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Worth Fighting For


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy Windham, rear of the stretch HumVee.)

TROY: Last week, I hopped a ring railing and snapped the neck of a 2-time GWE World Champion, spitting in his face, stomping his head and I stood over him like he was sand at my oceanfront estate. No one did anything about it.

On top of that, I sprayed FIVE refs in the face with mace. Five GWE employees, the men who get paid to enforce the rules. No one did anything about it.

But then... (Troy smiles in recollection.) Then I did the most low-down, dastardly act I've ever done in my ten plus in this sport. I turned to the crowd. I sprayed a can of mace. I caused the people who paid money to watch YOU wrestle to choke. I drove one of them to the floor. I sent a few of them to the ER.

And guess what?

NO ONE DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Not one wrestler came out to save The Hero. Not one wrestler came out to help those refs, not one wrestler came out to help those fans.

Since that time, I've come out here daily telling you all how it really is, The Gospel According To Troy Windham, Wrestling Jesus. Running you down, calling out perpetrators who have been making a living in the sport *I* invented. And guess what?

NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Unless, of course, you count that decrepid old cripple who is going to get his wheelchair crushed under my HumVee unless he shuts his fat, crooked mouth.

It makes me wonder... it makes me wonder if taking over this promotion is going to be even EASIER than I thought. All of you are cowards, hoping you don't get in my crosshairs. I can't say I blame you, I can't say I fault you.

But I can say that your silence, your cowardice... it won't stop me, either.

Windham OUT. (FTB)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Niagara, ON, Canada

Bellows: And you are whom again? Some Greensboro geezer? Hey, buddy, the nursing home's down thataway.

Farrell: But if that ain't good enough fo' ya, git over here an' spit-shine our boots, b*tch!


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