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WWA: Resurrestion - We are looking for fans and handlers


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May 13, 2010
WWA Land
Howdy y'all...this quoted piece is not only serving as a promotional for WWA's upcoming return program but I think it can be used as an invitation piece for free agent handlers looking for a home.

Hopefully my comments below explain better. :D


In early 2011, despite so much effort, the World Wrestling Alliance closed its doors. Superstars, staff and fans alike tried desperately to move on and find their place elsewhere. Life seemed to move on; the WWA seemed to be nothing but a distant memory. Days went by, turning into weeks, turning into months. Then one word echoed through the wrestling industry.


After unsuccessful management himself, Vaughn Babb has handed over the WWA reins to an unknown new owner. Very little is known of this new owner except two things – he is a man of considerable wealth, and he has invested much of it into our glorious company. And so a new journey begins, bigger and better and stronger than ever. We start this journey in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Thomas and Mack Center, with a blockbuster main event.

Four men, all vying for a spot at the top of the WWA mountain, will battle it out in a four-way for the number one contendership to Trendkiller’s WWA Heavyweight title. Jaymz Watkins. Jack Griffiths. Richie Stone. Armaan. All former World champions, all desperate to get a chance at Trendkiller and become champion once again, but only one of these men will get the chance to headline the infamous Independence Day Rumble.

Also on the show are four singles matches showcasing all that the WWA has to offer, new and old:

Newcomers Allistair Crowley and Neville Halfpence will introduce themselves to the WWA family – both of these men will be hungry for a win on their debut to kickstart their tenure in style.

Another newcomer, Robert ‘Wolf’ Hunter, will also look to make an impact, but he will have his hands full against the more established WWA name Intrepid. Will Intrepid pick up where he left off, or will he be surprised by this previously unheard-of newcomer?

Two more newcomers will make their debut on this landmark WWA show. Very little is known about Rex Teitus beyond his name, and not even that is known about his opponent. Both these men will be a mystery to the world, and are sure to live up to the high expectations that the WWA has always set.

And finally, Chris Conway and Jackson also return to the WWA, in action against each other to resume the potential they showed last time round. This will be an exciting contest, and WWA enthusiasts will have a keen eye on how far these two superstars have improved.

All this and so much more!! Will we have an appearance from WWA champion Trendkiller? Will we see any familiar faces make their return? Any more new faces? And who on earth is the new WWA owner?

The phoenix has risen from the ashes. Rise with us.


Number One Contendership Match – Winner To Main Event At IDR
Jaymz Watkins Vs Jack Griffiths Vs RJ Stone Vs Armaan

Allistar Crowley v Neville Hartpence

Rex Teitus vs ???

Robert "Wolf" Hunter v Intrepid

Chris Conway v Jackson

Greetings y’all,

Some folks may remember me, most others may not. That is okay.

My name is Travis and I am returning to the WWA to handle Intrepid and more importantly I have passed the torch again to handle WWA’s talent creation and to help with getting our product out there.

I can almost hear your thoughts now; ‘Run away, he is going to drop a come join us spam!’

No, not quite that one-dimensional. I am here to study and tap potential characters yes…I am also here, as I have done in other places in the past, to study and tap potential nuggets from what works in your respective feds. The WWA has suffered in the past, like what most other feds deal with, stagnation. The same thing over and over, everyone gets bored, then complacent and then *poof*, no more fed.

I would like to invite any of y’all to be just as interested in the WWA and her product as I will be with yours. I plan to return and promote the goings on within the WWA for every scheduled program. I will plan to study as many programs that your various feds offer (my schedule permitting) Because I am going to have questions…if think there is something I can glean from certain ideas of themes that work or had worked, I want to pass that up the chain to the Admins so that they can creatively mix it into the WWA.

Could you come along with us at the WWA, merely as a fan? Look at what we have and how we do it…and if you think you have an idea that could make it better, let me know. I mean it…creativity is like a gluttonous pig, you HAVE to continue shoving food in front of it or she will die.

And yes, I would love you more (well, in an efed kind of way) if you thought you could help us better by coming over and joining as a character.

Thank you for your commitment to your work, whichever fed you may be and thank you ahead of time for your assistance in keeping creativity alive at the WWA.


League Member
May 13, 2010
WWA Land

WWA: Resurrection is in the books, so where does this leave the company now?

Is the genie truly out of her bottle and what is going to be the new direction of this company?
She may be back but why?
Who became the ‘new’ boss of the World Wrestling Alliance and what are his/her motives?

WWA: Resurrection results

• Trendkiller may be the company’s champion but out of the 4-way clash of former WWA champions who became his opponent at the company’s next big event; WWA: Independence Day Rumble 2011? Was it Jaymz Watkins by use of his self-proclaimed ‘5 Magics’? What about the company’s ‘unsung hero’ Jack Griffiths, did he come out on top? Then there is the return of WWA’s resident Indian - Armaan Singhania…is it possible that he was able to quickly reestablish himself as the top man? Or, did the coldblooded Assassin RJ Stone slither in and claim his rightful place the man in line to reclaim the belt that he feels should rightfully be his?

• In the match that involves WWA newcomer Rex Teitus, little is known about him but he doesn’t compare to his opponent because no one even knows who it will be. How did Rex prepare for his rookie fight in the WWA and how did they both do?

• So what about the returning WWA Veteran Intrepid? Did the self-professed Hellbily Prophet of the WWA return with the same flair and unique ability to overcome his opponents? Or did the newcomer Robert “Wolf” Hunter slide into Resurrection and take a notch out of Intrepid’s arrogance?

• Plus, you will want to see what happened when ‘the city of a man’ Chris Conway brings his 400 plus pounds of a frame into the WWA ring against another newcomer by the name of Jackson. I am sure that the company had to bring in some engineers to insure the integrity of the ring.

Come on over to find out what had happened when the WWA phoenix rose from her ashes yet again at WWA: Resurrection.

**Spoiler warning! The June 4th Underground card contains WWA: Resurrection spoilers**


WWA: Underground
June 4th, 2011
Frank Erwin Center
Austin, Texas

Main Event: Canadian Championship Match -- Three-Way Steel Cage Encounter
Copeland Vs Richie Stone Vs Jack Griffiths

Non-Title Match
Trendkiller Vs an opponent of his choosing

Eddie Van Dorn Vs Arthur V. Lexington

Nathan Cole Vs Robert "Wolf" Hunter​

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