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wrecking Havoc


League Member
Feb 5, 2004
South Carolina
(Eddy Love stands in the media room of his Hartwell estate, looking out the panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the West and the Tugaloo River running into lake Hartwell to the Southwest. Love is wearing a royal blue velvet robe, with a small bunny head on the breast pocket. He sips from a crystal champagne glass and turns to the camera as Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” plays. Love thumbs a remote on the bar and the song quiets to barely audible.)

They think I’m such a sweet sweet thing, that’s what they say for me. (Love sits the glass on the granite bar)
I don’t cross the street with little ole ladies,
I don’t help the blind to see. (Love cracks into a slight smirk)
I got no friends cause they read the papers, they can’t be seen..... (Love’s smirk widens into a wide toothy grin as he pauses for effect) ..... with ME..... and I’m feeling real knocked down..... Hurricane Eddy’s feeling mean.

(Love crosses the room and sits on his leather sectional couch, punches another remote and the music stops.)

Perception is reality, or so the old saying goes..... and now with Eddy Love on the side perceived to be good, a young wrestler named Havoc feels comfortable calling out the name Hurricane Eddy Love and feeling like he can walk the aisle without being carried back up it, prone on a hard stretcher, head taped to the board. Eddy Love stands with Mr. CSWA, Troy Windham, he is a champion of the people, a buffer for what’s good from the Claimstakers..... or so that’s the perception.

The Truth, however, young Havoc..... is that Eddy Love is still the meanest SOB in the business, once the bell rings. Boss Merritt extended that huge contract to me because he knew that Flair, Hornet and Randalls were coming to stake their claim, and he threw me right in front of that proverbial bus........ BUT I’m not Mike Randalls, I don’t cry myself to sleep at night because a promoter deals me a tough hand from the bottom of the deck.... Eddy Love thrives on the toughest challenges this sport has to offer, Hurricane Eddy seeks out the legends then he shoots them down.

Havoc, I’ve heard the locker room justifications for Merrit resigning yours truly. I know that many thought that opposite evil I could put past transgressions behind Steve Radder and myself .... that I could salvage the floundering career of Kevin Powers and that only Eddy Love could refind the magic that was the Powers of Love on the Rocks to stop the incoming Claimstakers. I’ve also heard that Merrit thought that the man who ran the festooned Corporation from the CSWA to never return would have some chance to do the same to this new Triumvirate. I’ve heard that Merrit believed that Hurricane Eddy would by hook or crook have to align himself opposite the Triumvirate or forever end his claim of being a...... no, no check that......*THE* Legend Killer. AND I’ve even heard that some Nostrodumbasses correctly predicted that Merrit resigned myself because he knew that I could lure Big Daddy T out of retirement, and that the Playboys could stop Hornet, Randalls and Flair.

Those all make good stories, young Havoc, but none are what Eddy Love believes that Boss Merritt hypothesized. You see, Merrit knew they were coming and he knew if they ran through his talent roster they were coming for him....... and let’s be realistic who did he have to throw in their path...... Radder (snickers)..... Dark Carnival ...... Larry Stanley ...... or maybe you, Young Havoc. I feel like Boss Merit knew PLR was nothing but a fond memory of when Kevin Powers’ name meant something in my business. I doubt Merrit knew that I could bring the other half of Playboys Incorporated out of retirement...... But what Boss Merrit did know was there was only one force in our business with the talent of That Damn Hornet, with the persistence of Eli Flair and with the mean streak of the Wolf....... I’m not upset Merrit picked me, I’M FLATTERED.

And now Young Havoc, with the Triumvirate fighting amongst themselves about why none has been able to top Eddy Love and his army, like three teenage girls bickering over a sweat soaked Troy Windham tear away T, you step up and challenge the Southern Dandy ...... of course the questions enter my mind...... does he think I’m off my game??? ........ does he bare a grudge from days gone by???? ....... does he think Eddy Love is some sort of stepping stone to his place at the top of *my* sport???? Well, Havoc, what you find out is that no matter which locker room I lace my boots in there is no equal to what I can dish out in the ring, and if it’s a stepping stone you think you found then you’d have been better off cutting through the mud puddle, because while I’ve often been looked at as a stepping stone, those who have dared lay their foot on my back have found me more often than not to be a slippery rock, and one that sends you to a rather painful fall.

So at Primetime, it’s Eddy Love against someone other than the usual suspects..... and as much as I relish every single opportunity given to me to douse the flames of the Triumvirate, I am looking forward to a little different dish on the dinner plate. I would LOVE to promote this match by telling how impressed I am with young Havoc and the place he has forged for himself in the CSWA....... BUT the fact is he’s just another hack, trying to jump the unreachable bar Troy Windham and myself have set for superstar height here in the CSWA. So young Havoc, when you’re 20, 30 even 45 minutes into our match...... when more adrenaline is pumping through your heart than blood through your veins ...... when your last burst of energy busts through the fatigue your body has suffered and just when you think to yourself ‘I’ve taken everything Eddy Love can dish out and I’m still standing’...... then it’s Hurricane piledriver, a short ride with sirens and flashing lights and 6 months of rehabilitation for you punk. I’m not your average story teller here in the CSWA.......

I’m still the orthopedic wards best advertisement, and Havoc at Primetime you get to find out first hand why they all hate to LOVE me. And while I hate line thieves like Powers and Radder, I’m gonna steal one from brother Alice, “ No More Mister Nice Guy, No More Mister Clean”.

(Love thumbs the remote again blasting Alice Cooper through the audio as he pours another glass of Dom)

Hex Angel


Ed -

Glad I'm not RPing against ya this card.... nobody can write a comeback to Brother Alice. :)


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