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Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
(FADEIN: A darkened room. The camera begins to scan the room until they see two dark figures sitting on a couch. On either side of them, on tables, sit two champaigne glasses. CUTTO: A front shot. We now see that the two figures are 'Simply Sensational' Sean Edmunds and Sensational Sherri. Edmunds puts his arm around Sherri as she slumps into him.)

EDMUNDS: "Figures."

(As he says this Sherri immediately perks back up.)

SHERRI: "Hmm?"

(He looks at her and smirks.)

EDMUNDS: "Nothing, babe."

SHERRI: "What did you say? I know you said something."

(Edmunds takes his arm away from her and grabs the champaigne glass. He gulps down the remaining liquid.)

SHERRI: "That's teh spirit!"

EDMUNDS: "Oh can it."

(Sherri's jaw drops.)

SHERRI: "Excuse me?"

(Edmunds shakes his head and gives her a peck on the cheek.)

EDMUNDS: "Sorry. I'm just a little antsy. You know how it goes."

SHERRI: "Especially since you're being shafted into a second-rate title."

(Edmunds looks at her and stares.)

EDMUNDS: "Woah, woah. Sherri. WFW is my home. Granted they have been putting the World Title on worthless pieces of shlt like Anarky and Copycat ... but this is the ONLY place I can see myself in for the next few years. If that means that I take the North American title to heights its never seen before, then that's that."

(Sherri nuzzles into his chest.)

SHERRI: "I know you have a special place in your heart for WFW."

EDMUNDS: "Damn right. When I came back full time WFW was the league that put its faith into me. I owe them everything. So .. if that means that I have to waste time with Psycho and El Arco Iris, then I'll do it. Don't worry, we'll be back on top soon."

SHERRI: "I hope so."

EDMUNDS: "Aw don't do that, Sherri."

SHERRI: "What? I'm jus..."

EDMUNDS: "You know what. WFW has been our home for almost 3 years. It's the only place that I feel comfortable in. I'm a former WFW World Champion .. a former WFW President..."

SHERRI: "Former."

EDMUNDS: "Come off it. You know how this business works. Believe me ... we'll get our shot again. And we'll take hold of it and make sure that when it comes we don't give it up. People like Copycat and LOVE have been draining the life out of World's Finest Wrestling. We have to make sure that we don't let that happen."

SHERRI: "You've got a plan?"

EDMUNDS: "Let's just say that things will be falling into place much faster than we thought."

(Sherri looks up at Edmunds and we see a glimmer in her eye.)

SHERRI: "You've always been a snake.."

EDMUNDS: "Snake? No. I just take what I want."


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