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You only think you're ready


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is sitting backstage in the locker room area at SHOWTIME. The cameras are setting up around him as he finishes lacing up his left boot. It's four hours before Showtime is schedules to get underway and the CSWA Promo crew thought it would be a good time to shoot some ON TIME promos. By Shane's face you can tell that he's not in to it at all. He's got Evan Aho and the tag match on his mind, but this is his job so he stands ready as the lights are switched on...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " CSWA ON TIME baby, just a few days away. As you can see, things are heatin' up for Shane Southern. I've gotta' Unified Tag title match ta'night PLUS a WORLD Title match comin' up in Evan Aho's HOMETOWN. But sandwiched in between there is a house show in good ol' Portland, Oregon. Shane Southern's been called out by, well {{...chuckles...}}, a pretty boy Michael Jackson wanna' be. "

" Now Shamon, I'm not gonna' pretend ta' stand here n' even GUESS who ya' are, WHY ya' called out tha' CSWA's best, or why ya' prance 'round like a fruit with one glove. I'm here ta' WRESTLE, plain n' simple. YOU may wanna' play some games, YOU may wanna' get famous by usin' tha' CSWA as a springboard, but lemme' tell ya' this Shamon, NOBODY uses Shane Southern asa' steppin' stone. NOBODY. "

{{...Southern pauses for a moment as if he's lost his train of thought. He hears a noise coming from outside the locker room area and a voice that sounds like Evan Aho. He tilts his head somewhat to see if he can see around the corner, but doesn't find what he's looking for. He wrinkles his brow in semi frustration, then focuses his eyes back on the camera...}}

" Uhh...so you see Shamon, tha' CSWA may be "bright lights n' big city" ta' you. Tha' glitz, n' glamor may make ya' feel like a cheap rip off of some big rock star. But when ya' step inta' that ring with Shane Southern, all yer gonna' be is just another nameless, faceless opponent who thought he could be a star....just another wrestler who THOUGHT he could handle me. You're gonna' realize that tha' CSWA ain't JUST 'bout bein' in tha' limelight...it's about tha' journey...it's about what's deep down in HERE {{...points to his chest...}} that GETS YOU TO that spot.

" You see Shamon, tha' SPOTS in tha' CSWA are hard ta' come by. You've gotta' work HARD, ever day of yer LIFE just ta' get in tha' DOOR. Then, you gotta' bust YER ASS day in n' day out 'round here just ta' get elevated 'bove second match filler. You gotta' piss people off, you gotta' beat people up, you gotta' get RECOGNIZED. But you don't do it with a stupid gimmick and a mound of bleached blond hair. Tha' fans of tha' CSWA see right through that. They KNOW who tha' REAL men are in this federation, and they know who tha' pretenders are. They KNOW who SHOULD be in their sport n' who SHOULDN'T. "

" You've got tha' opportunity uva' LIFETIME my friend, ta' take Shane Southern down a notch 'er two. You've gotta' chance ta' take a guy who COULD very well be tha' WORLD CHAMPION inna' few days, n' pin him. Not very many people get this chance this SOON. But insteada' makin' tha' most of it. Insteada' trainin' hard and takin' this match seriously, you're sittin' in some hair salon gettin' your nails done. "

" Not much pisses me off Shamon. But a guy who's given an opportunity life YOU'VE got and doesn't take it seriously...well, that's somethin' that I just can't have. So you do what ya' gotta' do...you play tha' game tha' way YOU think it needs to be played. But when your starin' up at tha' lights in Portland remember this conversation. REMEMBER how I warned you to take it seriously...remember...

{{...Southern hears someone just outside his locker room door say "How's it going Evan?" He' completely lost his train of thought now and it's become pointless to continue any longer....}}

" Let me just leave ya' with this Shamon, you look like a guy that might have somewhat offa' brain in his head. Do yourself a favor n' don't piss me off anymore. That's not good for your career. I'll see ya' in tha' ring. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...Southern quickly moves around the camera as it follows him to the locker room door. A few seconds after he exits we hear him yell, "EVAN. HEY! WAIT UP! EVAN!". FADE OUT...}}

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