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Yours Truly in the flesh


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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the living room of “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin. Adam is seen watching NWL TV, on the screen is of course “Yours Truly”, Adam pausing as Medina enters the ring.)

Benjamin: Poor man, doe not even offer to shake my hand. I guess the set backs to battling cancer are a lack of respect. You see Media you claim the birth of NWL was due to life giving you a second chance, well guess what I am going to give you a third chance, however this chance will be one of a lifetime. This week in NYC I am going to come to your show, I am going to take a pen and write the words “Yours Truly” one more time.

(Adam smiles)

Benjamin: I am sure those two words sound familiar, I mean for the past four months I have left letters that have gained you ratings, I mean lets face it the “Yours Truly mystery” is the hottest story of the year, regardless or not if FWI magazine wants to say it or not. You see Media I am talent and I am coming to the NWL to take out a man that is in my way. So get the contract ready, because when you hear the beat, and the words money, power, respect come blasting it is my face, my million dollar smile that will be standing in the middle of the ring.

(Adam smiles)

Benjamin: Maelstrom the almighty overrated talent. Man it must feel good being the big dog is a small yard for the last couple months. I mean you are a name, the number one ranks wrestler in the world, facing a roster filled with names of wrestlers no one knows. Oh nothing against Karl Brown, he is of course the only gentlemen in this federation. But you see Maelstrom the talent is knocking the door down, the names of Hart, Waltz, and of course Yours Truly are about to take over this federation, each doing his own thing. My thing is beating you, I have already defeated you mentally, letter after letter, every time you turned around my name was somewhere for you to see. But blind by your own ego you could not solve the puzzle, you see all you care about is yourself. I sign my name is hopes of you knowing who I was, yet you had no clue. The chip on your shoulders would not let you look past your own refection enough to know about the future of this sport. I remember when I first seen you in the EPW locker room, cocky as all hell. You did not talk to anyone, why? Because you are an ego all to your own. Well guess what Mal I am here now in NWL, I am not afraid of you, I actually thing you are a joke in so many ways. But this week I will be in the building, watching, scouting, your every move, and maybe I will just take the time, much like you did not back in EPW, to formally introduce myself. But for now it goes like this, I am the new age Technician, “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin. Have a nice day Mate…

(fade to black)
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Simply the way it is.....

(FADE IN:..... to an amused expression on the face known to us simply as......)

MAELSTROM: Well Mr. Yours Truly, let me ask you something.... do you REALLY believe all that tripe you just uttered, or were you merely trying to build up your OWN fragile ego? Yeah, that's right, I'm the.....

(pauses as he smiles arrogantly and raises his "middle" finger to the camera)

MAELSTROM:.... #1 wrestler in the world today! NUMERO UNO MARICONE!! And I didn't get there by being sociable! Ya wanna know just WHY I didn't speak to anyone in the EPW lockerrooms?

(pauses as his smile widens a bit)

MAELSTROM: .... well it's like this Mr. Truly...... I didn't go to the EPW to make friends..... I went there to do only ONE thing.... KICK EVERYONE'S A$$ES! And were it not for managements greed regarding my contract, I would STILL be there kicking EVERYONE'S a$$..... including YOURS! If ya have yer doubts, just ask Rocko Daymon's wife? She's STILL traumatized by the way I brutalized him!

(glares stoically then breaks out into sudden laughter, then just as suddenly, he abruptly stops laughing and resumes speaking.....)

MAELSTROM: No, matter, it's the same deal here..... same deal where ever I go Benji...... but you'll find that out soon enough......


MAELSTROM: No promises, no arrogant guarantees...... just simply the way it is.....

(His lips curl into an evil grin as he begins laughing, faintly at first, then steadily growing until he's laughing at the top of his lungs ...... FADE OUT on the echoes of his laughter.....)

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