I hope. Either that or he's gonna...no...no, this HAS to work...it just has to. Troy, Ryan, Adam, and Chandler...Prepare to be Edukated."

Tyler sighs and shakes his head, suddenly realizing the camera is still on. He stands up and gives the "cut" sign to the cameraman.


Jan 1, 2000
The Peak of the Mountain

FADE IN......

Far above the rest of the world, on the top of the tallest mountain in the largest mountain range on Earth.....stands "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy and "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan. Oddly, they have no coats, no oxygen and Dan is wobbling very artificially to and fro as though about to fall. Troy however, is looking at him like he's a retard.

Ryan: "Here we are, NEW. As advertised....the best tag team ever assembled, from high up on this mountain top where the greats of the wrestling world dwell...feasting on the souls of mere mortals and dining on the carcasses of Cameron Cruise and Duchess.....ERRR....of lesser beings.

Ryan turns to Troy, her turn to speak. She sighs.

Troy: "This might be the dumbest thing you've ever done, Dan. And I didn't forget about that time you tagged with Maelstrom."

Ryan: "AS I WAS SAYING.....we're here, lording over the common folk and specifically....over the Saviors of Wrestling, who I'm not even sure are still a team...and Bored of Edukashun, who have a cute gimmick and all....but cannot withstand the all powerful Inner Circle onslaught that awaits them!!!"

Ryan turns to Troy, who's just shaking her head.

Troy: "Yeah, I was right the first time. This is the dumbest thing you've ever done."

Troy walks off screen and we hear a switch being flipped. The now obvious green screen behind them switches off and we're stuck staring at a mass of verde, as Ryan watches Troy walk back and just look at him, like he's from another planet. Ryan stares, until finally letting a smirk come over his face.

Ryan: (turning back to the camera) "Alrighty then, as I was saying - Bored of Edukashun.....apparently you have the upper hand for the role of....team to appear like they may win before the Inner Circle tears them in half and wins the match in under five minutes. In the very least, you managed to show up....and that's half the battle."

"Now I'd be happy to talk about Adam Benjamin and Chandler Maxwell, but Benji's been in more thrown together tag teams and mid level title matches that really, the track record speaks for itself. And Chandler....I'm not sure I could pick him out of a lineup.

"As for you two.....you...Edukashun people, we've already been through this song and dance once before. You didn't do too well in your first audition, so I'm not sure what makes you think you'll do any better now."

Troy: (rolling her eyes) "I feel like I'm stumping for the Big DUH! Sales Event here.

"This isn't your high-school drama club auditions, kids, where if you suck too badly to be cast in a lead role you're relegated to the ensemble or...worse yet...scenery. You may have gone your whole lives being trees or rocks, but here, you're just going to end up permanent mainstays in a hospital bed.

"I'd be sorry to have to break the news so callously, except I rather enjoy being callous and b*tchy, as I'm sure the tapes have enlightened you."

Ryan: "It's true. She does love it."

Troy smirks as well.

Troy: "The youth of America need to be educated, and I'm more than willing to do my part. While you two can be classified as simpering man-children, grown-ups still clinging to the lasts wisps of childhood daydreams and Saturday Morning Cartoon Catch-phrases, the bigger, faster and tougher have dominated.

"And we'll continue to do so.

"The wonder here isn't that you managed to string together words to make somewhat understandable sentences: it's that you really think fear is going to propel you to tag team gold.

"Confusion doesn't lead to fear. Confusion leads to more confusion, via you getting kicked right upside your pseudo-intellectual skull then wondering what the hell just happened and why there are little bluebirds flying around your head.

"You're going to fail at conquering your fears, Tyler. The reason I know this is because you've got a spaghetti-thin plan at best, and at worst you are who you are: completely outmatched, outclassed and rather naive to the foregone conclusion:

"You and Sherm are going swimming, my young guppy.

"But I'm sure you'll still be able to see my half of the New ERA Tag Team titles glinting off the waves of Havana Harbor as your fears carry you out to sea.

"Make sure you watch out for sharks."


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