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You're just DONE


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in front of the blue and orange airbrushed BATTLE of the BELTS backdrop. Slung over his shoulder is the twenty pounds of shining gold known as the UNIFIED WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. MILES is smokin' a cigarette and sporting a 5 o'clock shadow, no shirt and blue jeans. Looking at the camera through mirrored Oakleys, MILES grins and puffs out a cloud of smoke...)

MILES: "Shane, Shane, Shane. I'm sorry friend, but the fact is that you don't see the forest for the trees. It doesn't come as much of a surprise to me considering your background, your schooling, that METEORIC rise to the top that just happened around the time you met me. (laughs) Southern, you go around talking about how you've earned everything? Shane, you're a good wrestler, but you're not a great one yet."

(MILES puffs a ring of smoke out in the camera)

MILES: "Shane, there's more to meet the eye with me and you. Little do you realize that magic carpet you rode all the way to the CSWA United States Championship can be ripped right out from under you, by yours truly. Think about it Shane, before you met me - you were a foregone conclusion in this sport. There's only ONE man on this planet that was willing to take a chance on you and that cherry JAY EE EL EL OH knee, put some money in your pocket and send you back on your way. I tried to give you a second chance, Shane..."

(MILES shakes his head disappointedly and blows out another cloud)

MILES: "Lord, how I tried. I couldn't convince Guns. Eddie just doesn't like you. I told 'em you were worthy of joining the RIGHT side. The side that could take down this place brick by brick and build a foundation we're all proud to stand on. I even made you look good, Shane. I even made it look like on any given night you could beat an Intruder..."

(MILES looks down, nodding in shame)

MILES: "And you turned your back on me, Shane. The one man that gave you the chance to make a life for yourself. The one man that gave you the opportunity to immortalize himself in greatness. And then, you have the AUDACITY to slap the hand that fed you. You decided to turn your back on the ONE man that was watching your back when you didn't even know it."

(MILES looks up, not smiling anymore. He remains silent before blowing out a smoke ring)

MILES: "Shane, I like to have fun. So sue me because I think you sound funny. Sue me 'cause I think it's funny that you say 'Party's over' so many times that you probably repeat it to yourself when you're sleeping. Battle of the Belts is a DIFFERENT story, altogether. You and Adler can argue all about whether you're title or his title means more. I'll tell you what WILL happen."

(MILES grins evily as he flicks the cigarette at the camera)

MILES: "NEITHER of you will have ANYTHING at the end. Shane, you made an enemy of the only friend you ever had. You think I'm going to watch you walk out of Washington D.C with that United States title? You're dreaming, pal. The jokes are done, the paradoy is through. I've taken more away from you ALREADY than you even know. Battle of the Belts - I GUARANTEE you don't walk out with anything, but PANTS around your waist. The game is coming to a close, Shane. You could say the party you've been havin' in the CSWA is OVER. I made you, Shane - I LOWERED myself to give you a chance to join the GREATEST FACTION in history. And you turned your back on me, you spat in my face. PROFESSIONAL business is hard to come by, Shane. Only the few are proud, only the few are the Intruders. The game, the party, the whatever is over, pal. You're about to earn a whole lot more than you ever asked for."


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