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You Tell Me


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADEIN: Mark Windham)

WINDHAM: It's a little too quiet Eli. The calm before the storm? Two tired and broken men without anything to say?

I know these 'for the old fans' bookings really f**k up your "No Empathy" personality, but we're two grown men being paid more than we're worth. Merritt's already warned us. It's time to step up, push the product, play like there's actually something at stake here.

Is there?

Maybe with Hornet.

Always Hornet.

Or Randalls, or Troy.

I'm the brother who ducked out for years.

Who's Mark Windham to you?

Another name, one more arena. A forced night away from your wife. I was wrong to attack her last year, Flair. I'll admit it. You're not using her to get over. Hopefully it's true love. And hopefully you'll work to make it last.

The point is, what's our dance in Greensboro really about?

Retribution for a woman who's only loved one of us?

Ivy got that herself. She measured and gained her revenge, fighting for more, well...that's greedy, no?

For Ivy?

Maybe a year ago, Eli, but not today, and not for me.

I've learned something about myself, which is a nice rarity. I've been led around by the nose. Pining for McGinnis for five years, like she's a treasure who's location only I'm aware of. Not that she's not worth the time and effort. I'd doubt any man who says otherwise, but she'll never belong to me, never has.

The business owns her. Hornet. Yourself. Women on the rise, like Lindsay Troy.

I've been in the shadows my whole career, Paul's, Troy's, and yeah, I'll say it, yours.

Anything I had to hang my hat on in this business is ten years old. Dan Ryan, the walking mound of sarcasm that he is, took my best and laughed.


Ivy was, (pause) what was left for me.....or so I thought...

But even she's gone. And I know I did it to myself, but would it have mattered otherwise?

No, Eli, you've been far too quiet....instead opting to pull the strings when the lights go out.

But here we are, in a marketed bind with so few words to say, and nothing of substance at stake.

(Laughs) That's why I wanted "I Quit."

I'm goin' force the words from your mouth.

Do what my brother couldn't, and break the mighty Eli Flair.

Not that it's about Troy.

Or Ivy to me anymore.

It's for my own depraved heart.

When I know I've destroyed the legend, sent you home a lesser man, I'll know Mark Windham was the toughest son of a ***** you ever set foot in the ring with....

....and for a man with increasingly less and less.....

That'll hold me until I can handle more.


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